Friday, February 27, 2015

A GREAT FRIDAY MESSAGE: When You Look At Me, You're Looking At A Miracle!

Good Morning! From the Rising of the Sun until the Going Down of the Same! JESUS, YOUR NAME IS TOO PRAISED! It's another month wrapping up and let me tell you, GOD'S BEEN GOOD! I pray that everyone has an amazing Friday and is geared up for the weekend! GET READY! March is about to come in with some BLESSINGS! God has some Great Things in store for all of us, I KNOW IT! God Bless!

As we're continue to roll in strong into 2015, I just truly see the manifestation of God more and more in people's lives. People are starting new jobs, having babies, getting married, going back to school, starting businesses and writing books. People are finally getting into all the things that they always dreamed of in 2015. This truly is a SHOOT YOUR SHOT Year! You have to take your chance at those things that you want to happen in your life. The Windows of Heaven are open and if you can dream it, you can achieve it in Jesus Name! It just wasn't always like this. It wasn't always a time where you could literally see your dreams coming true right before your eyes. I thank God that next weekend I'll be interviewing for my First Doctoral Program Entry for Fall 2015. It's been 15 years since I graduated from High School and started College. It was a MIRACLE I even got into Indiana State University. A kid with a 2.2 GPA. I was brought in on a Preliminary Performance Basis. I had a mentor every week for my first semester of college who checked on me and my grades. I couldn't stand it. My own Grandmother didn't think I would make it past my first semester in college. Now, 15 years later, after a Bachelors and Masters, in a great career of Higher Education that I love, and looking to add one more degree, a PhD; can't no one tell me that God hasn't been GOOD! 
People are truly looking at a Living Miracle!

I think about all the amazing things that Jesus did from healing the sick to raising the dead. Jesus came into the World that we might have life and that more abundantly (John 10:10). A Miracle isn't a thing of old times or just a name that some Mother's name their daughters. A MIRACLE IS STILL POSSIBLE IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE! Even after Graduating from College, there were many, MANY hard days that I had. Days I didn't have food, days I had to stay with people. Days I slept on floors and my bank account was in the negative. Days I had bills that I couldn't pay and places that I wanted to go, but I had no car. I can remember wanting to go to McDonalds to get a Breakfast sandwich and I didn't even have a spare Dollar to do so! I'VE SEEN IT! The Good, Bad, & Very Ugly! BUT GOD HAS BEEN GOOD! Everyday He keeps on showing me that He is with me through out thick and thin. It's hard some days, that's no doubt, but it's all temporary. Our season of Prosperity and Dreams Coming True is upon us People of God! Go for More! Want More! And never forget where God has brought us from. I thank God today for being a God of Miracles! He truly always comes through and I know He has so much in store for us all! READ...SHARE...LOVE! Professor JT

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Do Women ACTUALLY Know What They Want In A Man?

Good Morning! A FRINGED FEBRUARY here in Indianapolis as we're looking at the coldest temperatures in the month of February since the LATE 80's! GOOD GOD! I hope everyone is hanging in there as ice, snow, and cold has taken over the NATION (Unless you live in FLA or CALI or the deep Southwest of America! Y'ALL SUCK!) Stay Warm America! We've made it through Cold before, and with the help of God, we'll do it again! God bless everyone on today and know that GREATER & BETTER IS ON THE WAY!

SO, on Sunday Evening, I was being bored on Twitter while the Oscars were on (Which no one really watched by the way) and got to talking to some Ladies on Twitter about what they want in a Man. Some Ladies were rather on point with their descriptions of the Perfect Man for them. "An Educated, Saved, Thug!" WHAT?!?! Then women started telling me, "No, not a THUG, THUG, a Reformed THUG!" WHAT AGAIN! "And he has to be SAVED & EDUCATED!" OK, now I'm just all kind of confused. "Ummm, excuse me, Wal-Mart Lady, can you point these Women to the Reformed, Saved, Educated Thug Men section please?" "OH, you don't carry those types of Men huh?" "Well, can you call another Wal-Mart & see if they have them?" "These Women REALLY WANT THAT TYPE of Man!" Let me explain something...There has to be about a MILLION Women in the World who are Single, because they have these unorthodox descriptions of a Man that they want. What happens when they don't get this type of Man? 

I just want Women to be REALISTIC in their Men choices. This is a Keep It 100 Blog, so lets Keep It 100...A lot of these Women will NEVER have a Man because they are searching, asking, and praying for God to send them a type of Man that does not EXIST! Lets Keep It 100 even more...why is a Woman telling God EXACTLY what she wants and needs in a Man? Isn't God an ALL KNOWING GOD? YES, you can tell God what you would prefer and like in a Man, but why have a Man Resume all built for a Man that will never get the job of being with you? We have to all be realistic in our Mate choices. We're not going to get EVERYTHING that we want out of a Mate. It seems like for some people there is always something wrong or they try to find something wrong with someone they meet. You know there are people who curve people because they seem too good to be true! BRUH, I'VE BEEN THERE! Women who can't believe there are Good Men still out there. Let me be honest, some don't want a Good Man because they don't want to have the responsibilities of loving a Good Man. Let me stop before I make some Women get into their feelings. 

There are some things we're just going to have to live with and live without. I've had Women who were GREAT for me Spiritually and Financially, but weren't the best looking or sexy body wise. I've had Women with amazing Bodies, but they could barely keep a bill paid, had horrible credit, and couldn't cover a Man in prayer if their lives depended on it. We can't be so descriptive in what we want as Mates that we curve everyone that doesn't have everything we want. OK, so they're not the TALLEST that we would like, ok, so they're a Homebody and you're more Outgoing. Some stuff we have to come to a compromise with. NOW, there are some things we DON'T need to compromise on, that's for sure! I can't stand seeing a Woman of God settle for a Man who doesn't know God or even desire to learn God, but wants this Man to be her covering. OR, the Hardworking Man who gets with the Sexy Body Chick who doesn't want to work for anything and doesn't know how to cater her Man. Just look at who you are and what you can and cannot deal with and be honest about it. Don't put your Future Baes through SAT's and Lie Detector test Ladies! JUST BE EASY! Give a Brother a CHANCE! You know what you want and don't want and with some things, just give it a minute to see if you can roll with it! Maybe we'll have a few more relationships in 2015 once we get passed all of our descriptions! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Does Valentine's Day Bring The PETTY Out of People?

Good Morning Everyone! I'm back at it as we are HALFWAY THROUGH FEBRUARY! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend as mine was truly THE BEST I have EVER HAD! Spent it with the Queen, My Amazing Melissa AKA Ms Dynamite and it was filled with a lot of fun and great moments. Music, Fashion Show and Great Dinner on Saturday, Church and the Mall on Sunday, and a special See You Later on Monday! I miss her so much already and I pray that yours was just as special! God bless everyone on today as so many things are in store for us all! Let God lead and guide you with all that you do!

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So leading up to Saturday and Valentine's Day, Twitter was on a RAMPAGE with the craziest of tweets all week. Not only that, but if you're like me, the phone calls, text messages, DM's and IM's, were at an all time high of PETTY! I don't know what gets into people, but around Valentine's Day, it's always the craziest of extremes when it comes to love. People are either REALLY HAPPY they are in love or they are REALLY UPSET that they are not in love. NOW, there are two ends to this spectrum. You have the HAPPY PEOPLE, who want to POST about their ENTIRE Valentine's Day weekend experience. "OH, he bought me this!" "OH, we went here!" We for the most part like that stuff. What is interesting is how many people did stuff with someone and NOTHING was posted. NOT saying you have to share all that's going on in your relationship life, but it's always interesting to see one person share and the other person who doesn't. BUT, that is a different blog for a different day! So, we have the Good Side of the Petty. It's the BAD SIDE of the Petty that I want to discuss today. Why do we put ourselves through this bitterness and sadness every year it seems like over ONE DAY...Valentine's Day! 

We all so bad want to be loved and be in love. It's so evident around Valentine's Day, because people let all their feelings shows so very much. Lets be honest folks...if you're waiting on supreme love only on Feb 14th and cry and whine that you don't get it on that day, something may be wrong with you! Love is nice, but it's even better when it comes on September 21st or May 8th or August 17th. What are those days...NOTHING! What REALLY is February 14th...JUST ANOTHER DAY! We make such a big deal out of Valentine's Day, that when we see someone who we wanted to love, loving on someone else, we get all in our feelings and wonder "Well, why can't that be US?" WHO REALLY CARES! Why can't people just be happy to see others happy? A lot of people got exposed and showed who they really were this weekend I feel like. SO NOW WHAT? It's February 17th, and people aren't being petty and in their feelings anymore? OF COURSE THEY AREN'T! They pouted all weekend over nothing and guess what, even the people who were in love, went on with their lives. It's just ONE DAY PEOPLE! So of us owe some people some apologizes! We got on Social Media and cussed people CLEAN OUT in our heads because we weren't getting that same love. Guess what, there are people who got all that love on Valentine's Day, who may not get anymore love for the rest of the YEAR! Lets get over ourselves and start getting our minds right folks! It's just VALENTINE'S DAY! Someone will loves us one day everyday of the year and if nothing goes down on Valentine's Day, we won't even care because we get Valentine's Day love every day of the year! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Woman With Swag! Are There Anymore #EmpireFox Cookie Lyon's In The World Today?

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone is doing great as we're ALL gearing up for an amazing Valentine's Day Weekend! I know, I know...not everyone has a Valentine and it's not the end of the World if you don't have one. But just know that no matter what, God loves you 365/366 days out of the year! Don't pout, don't get upset or bent out of shape. Valentine's Day love is just one day and one form of love! Love yourself, your family, your friends, what you do and how you live! Love is in the air and love is in you! God bless everyone on today! Don't break your neck just trying to show your love on Saturday! Make sure they are worth it and know that you are worth amazing love yourself! 

So, I didn't think I would get into this show "Empire" like I have been, but I'm HOOKED! The cast, the story line, the drama; it's truly great Television! It's great to see this majority black cast come together and make some must see TV! I have to give mad props to Ms Taraji P Henson! This Woman is playing the MESS out of this Cookie Lyon roll! Her go-getter, hustling, demand control and excellence roll in this show begs me to ask the question...WHERE ARE THE COOKIE LYON'S IN THE WORLD?!? I know that Taraji is just playing a part, but where are these Women AT LORD? The Sexiness, the Fire, the Drive to be better and make everyone else better around her. The power to stand and say what is great and what isn't. The no fear attitude to make things happen and wittiness to make her brand, company, and family be the best that it can be no matter what. What even makes her part even more special, is that even after all the drama that she went through with her Ex husband, after pushing him to be great years before, she still pushes him and supports him, even when he wants nothing to do with her. So where are the Cookie Lyon's in REAL LIFE and do these Women even still exist?

It's not just the look of Cookie Lyon that is sexy, it's her drive, ambition, and passion that makes her even more irresistible! It's a Woman every type of Man needs in his life because she is going to stick by you to the end and demand nothing but the best out of you always. This is a Woman as well that doesn't need a Man to make things happen for her, she will go after what she needs and get it for herself. Also, this Woman takes care of her family and kids, and will do anything to make sure that they shine, even if they don't love her like they are suppose too. Cookie Lyon...IS A REAL WOMAN! All this chasing after men to get a come-up, being passive and not speaking up for one's self, even pushing kids to the side just to get her own enjoyment and fame, THAT'S NOT A WOMAN! Sadly, we see so much of this so much these days, that I think a lot of Woman have lost track of what being a True Woman really is. Not going to lie, we need better Male examples of Real Men as well. It's a great thing to see a show of a Woman being a leader and not just making a mockery of herself! Congrats to Empire, Taraji and the cast! Lets continue to support this great show and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Good Morning Everyone! Up and At Em on a Tuesday! It's still Winter folks, so don't put those coats away JUST YET!! I pray that everyone is staying warm and doing their best to save on energy. Those Electric and Gas Bills can jump on us, but hey, gotta do what we gotta do to stay warm. Stay focused in these season! Don't let anything throw your off of your Destiny! Work hard, believe God! Know that Greater is truly on the way for you! God bless! Be & Stay Encouraged! What you have been patiently praying for and waiting for IS ON THE WAY! God Bless!

So, on yesterday on Twitter, I tweeted another of my crazy dating stories about a young lady I use to date in college. It was interesting to see the reaction I got out of it, but so many people related to it. How many of us can say we've honestly been CRAZY IN LOVE with someone to the point we did some CRAZY STUFF...and called it LOVE? There are some things we do for folks calling it LOVE and at the end of the day, it really isn't. Maybe we've watched too many movies or read too many books, but sometimes, we're really driving ourselves crazy for people who really don't even love or care for us. Just think about all the crazy things a lot of people are about to do this weekend in the name of LOVE! Spend 100's of dollars, drive across states, send things all over the WORLD! Is all of this really LOVE or is this all just CRAZY?!? 

Here's what gets me...All the people who do all the stuff and not getting ANYTHING IN RETURN! People will break their necks trying to impress people, show, and tell them that they love them, when at the end the day, people are really honored and impressed, but not pressed to make the same efforts back for them. It's actually a viscous, crazy cycle at times. The one person we do stuff for sometimes, doesn't fully appreciate it because they wish they had those efforts from a totally different person. It's actually petty at the end of the day because we never seem happy or satisfied by the things we get from the people who love us. Then, on the flip side of that, people aren't always 100% satisfied for all the things and efforts we make for them. A lot of times, we're caught up in the THOUGHT OF LOVE! We want it so bad, that we do all these things for people without asking the proper questions. 
AND another part of the story

How many times have we gotten so caught up in love or so called love with someone, that we avoided all the stop signs and red flags? How many Women have fallen for Married Men? How many Men have fallen for Emotional and Mentally Broken Women? We know, morally and in our hearts, I really shouldn't give this person the time of day. But, they say all the right things, pull us in, and before we know it, we're hooked into something we didn't have a reason being in, in the first place. NOW, we have to try to keep our heart, mind, morals, emotions, and character in check with someone who is abusing all of that in the so called name of LOVE! WE KNOW this person has issues that we don't really want to deal with or even need to be dealing with. But in the NAME OF LOVE, we give them a SHOT! Let's be honest folks...not everyone deserves A SHOT! YES, we want to be with people, yes we want to be loved and in love, but not everyone is worth our time, energy, and hearts. Everyone is in LOVE or looking for LOVE this week because of Valentine's Day. It's time though to start asking the right questions. Is this person WORTH all the efforts I'm about to put into them? You have to follow your gut and ask yourself, Do I really trust this person and what they are showing me? And folks, don't try to surprise anyone this Valentine's Day weekend. YEAH, that might not turn out so well. Especially if you pop up on the person you think you love and find out they are spending Valentine's Day with someone else! OPPS! Lets be smarter in our relationships! NO MORE GOING CRAZY! Lets be more forward and know that when the time is right, we will be loving the right person & they will love us as well! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Whoas! What is this Love Thing REALLY All About?

Good Morning Everyone! I pray that everyone had a wonderful weekend as we were looking at temps in the 50's all weekend in Indy! A wonderful weekend for sure and I hope everyone has a wonderful week lined up! God bless everyone on today and know that GREATER IS ON THE WAY IN JESUS NAME! God Bless!

Everyone is gearing up for Valentine's Day at the end of week. What's so cool about it is that it's on a Saturday this year, so people don't have to try to do amazing things during the week and try to get back to work the next day. It's going to be a special time for so many but what really is Valentine's Day anyway? It's one day out of the year where people are to show their love for friends, family, and mostly, the Love of their life. So many people go through hoops just to make it special for some people. Which, I'm not knocking! But, we need to make sure we're doing that for the one we love every single day, not just on Valentine's Day. Either way, stores are about to make A LOT OF MONEY because of Valentine's Day. But, with all the gift and love giving, does any of this really equate to TRUE OR REAL LOVE? Are we just saying we care and love someone with all the money being spent? How many people are buying gifts for several baes? Is Valentine's Day a real expression of our love or have we been getting punked for years to give gifts and candy just to make some company's some money?

I want people to realize that if you don't get a THING for Valentine's Day, that doesn't mean you aren't loved. Some people are going to want THE SHOW! They are going to want to post all the stuff that they get on Social Media to show people how so-called LOVED that they are, and hey, it's their world. But, don't think for one minute that all this gift buying is what love is. It's a nice gesture. It's just done on one certain day of the year. Some people who are getting things, flowers, and candy on this upcoming Saturday, may not get anything else for the rest of the year. And FOLKS, don't start calling or texting folks just to get back into good graces with someone JUST to get a Valentine's Day Gift. TRUST ME, folks are doing this. Wanting someone to take them out on Saturday just to say it happened. And I know what folks are going to do too;say that their kids, pets, even JESUS is their Valentine! HEY, whatever floats your boat, DO YOU! Lets just not get caught up in the Commercialism of Valentine's Day. Get creative. Do something extra special. Go above and beyond the common flowers and candy. If that one is really special to you, SHOW THEM IN OTHER WAYS! Finally, lets spend within our means this year folks. If you just don't have it financially, don't break your neck trying to get someone EVERYTHING! Especially if you both are just DATING! We all have those, "I bought them all this stuff last year & we don't even talk this year" stories. Lets have fun this Valentine's Day and know that love is still possible. READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Did Pete Carroll Cheat Marshawn Lynch Out Of Super Bowl XLIX Glory?

Good Morning Everyone! It's a Terrific Tuesday and I hope you're Glad About It! Keep on pushing, leading, letting God make life great for you! You can do anything that you put your mind too! Know that throughout everything, God is with you until the very end! God bless you today! We want people to know today, that through it all, God is Awesome! 

Lets take a look back at Sunday, The Super Bowl! If you don't know, Super Bowl XLIX was said to be the most watched event EVER in Television history with 114.4 Million viewers. The game didn't disappoint. It came down to the last seconds and it was pretty wonderful to see the finish in the second half. So, it comes down to under a minute, Seattle on the New England 1 Yard Line. We all know what we'd want to see...we all know what we THOUGHT we were going to see. Marshawn Lynch go into "BEAST MODE" and score that 1 yard Touchdown which would have sealed a Super Bowl Victory for Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks. But, something ELSE happened, something no one in the WORLD, would have thought would have happened. Sadly, the WORST THING that could have happened, happened after that. A pass play, that was intercepted, on 2nd down. Ball Game Over. 
Why did this happen? Well, lets look at this in another context.

Take this back to earlier in the week. What happened all week? The focus was on, Mr Marshawn Lynch not talking. Lets take it back even further all season. Who was the Radical focus on this team, Mr "Break The Rules" and "Do What I Want"...It was...Marshawn Lynch! My uncle had a conversation with a guy at work that really opened up my eyes to something when he told it to me. He said his co-worker told him, "Think about it...they (Meaning the Seahawks and Pete Carroll) didn't want Marshawn Lynch to REALLY score that Touchdown Man!" I had to sit there and think about what he said. This is DEEP! THINK ABOUT IT! What IF Marshawn Lynch scored that 1 yard touchdown that we all would have expected him to do? Pete Carroll took the blame for the whole botched play call. He stated "It was my fault!" "We wanted to try it and see, if it worked it worked, if it didn't, we had 3rd and 4th down to run it in." "I didn't want to run on their goal line package." BUT WHAT IF, Marshawn Lynch did get that Ball? What if he DID score that Touchdown? Marshawn Lynch would have been like Ahmad Bradshaw for the New York Giants who scored the Winning Touchdown for them in the Super Bowl against...GUESS WHO...TOM BRADY AND THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! Why put away your BEST WEAPON on offense, for a pass play on the ONE YARD LINE? 

Here's what it LOOKS LIKE...

Marshawn Lynch asked if he's surprised he didn't get the football. Says "No." I ask him, Why not? Says, "Because football is a team sport."

Do you think Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks organization, even Roger Goodell REALLY wanted Marshawn Lynch scoring the Game Winning Touchdown in the SUPER BOWL? Because guess what he WASN'T going to do at the end of the game that he just WON? YOU GUESSED IT...TALK TO THE MEDIA! See, there is something DEEPER behind this PASS PLAY on the 1 yard line that folks aren't thinking about. The NFL didn't want to see Super Bowl Hero Marshawn Lynch! They wanted Tom Brady to win the MVP and the Patriots, even with all their foolishness with DeflateGate against my Colts, to PROSPER! This is all about IMAGE! Don't think for a SECOND this was just a coincidence? There is something more about this! Will this be the last chance we see Marshawn Lynch even in a Seattle Jersey? MAYBE! A Running Backs life starts declining between the ages of 28-30...Marshawn Lynch is 28 years old. Lets see if more comes out of this? I think honestly a lot more will. 

Monday, February 2, 2015


Good Morning! Happy Monday Everyone and WELCOME TO FEBRUARY! I hope everyone is excited for what's in store and know that GOD is with you always! God bless everyone today and no matter what it looks like, know that GOD is always in control!

So, there was a Game on yesterday. I tried to act like I didn't care about it because it was two teams that I'm not the biggest fans of. It was the New England Patriots, with Tom Brady & the Pats trying to go for their 4th Super Bowl, and the Seattle Seahawks, trying to go for Back to Back Super Bowl Titles. I had to watch because...well...IT'S FOOTBALL! The First Half was BLAH! 14-14 tie at halftime. It wasn't until the 4th Quarter where the game became rather...interesting. Seattle was up by 3 points and Tom Brady marches them down field for what looked liked, the dagger for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch countered with a slew of great passes and runs, getting them all the way down to the New England one yard line. At the door of GREATNESS! And then...probably the absolute WORST play call in Super Bowl History. A Pass...on the one yard line. A quick slant that got intercepted with 22 seconds left in the game. New England gets the ball at the one yard line and gets Seattle to jump offsides. THEN, A FIGHT BREAKS OUT...DURING THE SUPER BOWL! Stay Classy Seattle! The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions and everyone is wondering, in the last minute of that game...WHAT IN THE WORLD JUST HAPPENED?

Forget about Katy Perry or Richard Sherman. SHOOT, lets even forget about Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS RIDICULOUS PLAY CALL PLEASE? Malcolm Butler...and undrafted Free Agent, is an NFL LEGEND jumping that slant route and intercepting that pass! Even with all the amazing plays that Seattle made in the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl, it will always come down to that ONE PLAY MISTAKE at the end of the Super Bowl. Pete Carroll says he takes all the blame for the play call. He stated he wanted to try it and if it worked, it worked, and if not, they'd run it on 3rd and 4th downs. He said he saw the Pats in their Goal Line Package and didn't want to run it. Ummm, Pete, YOU DO KNOW you have someone that people call "BEASTMODE" in your backfield right? Someone who earlier in the game ran in a 2 yard touchdown for you? Pete Carroll has always been one to roll the dice, but this is the Super Bowl? Sometimes you just have to go with what works! But hey, what do I know, I'm just a Blogger. But I think Stevie Wonder could have seen that when you're at the opponent's 1 yard line, YOU RUN THE BALL! You have to realize, they will live with that ONE PLAY that loss them the Super Bowl for the rest of their lives. It hurts, it hurt to watch, and it's just back at it in the Summer and Fall. Prayers out to LOB, because they were HURTING! ALL OF THEM! That whole defense was getting ate up all night and I pray they can come back and do big things! The NFL Season is OFFICIALLY OVER! We'll all be counting down until August and September for the start of the 2015 season and ALREADY, it looks like it's shaping up to be one amazing season.

Friday, January 30, 2015


Good Morning Everyone! Friday is here and so is the end of January! SHEESH! Where did January GO?!? Already a month into the 2015 and let me tell you, you need to get on board with what's going on!! If not, this year might just pass you right on by. God bless everyone today and know that you still have time to make some great changes and great move for 2015! 

There are some of us who are coming into 2015 stumbling and struggling a bit. The start of 2015 has already been a crazy test, and it's only been one month. 2014 was truly a year of surviving and getting over things and people. A lot of people and things took their best shot at taking us on out of here last year. It was a struggle for real and all we wanted to do was to get into 2015. Now, it seems like those hard times and struggles have come into 2015. BUT, I want to encourage someone today to HANG IN THERE! Your STORM is truly about to come to an end and things are about to be better for you than they ever have been before in your life!

Romans 8:18 says "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the Glory that is to be revealed to us." I want to let people know TODAY...THAT THE GLORY IS COMING! Look at all God has brought us from since 2008 and the start of the Recession. Folks went CRAZY! Killed themselves, lost their minds, but God kept His hand on you and you're still making it! OH, it's been some hard days though. Some days so hard you can't even explain to people because it's so embarrassing. I remember nights I slept on the floor, my own father putting me out at one time. I remember eating Skittles for dinner and having nothing but literally change in my bank account that just kept it open. BUT GOD!!! Through all of it, we made it through! YES, it's still hard sometimes, it's even hard right now. We had to go through those hard times because it made us stronger, smarter, wiser, better! See, God has some blessings coming our way that we had to see what hard times were so that we can appreciate them when they get here. We had to be broke somedays, to know how to appreciate the money that God is going to have for us in our futures. We had to be lonely some days and done wrong in relationships, to know how to appreciate the love of our life that God is about to bring to us. We even had to work crappy jobs with horrible bosses to be able to appreciate the great money, career position that God has prepared for us. I'm telling people right now...HANG IN THERE! If you can see what God has for your future, you're not going to flip out or trip on what's going on right now. Do not let anything take your focus off THE GLORY! You've been down before, but you'll make it THROUGH THIS! God bless everyone on today and know that your tomorrow is going to be AMAZING! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Are Women Marrying THEMSELVES NOW?? The Crazy Life Of The Single Female

Good Morning Everyone! I pray that you had a wonderful weekend and these weeks just seem to FLY BY as you get older. Think about it...WE are already in the last week of January! IT'S CRAZY! I hope you're out living your dreams and January may have been a rough one for you, but GREATER is on the way in Jesus Name! Stay Focused! Don't let what you see in front of you, ruin the future that you have ahead of you! God bless! Love God and love yourself and know that all things will work out of your Good!

So, there's not too many times in my life where I feel like I have been left SPEECHLESS! But, when I read this story about Yasmin Eleby marrying HERSELF on this weekend, the look on my face was priceless! I was glad a friend of mine was right next too me and I had to show her when I saw it because this RIGHT HERE, THIS STUFF RIGHT HERE...needs some great explaining. The article stated that on January 3rd, a Woman figured that if she wasn't married by 40, that she was going to marry herself. Her mother walked her down the aisle, her sister did the ceremony, even her girlfriends and sorority sisters were bridesmaids. OK...WHAT KIND OF FOOLISHNESS IS THIS?!?!? 

Do people want to be married THAT BAD that they start marrying themselves? OK, I get it. Maybe there was some spiritual significance to all of this. BUT, this just looks crazy! And, I'll be honest...She's not a Bad looking Woman! 
HERE ARE THE THINGS I WANT TO KNOW...How many Men has this Woman CURVED in the last 10-20 years? I know for a FACT that she's had some relationships, offers, and opportunities. Not saying everyone is going to lead to marriage, but I just do not believe she's never had a chance to get married. Another thing, if no one did want to marry her, lets ask the REAL QUESTION, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? Do you have some mental things going on that Men don't want to deal with? There are a lot of Women that will put the blame on the Men and say they aren't holding up their lives to be marriage material, but we are talking about a Woman who just married HERSELF! (Shut Up John, Shut UP!!) Finally, was this all just a publicity stunt? Act like you married yourself so that you can get a little fame and then a Man will want to marry you? HEY, this is 2015 here! Ladies, just be patient! YES, I know a lot of Women want to be married, but it's NEVER THIS DEEP! And lets be honest, it's just not going to happen that every Woman is going to be married one day! I said it a long time ago, a lot of Women just want THE SHOW! They want the cake, ceremony, friends and family getting all dressed up, the attention and the reception. SHOOT, JUST LOOK FELLAS, WOMEN DON'T EVEN NEED US THERE AT THE WEDDING ANYMORE! MY GOODNESS! Lets hope this doesn't become a growing trend because if Women start marrying themselves, SHOOT, who will be out there for us Single Men to marry one day!?!? 
"Oh, sorry Professor, I'm married...TO MYSELF!" CRAAAAP!

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