Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Crazy Woman! A Sensitive Man! Do We All Have Things We Need To Avoid In Dating?

Good Morning Everyone! It's a Terrific Tuesday and I'm glad about it! We're in the FULL SWING of registration at my college and it's keeping me MAD BUSY! I love it! Too me, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year! Prayers out to all involved in the protest and madness still that is in Ferguson, MO! Bless all the people out there and may PEACE be brought to that area soon in Jesus Name! God bless everyone on today and know that GOD has something great in store for you REAL SOON!

As we date, we start to realize we seem to attract ourselves and the same type of people over and over again. I was talking with a friend of mine last week who told me that every Woman has some crazy in her. It just takes the right situation and sometimes the wrong Man to pull it out. How is it though that it seems like sometimes, some Women get in the same situation again and again the it's just a different male face that keeps pulling out the same crazy in them? Or what about Women. Women who say they want a Strong Man, but end up with some crying, whiny Dude who is more emotional and sensitive than she is. How do we keep saying we want THIS in relationships, but we end up with the same mess?

There is to me a Spiritual Side to relationships that sometimes we don't acknowledge and see. That's why sometimes we like someone and can't really put our finger on it, we just know we're attracted to them. We don't even really like all of how they look on the outside, but something draws us too them. How many times have we been with someone and everyone KNOWS they're not your type and even ask "What made you end up with THEM?" You truly think about it and say "I don't even know, we just CLICKED!" Now, clicking with someone is great, but a lot of times, we're not necessarily clicking to the right stuff! Some of us Men are attracted to the Crazy Chick! Some of the Women are attracted to the Sensitive Guy! We know we don't want that in relationships from our past ones, but we always seem to get in relationships with the same type of crazy, sensitive people. We literally will put away the person we know deep down that we want and need because we can't get off of this attraction for a person we can't control who we know isn't good for us. We have to be very careful, because even if we make this type of person we don't really like or need a parent of one of our children, they go from getting on our nerves to we just can't stand them period! We need to take more time as well with people when we're dating because if we know the type of person we're attracting, before we jump in the sheets with them, we need to make sure we're not making the same mistake. Be careful folks! Cuffing Season is on the way and we don't want to get caught up with the wrong people who will set us back emotionally and possibly even financially 3-4-5 years! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

One Week After Mike Brown's Murder, What Have We Learned About Ourselves As Americans?

Good Morning Everyone! Another week is upon us and if nothing else, THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE TO SEE IT! Life get rough, things get rough, but God found you special enough to say "I'm giving you GRACE to see another day!" God bless everyone on today and know that no day is promised to you, make every single day GREAT in your life!

6 bullets... 6 bullets Dr. Micheal Baden said went in and out of Mike Brown on the day of his murder. In the last week we have seen the good and the bad of this case and it's a look at how America I feel truly is. You ever heard the saying "When a person is in trouble or scared, you truly see who they really are." That's what we're getting from the City of Ferguson, MO, the Ferguson Police Dept and their Chief Johnson, Black Leaders, and people that are Americans. Everyone has some sort of opinion in this situation. There are people standing for Mike Brown, shoot, there are even people standing for the Officer Darren Wilson, who was said to be the officer who put those 6 bullets into Michael Brown on Saturday, August 9th, 2014.

So what have we learned about ourselves as a people from this whole Michael Brown Situation. Here are some of the things I have viewed that bring so much light to who we really are as Americans:

1. America Is STILL As Racist As Ever.

2. Police Departments Will Do Any and Everything To Protect Their Own.

3. Some People See Tragedy As An Opportunity To Be Even More FAMOUS.

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4. How does the DEATH of people become a Fund Raising Opportunity for People?

5. The Press Only Cares About The News, Not The People.

6. Black Men Of All Kinds Are Still Seen As A Threat To Society.

I'm not going to go into detail about each of these points, but as a viewer from a far of this situation, it's sad that even I can see that we have not come very far as we think as a Free Country. Every time something like this happens, we as Americans revert 40-50-60 years back in time, into the days of Salem, The March on Washington, and the Civil Rights Days. Haven't we fought hard enough as a people to know that we can do better than what we're doing? We're not helping any situation or bringing any closure to Mike Brown's Death by fighting each other. What kind of Police Dept put up a video of a young black man who they say was robbing a store, but doesn't bring justice to his killing? We as Americans have to do better! We have to want better for our families, communities, children, and future. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Great Friday Message: Prayers Out To Ferguson, MO And Mike Brown's Family! What Do We Do About It?

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Good Morning Everyone! It's another Friday and another great day to celebrate GOD and the World that we live in. We're BLESSED! We know deep down that NONE of us are suppose to be here. But it's by the Grace of God that we can get up and see another day! God bless everyone on today. Know that tomorrow is not promised, make today amazing!

The #NMOS14 Movements took place all over the country on Thursday, August 14th as a Nation stood up for the wrongful Police killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. The City of Ferguson has been the topic of discussion as all eyes have been on this small city as they have taken to the streets in silent protest against this horrible killing. Sadly, haven't we seen this before? The REAL question is, when are we going to get tired with seeing this PERIOD? When are all the killings go to stop? With all the movements that did happen from city to city, what is going to happen that's going to change & prevent Minorities killings from happening in the Future?

James 2:26 says "faith without works is dead." We did an amazing job as a nation standing up for these wrongful deaths, but what are we now going to do about it? What are you doing everyday to help Black Males and other minorities in your communities to do and be better? Is this is END or are we still just treading water until the next unarmed minority is killed? This is AMERICA! This is suppose to be "The Land of the Free & Home of the Brave!" But ask yourself today, "Do I feel FREE?" As a Black Man, educated, nerdy looking as I am and all, I still am a THREAT in my own so-called FREE COUNTRY! When is this mess going to STOP? We need to continue praying and continue in helping our minorities and whites understand that we're ALL AMERICANS! If we don't work together, we don't have a nation! Lets stand up for what is right and stand up for each other every single day! What are WE going to do different TODAY & for our FUTURES TOMORROW? God Bless all the families who have lost a family member through senseless violence. God Bless the World and the United States of America!  READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From Robin Williams Suicide To Mike Brown's Police Shooting Death, Is The World Getting WORSE?

Good Morning! A Wonderful Wednesday for me, as I hope so many others are having a great day as well! God bless everyone and know that your dreams are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Go for them! Don't let anyone stop you from being as Great as God wants you to be! Have a Wonderful Wednesday Everyone!

I wanted to send a SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Huff Post Live as they celebrate their special 2nd birthday today! As you see on the right side of my blog, I have been a special guest several times on Huff Post Live and I have met some of the most amazing people through their online news website! I have even met some of my mentors in Education like Dr Marc Lamont Hill and Dr Boyce Watkins, who I was on a segment with both of them at the same time! One of the greatest moments of my life! If you have NEVER seen Huff Post Live, CHECK IT OUT! You'll learn about every thing going on in the World and get to contribute some great information right along with the GUEST! 
Check it out today at live.huffingtonpost.com

Sadly, it's been a rough few days in America as we have been dealing with two frustrating deaths. Robin Williams, a long time legendary comedian passed away on Monday from an apparent suicide. Also, on this past weekend in Ferguson, MO, a Suburb right outside of St. Louis, an unarmed young man, Mike Brown, was apparently shot and killed by a Ferguson Police Officer, who has yet to be named. The shooting has caused many protest to arise in the City of Ferguson, as we have sad memories of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. A lot of people do not know, that Robin Williams recently was in a Drug Rehab center. The pressure of entertainment has taken many lives prematurely through suicide and drug usage like Don Cornelius. As we look at both of these situations, it's not only the fact that it's sad they have happened, but are we starting to get USE to them happening? As we look at situations as police and race violence and Entertainers taking their own lives and not getting help to keep them on earth longer, are we as people getting immune to situations like these happening over and over again?

I can understand that these things are a part of life, but police and racist shootings and suicides should NEVER feel like a part of normal life. How many of us see have seen an entertainer take their own life or die of drug use or see a black male get killed and just say to themselves "Here we go again!" Maybe we shouldn't look at these situations in the same vain, but then again, maybe we should! Maybe we should be looking at the World and saying "What more can be done?" Ask yourself today, when you look at the World, is enough being DONE to prevent these incidents from happening? Are there enough Sensitivity and Help Classes and Opportunities out there for people to learn and get help for issues they are having with drugs, themselves, and how to handle other people and issues around them? What more can be done by people of the World to make sure these incidents STOP HAPPENING? I'm pretty sure that their is another Entertainer or Athlete on Drugs or is having problems that needs help. I'm sure there are people who have bias feelings about minorities that need to be changed before they are confronted by one and take their bias opinions and actions out on an innocent bystander. All I'm saying is today that we need to really look at these two situations and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" There are people who need some REAL HELP out here, and if we don't take more action to simply even ask people "How do you feel about others?" and "Are you doing ok?" in a genuine fashion, then my friends, we might be just seeing the tip of the iceberg in some of the worse incidents possible just may be on the way. And sadly, it's A REALLY BIG ICEBERG! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Does Being A "GOOD GUY" Make You A "BAD CATCH" For Women?

Good Morning Everyone! Can you believe we're already almost at Mid-August? GOODNESS! Where is 2014 going? Well, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! God bless everyone on today and know that you are BLESSED in all that you do! WORK HARD...PLAY HARD! ENJOY LIFE!

"You deserve a Good Woman John..." "You deserve a better Woman than me..." "I hope someone finds you and appreciates the Good Man that you are one day." These have been the Classic Lines of Woman after Woman that I have pursued in dating during 2014. It wouldn't be so bad to hear these lines if I didn't keep hearing them over and over again. I remember being in college and a young lady who liked me a lot, but said she was scared to talk to me because I always walked with my head up and had my stuff together. The crazy thing is, I continuously hear these things from so many different Women. WHY I WONDER?!?! You would THINK Women would want a Man who has their stuff together, but in 2014, a lot of times they can't handle it! It's one of those intimidating things that if a Man is coming to the table with his "stuff" together, some Women don't feel they have "room" to make that Man great, because he is great already. OR, since they don't have their "stuff" together quite at the same level as that Man, they wonder does that Man TRULY want them or not. It gets so frustrating because you really sit back and wonder, "Do Women want a together man or a project that they can put together as a Man?" 

My Grandmother use to tell me, "Boy, get your degree, get a job, get a home, get you a wife!" I did all those things and it's just a fact that Woman aren't ready for a well, put together Man. They want the "I helped him make it story..." What happened to the "Michelle Obama", "Oprah Winfrey" type Women who have their stuff together too? So when a guy comes along, he better have his stuff together, because they have their stuff together. There are a lot of "Make Him Great" Women out there who are already great, struggling with Mr Broke Man. While, on the other side of town, Mr Good Guy is chillin, single, because he's praying one of these Woman stop messing with Broke Dudes before she ends up broke with him. LOL! I'm just letting off some steam today. I have so many of my guy friends who we have nice places, cars, great jobs, and all of us are dating or single, none in a marriage because Women just don't know how to handle having a well, put together Man. We're not in the position to saving Women who are Opportunist, just looking at our greatness God has given us for a come up, so we have to watch out for all of that too. Can we just come to the table with a Woman who is working as hard as us and has a great life like we have? That's all we're asking for. We'll see what happens. Still time left in 2014 as Cuffing Season is upon us! Get Ready For A LONG WINTER!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Was The NFL's Punishment TOO SOFT with Ray Rice And His Domestic Violence Situation?

Good Morning Everyone! I pray everyone is having a wonderful and productive week so far. Keep going for those dreams! Know that tomorrow is not promised. Ask yourself..."Am I doing everything I can to make today GREAT?" If not...TURN UP! Make every day special and know it's a blessing in Jesus Name to be alive! God bless everyone on today and know that what God has for you...IS FOR YOU!

Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice was suspended by the NFL for 2 games for his domestic violence situation with his wife earlier this 2014 year. Pictures from a hotel camera surfaced showing Ray Rice dragging his unconscious Fiancee, at the time, out of the elevator after a fighting/arguing incident between them. You're talking about an NFL player who runs through linemen and linebackers as his job, striking a women until she is unconscious, and he was only suspended by the NFL 2 games. Ray Rice is going through ordered classes in conjunction with the 2 game suspension, but lets be honest here, is this enough of a punishment for a domestic violence incident?

What are we showing young people, women and men alike, when it comes in terms of domestic violence? That you can strike a woman, as a man, and get dang near just a slap on the wrist and a "don't do it again sir!" First off, let me say this, no man period, should EVER be putting his hands on a woman! It doesn't matter what that woman does, says, whatever, a Man should be Man enough to know that the greatest creation given to Man ever is the Woman and we should know how to treat them as a blessing. The fact that the two went and got married afterwards was a little shocking, but these are grown people, what they do is there business. But how much light was shined on domestic violence as a whole in the World today? How many times do things like this happen with couples and we never hear about it or see it on camera? How many Women and Men are hiding the fact that they are getting abused day in and day out and not telling anyone? 

This situation with Ray Rice brings a lot of things to the forefront yes, but also brings up a lot more questions. Could and should the NFL do MORE on this matter? Not just with Ray Rice's situation, but with Domestic Violence as a whole involving it's athletes? Ray Rice isn't the first NFL player to strike a Woman, and I'm sad to say, he probably won't be the last either. But what can truly be done to prevent more incidents like this from happening? I feel that the NFL has an opportunity to do something great to help society, but they in a way to me dropped the ball on this matter. All the suspensions handed out by the NFL from dog fighting Micheal Vick, to player after player getting positive performance enhancement drug test. They all get way more suspended games than just 2 of them. We're talking about a Man putting his hands on a WOMAN...2 game suspension! That's not enough! I feel more should have been done and still could be done! We'll see how NFL fans treat Ray Rice in the coming months because we all saw how they did and are still treating Michael Vick! Lets protect our Women better and lets take this Ray Rice situation as a wake up call that we all need to do so much better! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Prayers Out To Paul George Of The Indiana Pacers! What Does This Mean For the Pacers?

Get well soon, PG.

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Monday and it's ALL GOOD as everyone is getting into the August Rush of School once again! Where in the WORLD did the Summer go? Did we even HAVE A SUMMER? GOODNESS! I pray that everyone had a wonderful weekend as I got a lot done! Oil Change, Volunteered at my Church's Back To School event. Cut grass, even cut my hair! FEELING ACCOMPLISHED and ready to conquer the week! God bless everyone on day and let your New Beginnings SHINE this August! Watch God bring an amazing blessing TO YOU!

On this past Friday, Aug 1st. The Men's USA Basketball team played an exhibition game in Las Vegas as a tune up for the FIBA World Championships. All the buzz was around the return of Derrick Rose, who was coming off his 2nd knew surgery. Derrick Rose and the USA Basketball team all looked great the first 3 quarters of the exhibition. Then, in the 4th Quarter, tragedy struck. Paul George, the 4-year Man of the Indiana Pacers and 3rd All NBA All Star went up for a rebound/block on James Harden. As he came down, his leg got caught in the base of the goal, snapping his leg between ankle and knee. Medical staff quickly ran to Paul George as he went into surgery that night, ending not only his FIBA run, but also his 2014-2015 Pacers season. I was watching the game and was deeply sadden to see how many times they kept showing the replay over and over again on all networks. The injury was gruesome and horrible to watch. Now, so many questions swirl as to if NBA players should even be participating in a tournament, knowing at the end of the day, things like this can happen.

I commend the Indiana Pacers and the NBA for their responses to the matter with Paul George. No one was overly upset or saying that USA Basketball was going to be suspended or in a lot of trouble. Everyone knew that this was just part of the game. That injury, as we have all seen before with Kevin Ware of the Louisville Cardinals, it sadly happens at times. It just hurt Pacers Nation so much more because we all as Pacers fans knew, this was OUR GUY! Paul George was our All-Star. We didn't have Granger anymore, Lance Stevenson was gone. This was the year that Paul George was going to be THE MAN and in a blink of an eye, it was all over with. I'm not going to lie, I woke up Saturday morning with some tears in my eyes. I thought it was all a bad dream. People in Indiana take their basketball SERIOUSLY! It was great to see so many people stand up for OUR GUY Paul George. So many tweets, visits he got, so many people stood up for one of the NBA's good guys. Prayers go out to Paul George and his family as news from the surgery & break of the leg were positive that PG will make a full recovery. We wish and pray for his the very best and the Indiana Pacers and NBA and all it's fans stand behind Mr Paul George! 

Friday, August 1, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! It's Friday, the beginning of a new month, August is here! Let me ask y'all something...WHERE IN THE WORLD DID SUMMER GO?!?! I didn't hit a POOL this year, it really never got HOT! Jesus is soon to come, I know it! LOL! God bless everyone on today! Enjoy your Friday and weekend! Know that your season of success and greatness is soon nigh!

It's August, and if you know a little bit about a calendar year, so many new things happen in August. Schools starts, seems like so many people get new jobs and new places to live around this time. SHOOT, even FOOTBALL STARTS! I'm excited about that! It's a great time to look back on every thing that has gone on during the year so far, and start to look forward with a spirit of expectation that great things are on the way. It's interesting sometimes just sitting back and thinking where all God has brought you from in the last 7 months of the year so far. To be honest, you have to truly sit back, throw your hands up, and thank God you've made it! It hasn't been an easy year for a lot of us, and trust me, I'm one of those people. I've seen more people come and go in my life than ever before in these last 7 months. It's WEIRD! So many people who said they would be there for you and now they're no where to be found. Things that you were doing and people you were just talking to a month ago are GONE...JUST LIKE THAT! But see, God has to do that sometimes to separate you from who is not meant to be in your life, because not everyone can go to Glory with you.

I think about when I read in the 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John, on how Jesus selected only 12 Apostles to walk around with Him and spread His Gospel. See, this just wasn't done so that He could have a great crew with Him while He was alive. Jesus knew who was going to live on His legacy long after He was gone. See, we have to realize, when God places people in our lives, it's a reason for it. Now, everyone is not meant to stay in our lives, and we have to realize that the majority of the people we meet in our lives, are just there for a reason...and a season. Get what you can from people, learn what you need from them. Just be careful to not try to make temporary folks, into permanent people. The longer someone is in your life that doesn't need to be, they can start to make your life really bad. We have to get REAL with us, especially in this time of a new beginning! Learn to leave people alone who don't want the best for you in your life! It's hard sometimes, because sometimes it's some of the closest people to us we have to let go of. It's time to re-evaluate who is in our circles today as we're moving forward towards our dreams. God is able to bring the right people around you and don't be afraid to walk away from those who just aren't good for you. God bless everyone on today and enjoy and embrace August and your new beginning! Know that your blessing is on the way!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is Getting In A Long Distance Relationship...EVEN WORTH THE TRIP?

Good Morning Everyone! Hump Day has arrived AGAIN! Seems like they come along so much quicker the older we get! I pray that everyone has an amazing day and things are going to be GREAT FOR YOU! Don't think otherwise! Just stay positive, stay happy! Things are going to work out, just FINE!

In the World of Social Media these days, it's so much easier to contact and connect with people from all over the World. With this happening, people start to meet people who they say, "Maybe we can be together?!?" Well, the FIRST huge problem that comes into play is distance. Long Distance relationships with Skype, Google Chat, Facetime, Text Messages, Phone Conversations, and other things have made the uncommon Long Distance relationships...well...PRETTY COMMON! YES, we have to watch out for the CATFISH, because we KNOW folks can be some liars sometime. But, what about when we REALLY find someone so amazing, that we truly believe that distance does not matter? Is it ever worth trying to make it work? I've talked to Women all over the country and even have tried a few Long Distance relationships. I'm not even about to say it's EASY, because it's NOT! You're always planning that next time you both see each other, while trying to keep the fire going in the relationship when you both don't see each other. Then, it's always the DREADED THOUGHT, who do they have in their town or city that they might be chillin with when they're not talking to me? So, trust becomes a huge issue! So, honestly, is having and being in a Long Distance Relationship even worth being in one?

It takes two strong people to say that they want to try to make a Long Distance Relationship work. So many times, it's one person all in, while the other is partly in, taking part in relationships around them that are more convenient and close. It definitely takes a lot of effort and two people who are consistent with their love for each other. Sometimes boundaries and schedules have to be set just to make things work properly. "OK, every night, no matter what, we Skype or Call & talk to each other." Why do that? Because it keeps the relationship going strong. See, what happens many times that things go strong early, but then excuses start to come that throw everything out of whack. Now, the phone calls are less consistent, the text aren't as loving anymore. That's where the peace of mind starts to get lost and people start wondering if infidelity is happening. What I want to try to suggest to people is, if you're going to make an attempt at a long distance relationship, just be VERY CAREFUL! Sometimes you have to let things play things out within the first few weeks and month just to see how serious someone is about you. People will say they're in a relationship long distance for YEARS, not knowing this other person is married and has other kids! Pay attention to the signs. Don't take every person's word as pure gold. See also do their efforts match their talk game. Are they trying to make efforts to come and see you? After a while, does it seem like the relationship could even turn into anything long term? Is someone even interested in moving closer to the other person? It's good to find those things out early so you're not putting your heart in a UPS truck every night for it to be going to someone else who has someone else's heart on their mind. Take your time and is a long distance relationship even worth all the hassle, I truly believe so! Love is Love! Take the limits off and go for them! 
And if it doesn't work out, at least you tried for it! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Monday, July 28, 2014

Are Women Getting Tired Of Men?

Good Morning Everyone! It's MONDAY! The Final week of an amazing July! I hope it's been great for you and God bless everyone on today and a NEW BEGINNING in August is on the way for you! BELIEVE IT! REACH UP AND PULL DOWN YOUR BLESSING!

It's starting to become a broken record. The Woman who jumps on social media talking about how she is TIRED of these lazy, lying, played out, no good men. Can we be honest Fellas, some of it is our fault, no lie. We do our women so wrong some times and we can't help the fact that a lot of them just don't want to fool with us no more. So what happens now? Well, these Women just really stop dating or doing anything with men. Lets be honest, some of them quit messing with men all together and start only messing with women! Have you ever seen a broken hearted woman from men who is SUPER FINE who only messing with Women now? I HAVE! That Stuff HURTS! Is there someone to blame for all of this though? Is it the Men's fault or are women struggling with picking the right type of males? You attract yourself I feel, so are women attracting the wrong people who don't know how to love? So when women try to love them and they don't love us, women set their own selves up for heart break?

I would love to see more Women happier about us men, but it seems like it gets harder and harder as time goes on. Look how it works...A Woman is OPEN with a huge heart in her early 20's. It sometimes can take 1-2-3 bad men, even before the age of 25, and some women are truly scorn and hurt for the rest of their relationships for the rest of their lives. It's amazing how ONE MAN can effect ONE WOMAN for the rest of her life. She's never the same after ONE GUY, even with all the other guys in the World she man meet. One Guy will make her not want to even put her full heart into men again the same. I'm here to tell Ladies today that...IT'S OK TO LOVE AGAIN! YES, that one, two, three guys hurt you, but don't be hurt and bitter your whole lives! Don't put every man that you meet for the rest of your lives through the 3rd degree. Don't think that every man you meet is going to do everything that all the past men did. You can love again Ladies! Get healed, get right, and open up your heart again! TAKE YOUR TIME! And don't just go off of LOOKS! Because, we know where that got you the last time! LOL! God bless every Beautiful Woman today! Know that you are Beautiful and keep believing in love! A Great Man is on the way for you! 
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