Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are We Ever Truly Ready For Change?

Good Morning! I pray that everyone has a wonderful day as we are a WEEK away from Christmas! I can't wait to wake up next week in ATL with my family and just have an amazing time laughing and eating good food, praising God on His Birthday! YEAH YEAH, people say it's not Jesus' REAL BIRTHDAY, but can we just celebrate JESUS TRULY FOR ONE DAY?!? It's a blessing to have Jesus in our lives and to be alive and I thank God for everything that we have! If nothing else, lets be thankful for LIFE TODAY! God bless everyone and have a wonderful Thursday.

Well, today is the day where it all changes for me. My job has moved me to our Downtown Campus, out of the Suburb campus which was a 2 minute drive from my house. For 3 1/2 years, I would wake up at 8AM, leave my house at 8:55AM, get to my job at 8:58AM and be early for work. I can't do that anymore. After 3 1/2 years of doing so well working with Black Males in our Black Male course, I've been moved in a new position where I'm working at the Bigger Campus with more students. I'm a victim of my own success. I took a pilot course that maybe wasn't suppose to make it past one semester, and turned it into possibly a piece of a Minority Male Initiative that might have a chance to connecting Faculty & Staff with over 1,000 Minority Males all over the City of Indianapolis. I thank God for blessing me to be good at what I do. But, why do I have to move to the Bigger Campus to do it? I was spoiled, SPOILED ROTTEN! On Sunny days, I would ride my bike to work. I'd only put in $20 of gas for 2 weeks in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I sat in an office for 3 1/2 years where I wrote over 1,000 blogs and articles, wrote my entire first book, created and maintained a class which I helped make the curriculum for, and helped over a 1,000 students. I'm going to miss this campus. It is home. It always will be home. Why was this CHANGE so hard? I'm still with the same school, I still work with the same people? Why was this change so tough for me?

I was going to sit in that office for 20 years. Get my Doctorate there. Just see my students and I didn't want to be bothered. I'm blessed to be great at what I do thank the Lord. When I went through the stuff with my family, the ONE THING that got me through, was going into that office and working with students. It brought me joy when I was weak. Just working with students in my own neighborhood, it was something so special. Maybe I'll get over it one day, but who really knows if I ever will. I can't even look at the office I sat in, can't even really drive past the campus anymore. I can't look at it at all, it hurts that bad. I remember before I even got this job, I use to pray driving past this building, heading to my other job "I'm going to work at that building one day in Jesus Name!" I did it. I taught 6 classes and still have contact with a lot of those great students. I lived my dream. I'm not saying it's over, but Man, it just may never be good like that dream which became a reality was ever again. WHO KNOWS?!? I may be BACK out at my Lawrence campus in 6 months. I would HOPE SO & LOVE THAT! But, it's all in God's hands. It was just a transition. Nothing wrong with that at all. But I thank God for change today and for all He did for me in these 3 1/2 years. I saw the GLORY! I saw myself doing what I wanted to do and getting paid to do it. It was beautiful. It's a good day and time for me. Sometimes God has to show us just how amazing life with Him can be. He did that and I'm so thankful for Him doing so. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sorority Sisters:The Reality Show! I'm Glad I Know THAT'S NOT The True Divine Nine Sorority Image!

Good Morning! It's Finals Week here at the College and we're about to wrap up another great semester! It's always hard ending a semester with students, because I just feel like I never get a chance to really get to know them. I love teaching and I even love more learning the needs of our students. I feel that learning these things makes me a better Professor for my future. I pray nothing but success for everyone taking and completing Finals for the Fall in Jesus Name! God bless everyone on today and know that your dreams are a DAY CLOSER! Don't Give Up! Keep On Striving For Them!

I had to watch this show last night, I just had too. VH1 rolled out "Sorority Sisters." Through all the pleading from the Divine Nine Sororities to not air this show, even with Monna Scott Young removing herself from working behind the scenes, the show aired on Monday Night. I was hurt. As an Educator and knowing how many efforts have been put into place to make sure these Sororities keep a Image of Excellence, Servant hood, Community Involvement, Love, & Sisterhood, it was hard to watch. I know members from each Divine Nine Sorority and all I know is this...what I saw on Television last night, none of them are LIKE THAT! A Sisterhood, even a Brotherhood in National Organizations like that is a BOND! Nothing to be played around with or disrespected for fame or fortune. YES, there are good and bad days, some members that do not get along. There's no reason that you need to show bickering and fighting between organizations and especially between Sisters! But let me ask you all some questions. If the FOUNDERS of these Organizations could come back for an HOUR to watch this show, what would THEY SAY? If you sat down all of these members in front of their National Organization Leaders, what do you think they would say about how these Women are representing their respected Sororities? For every person who has a Daughter, can you really say after watching this show that when your child goes to college, that you want your daughter to be a part of one of these Organizations?

I love these Divine Nine Sororities so much as an Educator, because I have seen lives changed for the better with the work that these Organizations do at their respected colleges, cities, and communities. I want every little girl to aspire to be in one of these Organizations and NOT act like or think that what was seen on "Sorority Sisters" is how these Women act. THANK YOU to all the Women of Zeta Phi Beta, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Gamma Rho who looked at this show and said "That's not us at all!" Crazy thing is, I use to follow one of the young ladies who appeared on the show on Twitter. She LOVES her Organization! Never in a Million years, when I saw the preview of the rest of the season, would I have thought as a Sorority Member, that she would display those actions while representing her Organization. Once again Ladies of all of these Distinguished Organizations, I'm Sorry! Ladies, I know that's not you! There's a couple of bad seeds in every family, but I appreciate the legacies that you all have carried and the amazing work that all you Ladies do for the bettering of our World and Higher Education Institutions today. I don't give this show any reason to last past Episode 3. IT HAS TO GO! Lets get back to what these Organizations were founded on and leave all the petty stuff ALONE! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Friday, December 12, 2014

A GREAT FRIDAY MESSAGE: 33 Years Of Reflection! Through It All...GOD'S BEEN GOOD!

Good Morning Everyone! We have made it to another FRIDAY! LORD WE THANK YOU! It seems like as you get older, you are thankful for every day that you see, especially a FRIDAY! I pray that everyone has a wonderful day and God bless you as you live your life and go for your dreams. Don't let anyone ever stop you from being who GOD created you to be! GOD BLESS!

Today is the start of my Birthday Weekend. I give God all the Glory as Sunday, December 14th, it's my Jesus Birthday as I'll be turning 33 years young. As I look over the year, it's been pretty amazing, not just personally, but for Black Males in General. As I look at Eric Garner and Mike Brown, they don't get to see another day like I'm blessed to. Why though? Is it because they both were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, on the wrong day? Was it because of the tobacco they both had on them those days? Sometimes I literally look around and as God, "Why them...and not ME?" Not saying for any moment that I wish I was gone or dead, but I wonder sometimes, "Why did God decide to leave me?" I mean, I'm a Black Male too! Go through the same racial profiling as they did. I'm blessed beyond belief. I can't do anything but praise God for all He has done this year and in my life. This year has been ONE OF THOSE YEARS! I've seen people that I THOUGHT would be with me for many years to come, people that I put in touch with other great people and opportunities, walk away from me and slander my name as they were doing it. My Aunt told me clear as day this year, "Son, you have to stop letting people live off of your Anointing." I tried to make sure none of it made me upset or bitter, but I got mad this year. I really did. It hurt to know that the same people that said that they cared and loved you, walked out on you like you were nothing. People you confided in and loved on even when they were going through hard times and down, picked up and left like the relationship you had meant nothing. These people are still living the life of the things and people you introduced them too, giving you no thought. I have enjoyed my single life since my divorce, probably more than ever this year. I talked to A LOT of Women this year. Many dates, visits, amazing phone calls and text conversations, and met a lot of amazing women. I had fun, I'm young, successful, blessed, why not you know? I feel like it honestly took me 33 years before I finally started LIVING!

I've seen so many things in my 33 years. I reflect on it all so much every year around my Birthday and as we go into New Years because it all is just so amazing too me. A young kid, who grew up not even really knowing what college was, completing college, teaching at a college, and submitting all his application information to two Universities in 2014 to attempt to start in a PhD Program in Fall 2015. THE DOCTORAL DECISION IS COMING! (Stay Tuned for that in 2015 Everyone) I saw this year myself presenting on my Book, "The Art Form Of P.A.S.S.I.O.N." almost 3 years to the day that God gave me the inspiration to write the book. It's been an amazing year and I pray that 2015 is even Greater than this. I had to grow up a lot in this year and realize not everyone is for Professor JT. Had to distance myself from so many people and just really get Focused on my future and what God wants for me to do in my life. As I reflect back and look at all the places I've been, people I've met, experiences that I have had, all that I know is through it all...GOD'S BEEN GOOD! 

I've seen the days of no food, little money, sleeping on floors, and I've seen the days of beach vacations, staying in fancy hotels, shaking hands with some of the World's Greatest people. See, after you've lived a while, you'll realize that this thing called life can get a little crazy. The ONE CONSISTENT that I've had through all of it, is that God has been there for me every step of the way. I may not have millions in the bank, but I have a great career, a roof over my head, and a car. What's greater than all of that is that I have peace of mind, intelligence, I look good & feel good health wise, and that I can actually say that I'm Happy! There were times and days I couldn't say that, but even with all the craziness that I go through, it doesn't even matter. God has been that good to me where I can't even really get upset when stuff happens! That's life, you know? Stuff happens. As long as I'm still here & breathing, sometimes we realize that's more important than anything else. He's brought me from a mighty long way. I just know so many great things are in store for me in 2015. I really can't even fathom to see what all God has in store, because if you would have told me 10 years ago preparing to come out of Undergrad that I'd be a College Professor, Author, and Speaker to the Nations by my 33rd Birthday, I probably wouldn't have ever believed you. I'm excited about all that God has in store for me, and I give Him the Glory that the BEST is truly yet to come! God Bless! READ...SHARE...LOVE! PROFESSOR JT

Thursday, December 11, 2014

10 Questions Men Would Love Answers Too From Women

Good Morning Everyone! It is a Beautiful day to put your past behind you and just MOVE ON! Whatever you're going through or went through in 2014, make sure before you cross over into 2015, you LEAVE IT IN 2014! I'm happy and proud of all my readers today. If no one knows what you've gone through in 2014, GOD KNOWS! And if you're alive right now, GUESS WHAT, through the Grace of God, YOU'RE MAKING IT! Keep on moving forward! Don't worry about what did happen, what is going on, just get ready for what is about to come! God bless everyone on today and know that GOD has so much in store for you for 2015!

So, of course I'm doing my daily Twitter Trolling and MAN, I just got fed up! Everyone seems to have ALL the answers on Twitter about Relationships & the Opposite Sex. But then, if you take time to look at a person's lifestyle who is ANSWERING the Questions, it 9 out of 10 times, doesn't even match up to how they're living. So today, I have some QUESTIONS! I want to write out 10 questions men really want to know about Women. Now I know not ALL WOMEN do these things, but a lot of y'all DO! TRUST ME, I'm a Professor! I see these things! When a Woman says, "Well, I'm not like other Women..." That means she's JUST LIKE OTHER WOMEN! I think if we knew the answers to some of these questions, we'll be able to relate to each other so much better! So here are my QUESTIONS! You can answer them however you want! WE MEN JUST NEED ANSWERS! GOD BLESS!

1. Why do Women get more annoying towards Men, when it actually means that they care and want more of us?

2. Why do Women feel like that they can and have to fix everything and make things work?

3. Why do Women ask questions to Men, that they already know the answers too?

4. Why do so many Women over-analyze and over-think so many things in relationships?

5. Does it really bother Women when our attention is on Sports, Video Games, or a Show more than you?

6. How much do you REALLY think that a Man is cheating on you Ladies?

7. Why do Women always have something to say, a smart comeback line, or always have to have the last word?

8. What & Where is this TABLE that you want Men to meet you at? What do we have to bring to it? And what is acceptable or not acceptable to bring to this table on your end and my end? 
(Long Question I know)

9. Do you ever really know where and what you want to eat when we ask y'all "What do you want to eat Babe?" 
(Her Response is always..."I don't care, you choose!" 
Men always seem to choose wrong...smh!)

10. What Do You HONESTLY want from Men?

Monday, December 8, 2014

How The World Is Becoming More Successful And Rich Off The Black Man

Good Morning! It's 6 days away from my Birthday and I am Super Excited! Don't you know how good God is looking at 33 years of life, as a BLACK MAN? In 2014, that's saying something! I know that God is Truly Good! I pray nothing but SUCCESS over you all in Jesus Name. If you have dreams, GO FOR THEM! Don't let anyone hold you back from what God has for you! Have a wonderful Monday.

Do you know how much money people like George Zimmerman, Janay Rice, and Darren Wilson have made off of a Black Man? Crazy situations, that got them all big pay days. What about Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, Riff Raff? White Rappers who are banking off the creation of a Black Man, Rap Music. Now, I'm not saying no one can rap, anyone can, but it's amazing the impact of what Black Men have done over centuries, that so many have left them to the side of. Whether mistakes or inventions, people all over the World are banking off the Black Man. Think about much money was made from the Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Mike Brown cases in their respective cities? All these men died, with their killers walking free, but the media, social, and economic impact can be heard, felt, and seen Worldwide. Even for the Black Man themselves, how many people have made "Ferguson" tributes, songs, videos, and became successful & famous off of these situations that would have never have happened if it wasn't for a...Black...Man. 

I want people to pay attention to how people jump all over the gifts, talents, skills, even the struggles of the Black Man and monopolize off of it like crazy. I can't knock a person for making money, people get rich off the craziest things these days. The one thing that just bothers me is how so many people are comfortable with putting their money and fame status on the line for things that morally and even humanly aren't really right in the eyes of so many people from a Black Man. So many Black Men have died that people have made money off of the trials and tribulations off of their deaths. So many creations that Black Men have made have been turned into money gold mines for so many. Dr Charles Drew, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, Garrett Morgan. So many inventions created by the Black Man that have become wealth and success of everyone BUT THE BLACK MAN! 

I want people to realize that the Black Man's Life still matters in the World today. We need to stop taking credit, becoming famous, and making money off of the Black Man's struggles & hardwork in life UNLESS we start to give proper credit to them for it. Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner...on behalf of the World, I'm Sorry! So many people made their way to your cities after your deaths just to take a selfie and sell a t-shirt to make a BUCK! They didn't even know or care about you! So many different cultures of people are rapping today, but know nothing about the beginnings or Rap Music in the New York Streets and the likenesses of Afrika Bambaataa and Run DMC. So many people drive through stop lights and use blood banks, not knowing these and other creations we use everyday were made by a Black Man. I even apologize for all the Black Male Athletes who played sports at schools, for the school to benefit off of their athletic abilities. Only when they didn't need them anymore, they found another great black male athlete and didn't even help that one Black Male properly complete their college degree. The Black Man is not a prop to be used to make people rich and famous. Black Men, we love you! You are special to the World and more than just a check or means to fame for the World. 

Friday, December 5, 2014


Good Morning! The First Friday of December is here and there is not many of them left in 2014! It's been a wild ride, but if you're alive to still see it, THANK GOD TODAY THAT YOU'RE HERE! God bless everyone on today and know that we are going to MAKE IT! No matter what happens, no matter what goes on, WE WILL MAKE IT IN JESUS NAME! Be Encouraged and know that GREATER is on the way in Jesus Name. 

Ray Rice, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Adrian Peterson, Bill Cosby, Barack Obama. The subject and lives of the Black Male have been on display like never before in the year of 2014. We have seen more bad and ugly than good than I have EVER seen in my 33 years of life. I really want to pray for our Black Men more than ever today. I teach black men, I have brothers and nephews, I am a Black Man. We're all hurting today. We need love, we need help, we need God more than ever. What is happening to the Black Male today? Why can't we seem to catch a break? We're scared to go outside, be in a relationship, go to work, even have our own black males as children. But I'm glad that I can say, through all that we have been through, we still can depend on God. Even when it seems like everyone is against us, God is with us! We still have a chance to be great leaders, husbands, brothers, and men that can help change the community and world for the better!

It's great to know that in God's Word, He said that He would never leave us, nor forsake us. (Deut 31:6) It gets hard out here for Black Males, more than what everyone truly realizes. Let me put it in perspective for you. If you're with a WOMAN, if something goes bad, they are looking at you. If you work a JOB, you have to be on your toes every single day, because your actions are always being watched. You just drive down the street, and for just being a BLACK MALE, you can get followed and suspected of doing something suspicious. I'm not saying this as an excuse for Black Males, I'm just saying this is our EVERYDAY LIFE! I want people to keep all Black Males in your prayers more than ever, especially going into this new year. There are Women who are afraid to have a Black Male as a Son. I talked to a White Guy on Thanksgiving who actually TOLD ME, there are some conversations that with his White Son he never had to have, that he knows Black Men have to have with their sons. I'm just letting people know to be considerate and careful with Black Men today. We go through more than what people know. Black Women, we appreciate your prayers and support more than you ever know. The Allies for Black Males, we appreciate you more than you ever will know. It's hard out here for us. I'm not sugarcoating anything, it can be down right scary for Black Males. You don't know once you leave your house in the morning, if you will come home by the end of the day. Black Males, Professor JT is praying for us all today. WE ALL WILL BE ALRIGHT! Jesus, cover us with your Blood in Jesus Name. From the youngest little boy, to the oldest man, send your Angels to protect us, in Jesus Name. God bless everyone on today. Know that you are great Black Males and no matter what happens, with what we go through, we are going to make it and we will be Alright! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Good Morning! Wednesday is HERE and we're ROLLIN into the end of the year! We're all still trying to figure out where 2014 went. For some of us, it can't get out of here FAST ENOUGH! I pray that everyone has an amazing day today! Know that whatever you're going through, God still has time to bring you a 2014 Blessing and Miracle! God bless!

So, as a lot of you know, I'm a SEASONED MAN! A Man that is looking at his 33rd Birthday coming up on Dec 14th and I give God the Glory for it! Being a Black Man in today's World is not an easy task to do. I thank God everyday that somehow, some way, with all the Bull Crap going on in the World today, that God is allowing me to prosper in Him, in my career, and in this crazy world that we all live in today. One thing that has thrown me for a loop is this "Bae" that everyone seems to be wanting. Now, I've heard of "Babe" and "Baby", little pet names like that. But these young cats seem to be so focused on "Bae", that it seems like that is all they are concerned with sometimes. I just want to know a few things today when it comes to this so called "Bae?" WHO & WHAT IS "BAE?" Can I find "BAE" somewhere? Where is "BAE" hiding? Should we really be focused on "BAE" so much that we put our own hopes, dreams, and passions to the side? Here's the thing that bothers me...I see so many of these young cats so focused on "BAE", that they push to the side the things that REALLY MATTER! God, their Dreams, getting themselves together, they own physical, mental, and spiritual health. I'm trying to figure out how so many people are so focused on what and where "BAE" is, while they are living at their parents houses, barely working, and not in school or pushing towards successes in their lives? BUT, they still are doing whatever they have to do for "BAE!"

I just want to know should someone put so much focus in a person that they lost themselves in them? People have money to buy people gifts and want to be with someone so bad, that they put their own real friends, family, and their own stuff to the side to make this ONE PERSON happy. I think all that focus on ONE PERSON really is what leads to people in a lot of pain in the end. They put so much of their lives and heart into a person, that they lose their own self worth and who they are as a person. If that person doesn't make their day amazing, then it's not an amazing day for them. You ever been around a person that if they get in a fight with their "Bae", it's like their whole day is ruined and coming to an end? It's an interesting concept that people can SEE when a person is happy or sad and know it's because of a person they call "Bae!" What's even crazier is that "BAE" isn't a lot of times as crazy about the other person as much as they are about them. All the sacrifices, risking their own lives for a person, who doesn't even lift a toe nail for them! I just want people to be careful when giving people so much love who they aren't even married too. People will drop you in a heartbeat and all your focus is gone because is was so much in one person. Just be careful everyone. Make sure someone loves you as much as you love them. Don't let "Bae" run your life! You can still live your lives and not have to sacrifice everything for one person. Lets be more careful when we are focusing on "BAE." There are "BAES" all over the World, and the RIGHT "BAE" will never make your give up on YOU, just to be with THEM! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Monday, December 1, 2014

With 2014 Almost Over...Is Life Anything Like It Use To Be For Anyone?

Good Morning! I pray that everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day weekend! You ever have so many days off, that you want at least ONE MORE OFF! LOL! I was a very relaxing weekend for me and I had a great Thanksgiving. Already counting down to my Birthday on Dec 14th and THE BIG ONE...The ATL TAKEOVER DEC 24th for Christmas & New Years! I hope that everyone has an incredible day today and know it might be the first of December, it may have been a tough year for you, but GOD has everything under control and still time to bring you a 2014 Miracle! God bless!

I came to a lot of conclusions about a lot of people this weekend. You text and call people, no calls or text back. You don't get calls at all from certain folks, even family members and friends you've known for years on the holidays. HEY, you even looked at a couple phone calls and text that came to you and was like "Awww Naa!" "Can't do it!" "Can't talk with them right now." It's interesting because I think in these last few years since the Recession of 2008, we have learned more about how people are than ever before. You ever get calls and text from someone and already dread talking to them, because you know all they are going to do is complain or talk about themselves and their problems? I'm to the point in life if I text you consistently, that's a BIG DEAL! If I even CALL YOU to talk to you or return your phone call, THAT'S A BIG DEAL! People always want you to lend an ear to hear them out, but what about when you're going through things, who can you call to talk too? I talked to one of my great friends on yesterday and we discussed "If something went DOWN, who could you REALLY call to talk to or lean on in a really bad situation?" I guess this all hits me hard this year because I have NEVER in my life seen more people walk out of my life than I have in this year of 2014. A lot of people I was there for in many situations, all of sudden gone and not only gone, made sure they made known that I meant nothing to them. It was a tough 2014 for me, but made me think today, is life anything like it use to be for anyone?

I feel like their use to be a day people cared more about other people. Now, it just seems like everyone is for themselves. You are there for people and think people are there for you in the same ways, but it's really not like that anymore. Have you ever had someone totally FLIP the script on you in a relationship? You just thought everything was cool. Y'all was doing y'all thing and BAM, they hit you with the "I'm gone!" "I really didn't care about you or like you all like that." Will cuss you out and you'll really be sitting there looking like "Where did all of this come from?" It's like there are so many people these days with ulterior motives and plans. People just out to get what they can out of life and people, with no remorse for others. I pray for everyone's heart today who is out there helping others. Being there and being a friend for people because let me tell you folks, not everyone has the same kind heart as you do. It makes it hard to trust people these days because it seems like in a blink of an eye, your own closest friends over years, even family members will flip on you. Then it seems like people only call or text when they need something, no more than courtesy "Happy Holidays" text messages or phone calls just to see how you're doing. People just too busy for each other these days and it's sad. Do people even reach out anymore just to see how people are doing? 

We all are going through something, but sometimes people see us out and just think we're ok, when a lot of us are going through more than people can ever imagine. I just wonder what happened to the days where people cared about, supported, and respected each other more? Just my thoughts on today. I thank God for the person He made me out to be. Even with all the people that have left this year, I just thank God for all the things that are on the way for NEXT YEAR! Sometimes God has to pull those people out of our lives, because maybe we won't do it. I had to realize a long time ago, not everyone is going to Glory WITH YOU! It hurts, because we put so much of us in our relationships, and it hurts to see people walk away. Sometimes it's the ones we help the most, that end up hurting us the most. But in the end, God is still GOOD! God bless everyone on today and HAPPY DECEMBER! Know that God has made you great! Live your dreams and go for all that you believe in, every single day! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Grand Jury DOES NOT INDICT Darren Wilson! What Is A Black Life Worth To America Today?

Good Morning Everyone! I pray you're all doing well as we prepare for TURKEY DAY on Thursday. If you're alive to see it, after all we have been through, you're blessed today more than you know. Be thankful for LIFE today and know that God still is in the life saving and life changing business. Special prayers out to the people of Ferguson and the family of Michael Brown. We all that care about life stand by you today! God Bless The United States of America.

I have to speak for Black America today. As a Black Man myself, Black America is hurting today. I have felt this pain before. As a matter of fact, I have felt this pain too many times. Another young black man killed, and no one to answer to his killing. You know what my country, the United States of America tells me...IT'S THE LAW! THE LAW says, that witnesses can be discredited. THE LAW says, that testimonies can be thrown out. THE LAW says Social Media and Press can disrupt a case. THE LAW says, that a killing, a 12 shot, 6 hit him, shooting of a Black Man was an Officer doing his job and following THE LAW. Well today, I say SCREW THE LAW! The Law wasn't made for Black People and it's obvious more than ever as we saw Darren Wilson yesterday walk away from the murder that we all know he did because THE LAW said he had a right to do so. Darren Wilson killed that young man in cold blood and the anger, fury, and frustration that Black America feels right now goes to shows us all one thing and one thing only...America was not built for Black People.

I just prayed...JESUS...JESUS...JESUS I tweeted as the verdict came out about the Grand Jury's Decision. Why wait 5 hours to deliver a decision? Put Black America and the country through a 30 minute talk about what they all feel happened that day, August 9th. Mike Brown didn't get up that morning thinking it was going to be his last morning ever getting up. He was just a kid. A Young Man who was trying to live his life like everyone else. In the time span of 100 days, was turned into a monster who stole and fought a cop, just so it can look justifiable why Darren Wilson shot and killed him. See how they will do US Black America?  It doesn't matter what they say Mike Brown stole, what type of person they made him out to be, what he even did to Darren Wilson on that day. AT THE END OF THE DAY...HE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE! Until America fixes their Laws where there is a justice in a Cop killing a Black Man, than my friends, we have to realize we are not as FREE as we seem to think that we are. We say "Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave", but we're not FREE! No, my friends, Black People are not FREE today! We get judged, ridiculed, labeled, talked about, stereotyped, watched, all the things they do to people who they don't treat as EQUALS! We're not looked at as intelligent enough, good looking enough, hard working enough, strong enough. We're just HERE! That's why so many people are angry today, because that's how Blacks are treated in America. That we are just HERE and we should be blessed and lucky to be here. NO PEOPLE, we as Black Americans are HERE because we were BROUGHT HERE beyond our WILL! So guess what, you're going to have to deal with the WRATH of Black America!

Black America, I, Professor JT, propose to you all today, to work your behinds off like never before! Don't lash out in anger and with rage, GET ON THE GRIND! Lets show America a side of us they have never seen before. A side that shows the World that Blacks belong and deserve to be treated with equal love, support, and respect as every other person in the United States. I am more than just a 1/3 of a person, that you can talk to anyway and treat like we're animals. Leave us in the street dead for hours, trying to figure out what you can make LOOK LIKE happened so you can get off and walk free. WE AS BLACK PEOPLE KNOW THE DEAL! Now, it's time for us to DO BETTER! We, as Black people need to know the laws, get in the studios, boardrooms, classrooms, market places of America and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Don't worry about how a person feels about you, YOU do what you need to do to be GREAT! My grades, my work ethic and history, my swag, my beauty, as Black America is as good, if not BETTER, than anyone else in this country! WE DESERVE FAIR TREATMENT AND EQUAL RIGHTS TODAY! Darren Wilson walking away without a trial...that's not JUSTICE! That's not THE LAW! That's pure, utter FILTH and this is NOT AMERICA! So, they didn't want to spend the money to get everything together to have a trial, it just shows us the truth of how America feels about a Black Man's life. It's not worth the efforts to give him a fair trial. It's time to STEP UP Black America! It's time to not lash out how they expect us too, but be greater in all the things that matter towards more progress of the Black Race in America. It's our time now...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

If Bill Cosby Is Messing Up, Are Our Black Generations In Trouble?


Good Morning! I pray that everyone is having a wonderful week as we are a week away from THANKSGIVING! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? This time next week, we'll all be gearing up for some good food, shopping, and just think, Christmas is right around the corner! God bless everyone on today and remember, you have so much to be thankful for! Always remember that no matter what you're going through in life, God has always been good and He always will be there for us all!

This week has been one of extreme scrutiny for Bill Cosby. We started to know that Bill Cosby was doing a little too much when he had a say so over relationships, politics, and other things that were not...well...Bill Cosby. I was always thinking "Just stick to Pudding Pops and Comedy Bruh!" If you grew up in the 1980's and 1990's, as a young person, every Thursday night, you tuned into NBC to watch "The Cosby Show." You watched a Doctor and a Lawyer, live their lives in overcoming family issues with laughs, joy, and happiness that we all wanted to have in our own homes. It was good, family television. We watched this Man read books to kids, make "Pudding Pop" and "Jello" a household name. Bill Cosby was "America's Dad." NOT JUST FOR BLACK PEOPLE...ALL PEOPLE! These rape allegations against him wouldn't be so bad, to be honest, if he was a bad person. But, this is BILL COSBY we're talking about here. I think about just a few years ago with Joe Paterno, the Head Football Coach for decades at Penn State University. A legend before the Sandusky Rape Incidents came about. Now, you better not go to Happy Valley and even mention the name "Joe Paterno." Will the same thing happen to Bill Cosby?

We're not just talking about 1 or 2 Women...we're talking about 14 different Women who have come forward and said this man raped them and made them do sexual acts that they did not want to do! 14! I still can't get it out of my head. This is...Bill Cosby. Even if it is Bill Cosby, at any cost, rape is and will always be WRONG! So, if Bill Cosby is getting caught up like this, who in the WORLD does the Black Generation have to look up too? I know we shouldn't put that much love and trust in a Man, but in a lot of ways, we all did! That happy, go lucky guy that brought so many smiles to so many of our faces over all those years. They aren't even playing reruns of The Cosby Show anymore on television, and rightfully so! Allegations or not, Rape doesn't just mess up the person who committed the rape or was the victim's life, this messes up A WHOLE BUNCH of people's lives. To be honest, I feel like I'm one of them. I feel like for every person who watched The Cosby Show for all those years, I feel like we were let down a bit. What is done in the dark, shall come to light. Maybe we all need to check who are mentors and role models are and don't hold anyone up higher than they need to be. We are all people and all make mistakes, but some things should not be done, like Rape. I'm praying for all the victims and even for Bill Cosby. This one just hurts a bit. I hurt for all of us who looked up to a Man for so long and now, we can't really do that anymore. Thank you for all the laughs over the years Bill Cosby, but it's time to Man up and be the Man you tried to teach so many of us how to be for all those years. Do the right thing for those Women and for your fans. READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT 
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