Thursday, October 30, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! It's a great day to be alive! Know that whatever is going on in your life, you can truly depend on GOD! Don't let anyone still your faith or your joy. No matter the situation, stay focused, keep going, and know that you can make it! God bless and everyone have a wonderful Thursday!

October 29th, 2014. Game 7 of the World Series. It was the San Francisco Giants at the Kansas City Royals. The Royals haven't been to the World Series in almost 30 years! They just blew out the Giants the night before in Game 6 and they were in Kansas City's Ball Park! The ball goes to Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants in the 4th Inning. The rest my HISTORY! This Man only allowed 2 hits, the last hit in the bottom of the 9th, a triple, with a 3-2 lead. He some how made the final batter chase a high ball that was caught in Foul Territory for the World Series Win. Madison Bumgarner! You'll be saying that name for eternity! This man became a LEGEND before the World's Eyes! When he went off between innings, no one talked to this man on the bench. The Giants didn't even put anyone else up in the Bullpen to replace him. All the innings he had already pitched all season, post season, and World Series Long. The Giants rode this man to the World Series title, recording the lowest ERA in World Series History!

What made this game so special was to see Mr "So Cool" Madison Bumgarner operate his emotions through the game. NO LOOKS! NO CRAZY ACTIONS! You couldn't tell this man was nervous ONE BIT! If he was, you never knew it. Just a phenomenal display of composure and chill like I've never seen before. Much love to the Kansas City Royals. A team just a few years ago who were at the bottom of the MLB and it looked like they would never come out of the cellar. With some amazing trades and some acquisitions of some fast and scrappy players, they found themselves on the biggest baseball stage and literally, if the ball bounced a couple other ways, it could have easily been their title. Every kid's dream is to be THE MAN in the World Series, Madison Bumgarner yesterday WAS THE MAN! Congrats to the World Series MVP and the San Francisco Giants, celebrating their 3rd World Series Title in 5 years! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Halloween Becoming An Opportunity For People To Be OFFENSIVE AND RACIST?

Good Morning! We are wrapping up the Month of October and I hope it's been a great one for you! Can you believe it? TWO MONTHS LEFT out of this year! Where has 2014 gone? I hope it's been a great one for you and GET READY! 2015 is going to be a great year for you in Jesus Name! God Bless and lets prepare for better futures and better lives! God can and will make it possible!

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I've never really been a FAN of Halloween, but I think it's a cool holiday where people come up with some great costumes and have some great fun. I think it gives some Women a chance to put on as little clothing as possible and call it sexy. Ironically, Men like it and they can get away with it, lol! The sad thing about Halloween is when people start to think wearing costumes that are degrade people's race, religion, or an act is considered acceptable. A couple years ago, a lot of people thought being Trayvon Martin, a young man killed by George Zimmerman, was something comical. This year, many people are thinking being Janay and Ray Rice is something to be laughed at. Every year, we have to deal with the "Blackface", which many people put on to compliment their outfits. Let me say this, with all due love and respect, all of these kind of racist outfits are sickening and pathetic@ There is nothing funny about being a killer, someone who has been killed, an abuser, or trying to mock a race for outfit purposes.

I think it's important we put this message out there because too many times we call things fun which in actuality, it really isn't funny at all. Janay and Ray Rice said that they are praying for the people we are being them for Halloween. I definitely feel for them and feel that they should, but we should know as human beings where to draw the line when it comes to tasteful Halloween Costumes. This is suppose to be a FUN Holiday. Really, it's suppose to be for the kids. I think adults mess it up in more ways than one every single year. Can we stop with the racist and demeaning halloween costumes people! Especially in this day and age of camera phones and video media at our finger tips. I want to ask these people, "What makes you want to be THAT for Halloween & think it's actually a Great Outfit?" What message are we getting across to kids with wearing these outfits? Of all the things people can be for Halloween, they want to be people or things that are very distasteful and demeaning to so many. It brings pain back up to the people that see it. It doesn't need to be display at all! Lets do better people and bring the fun back into Halloween! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

You Don't Have To Be A "PERFECT CHRISTIAN!" Just Try And Do Your Very Best!

Good Morning! It's been a BEAUTIFUL last few days here in Indianapolis! Temps in the 70's, beautiful Fall days! I'm excited about it! I hope that everyone has a wonderful week as we're looking to end October and march on into November! God bless everyone and just an FYI...lets be SMART this year with the Halloween Costume Folks! PLEASE! Lets be sensitive and not racist! Have a great day!

How many people had that family member when you were younger that was SO into God, Church, and being a "Perfect Christian", that it made you question about being a Christian at all? That was my Grandmother. I can remember that she didn't let me go to the Movies when I was a Freshman in High School because she believed if the Rapture happened while you were at the Movies, God would look down on you. There's a difference between being a Christian and just being caught up in Religion. I see a lot of people wavering with their faith lately because they can't stop doing some of the things that they enjoy doing that aren't necessarily appealing in the eyes of God. It's all understandable, I've been there myself. But, we have to know that we are NOTHING without God in our lives. Even though we don't do everything that is right in the eyes of God, it doesn't mean we need to give up on serving God all together. I want to encourage people today to remember that there are no "PERFECT CHRISTIANS!" As long as you know that you love God and that you're doing the very best that you can in your life to get better every single day, know that God loves you, and that you need to keep going and trying to be the very best person you can be.

I really feel led to tell people in this season to don't give up on God! All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. (Rom 3:23) Don't get frustrated with people, friends, or family members telling you that you need to do better. WE ALL NEED TO DO BETTER! As long as you are happy with yourself and your life, that's what matters. But just know that God loves us all and wants us all to do better! Whether you're a person struggling with Sex, Drugs, Drinking, Lying, Stealing, Depression. Whatever your vice is, we all have one. Just try every single day of your life to DO BETTER! If you smoke or drink, try not to smoke or drink as much, THIS WEEK! If you curse or lie, try to not do as much TODAY! If you get depressed, start to speak positive things in your life. It's not about being PERFECT, it's about just TRYING to be better every single day. Before you know it, if you take things little by little and day by day, you will see a better and positive increase in your living and in your life. You can go from "I do that!" to "I use to do that a WHOLE A LOT more than what I do now!" It can't be a Christian Walk if you don't WALK! You have to just take the strides to be better every single day. NO, it's not going to happen over night or going to be easy, but just a little bit of trying goes a long way. And don't beat yourself up if you slip up, get back on it the very next day to doing better. God bless everyone on today and know that God loves you and is very proud of the person that you are and who you are becoming. If no one else believes in you, believe in YOURSELF! Keep moving forward towards great and positive things in your life and know that you can get and do better every single day! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Are We So Broken With Love In Our 20's, That We Don't Know How To Love In Our 30's?

Good Morning! It's a Beautiful, Beautiful Day to be alive, and I thank God for it! I pray that everyone has an amazing day as we're a day away from the WEEKEND! I pray that you have a great day and a great weekend and know that GOD has so much in store for you! Don't let anyone tell you what you can not do! Know that God is with you and able to help you accomplish all of your dreams! God bless!

It's interesting following people of all ages on Twitter and reading their relationship stories. There are so many people who have went through so many ups and downs in relationships and in this thing called love, you wonder, what in the World is love today? I started some tweets where I wanted to know did Women even desire to be married anymore? The majority that answered said "YES", and even in a Tweet when I asked "What do people want in relationships?" a lot of the answers were the same. "Love, Honesty, Trust, Companionship, Friendship." Things we all desire, you know? The thing that gets to me is that so many 20 somethings literally almost call themselves THROUGH with love before they even hit 30! SHOOT, a lot of people have been through the ringer with so-called love and situationships so many times before 25, they don't hardly trust anyone anymore and have all kinds of insecurities. Even with myself and dating, I've dated many Women that about time they are almost 30 or hit 30, a lot of them are so broken, that it's hard for them to even love a Man properly because they've been hurt so many times before. And, don't get me wrong, this goes for many men too. So how does all of this come about and can true love happen, even after all the ups and downs of being hurt over and over again?

A lot of people don't realize that in our teens and 20's, what we really want in love, no one really has. We just call it love because we've been through with some people for so long, that we just say that we love them because of all the things we have been through. I threw another tweet out there about how can people be with someone 3-4-5 or more years and it just end up in NOTHING? A lot of people end up more broken than anything after those long relationships. I asked "Don't people know what it's going to be after at least 2 years?" "why prolong something that you know in the end is going to be nothing?" A lot of us are calling things love that really isn't. What's crazy is, we'll be with someone for years, never truly love them, then meet someone for a few months, and we'll be totally head over heels for them! What I want to make sure people do not do is waste their years on someone who isn't even looking to marry them! We do that so much in our 20's, thinking "THIS IS IT!" when the majority of us at that age aren't prepared for anything long term and are playing and cheating on each other. How can a person love someone and know they're cheating on them? Just be with them for YEARS, because it's comfortable or they are use to them, but they know they aren't even getting treated like they deserve? Forgiving people time after time and the other person shows over and over again that they truly do not love them. That's what keeps people so hurt for so many years, that when someone finally does want to give them their all, they're too hurt to accept it. See the Red Flags and know what you desire and want to have EARLY! If you're in your 20's, JUST DATE! If you are going to be in a real relationship, ask the real questions and don't stay in something that's not going anywhere positive or making you better. You don't need to be into anything deep, especially if it's someone who doesn't even have their stuff together to make you a long term lover! We need to stop playing with ourselves and calling things love that it's not! Lets do better folks and know that we deserve so much better! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Reminisce! Will We Ever Go Back To The Positive Days Of Music And Entertainment?

Good Morning! Hump Day is upon us and the weeks are just FLYING BY! I hope that you are having a great week so far and have a wonderful Wednesday. Know that your blessing is nigh! Continue to hold on, believe in God, and know that ALL IS WELL IN JESUS NAME!

I was watching "Unplug" Last night on Heavy D and the Boys and on Too Short. Those 80's and 90's were the BOMB when it came to great music and good times. It was interesting hearing some of the old beats and songs from the two rapping legends and it just brought back so many memories of how great life was back in those days. It was a FREEDOM in the music, in the dances, in how life was for Blacks back then. You could walk the streets and people would speak, folks wanted to help each other out and see others make it. Times were rough in a sense, but definitely not like they are now. Music was talking about having fun, speaking positive, pushing people to fight for their rights and to be a cooler, better person. I believe a lot of us successful people are where we are because of how those songs and musicians gave us hope in their success. They showed us a kid can come from hard times and bring a message that's could change lives. That a person could have a dream and they not only want to accomplish that dream, but as they're going up, they can pull others up with them. What happened to those days and times? Are we teaching the young people today the same things in life?

With Chief Keef getting dropped from Interscope Records on yesterday, are we taking a positive step into possibly getting back into what music really was? The Roots, Fugees, Goodie Mob, TLC, Kriss Kross, LL Cool J, 112, REAL R & B Groups! The list goes on and on! What happened to all of that great music that bought great times and hope to the people of the world? I tweeted on yesterday, what are these "Get Money & Hoes" Dudes and "Twerk Team & Bipolar" Chicks going to be in the next 10-20-30 years? If music had that much influence on US, what is it doing to the younger generation of today? Are these songs teaching kids to be safe sexually like TLC did? Or Fight the Power and stand up for our rights like Public Enemy Did? When will entertainment, media, and music have a positive spin again? Is is so far gone, that people will think it's LAME or WHACK to even listen to now? Is there positive music that's getting passed over for the ratchet stuff? I don't think we understand how much of an influence music, entertainment, and media has on society. What did In Living Color, Martin, The Cosby Show, Living Single, A Different World, have on our society back in the 80's and 90's? A LOT! What do we have now? Love and Hip Hop, Scandal, Black-Ish, Naked Dating, Young Money, Rick Ross? HOW IS THAT HELPING OUR GENERATIONS TODAY BECOME GREAT?!?! It's that whole "Brown Sugar" thing I'm going through now I guess. When will music, media, and entertainment give us that GOOD FEELIN again? 

Friday, October 17, 2014

A GREAT FRIDAY MESSAGE: Thank God They Left You & For The Curve, Be Free & For God You Shall Serve!

Good Morning Everyone! A Wonderful Friday is upon us and I pray that everyone has an amazing day! Keep your head up and know that all the goals and dreams that you have within yourself can happen for you with prayer and patience! God bless everyone on today and know that all that you want and all that you desire, with the help of God, CAN HAPPEN!

I think in this day and age we get so caught up in who we want to end up with and be with Romantically. Everywhere you turn around, it's someone doing something big for someone they want to be with. Is Forever truly forever anymore when it comes to relationships? The only love that I know that will be there forever, without any hesitation, is the Love that Jesus Christ has for us. But think about it? How much time do we spend during the days of our lives searching, chasing, going after that Eros, Romantic, Passionate Human love more than the Love of God? The Word of God reads that God "will never leave nor forsake us." (Deut. 31:6) How many times has that lover that we chased after and pursued curved, cheated, lied, treated us bad, even just LEFT, and all that effort that we put into chasing after them went for not? What if we put some of that effort into chasing after God, just as much as God chases after us? Hebrews 12:6 says "For whom the Lord Loves he chastens." See, when God chases after us, it's because He loves us and He is making us better for His Glory. How many people have we been with that we can say they made us a better person after we were with them? SHOOT, even while we were with them, how many of those people made us BETTER? See, we have been created to do amazing works for the Kingdom of God, and we truly need to thank God for all the relationships that didn't work. God only wants the best for us, and what He has for us, is the very, very best.

I'm not telling people today to not go after the one that you love. Romantic Relationships are great. The thing is, we can't get so caught up in them, that we forget about serving God and His people. See, a person that truly loves you, will push you to do great things. One of those great things that person will do is push you closer into the arms of God. We get so blind sighted by love sometimes of a person, that we almost forget about who we are, who we serve (God), and where we've come from. We flip out at times when a person that we said they loved leaves us, does us wrong, or rejects us. Yes, it hurts, but we need to thank God that they left sometimes. Sometimes God has to take them out of our lives, so that we can be better people for God, others, even ourselves in our lives. 

Don't think for one second that any Human love is greater than the Love that God has for us! God loves us more than anyone ever could. His love for us is true, and even when everyone who said that they loved us, leaves us, Jesus is always there, still to hold us and be there for us. YES, it gets lonely sometimes, but it's better to be free, focused, and open to God being single, than in a relationship that's blocking your blessings and keeping you away from the things of God. It's time to do better and want better for ourselves. If that romantic relationship is not pushing you towards the things of God and towards being a better person, than before you get too deep into that relationship, you might want to reconsider what direction your soul is going in. Love is Beautiful, but your love needs to be catered for, paid attention too, and cared for by the right people. Don't allow anyone negative to take your joy, peace, and happiness today. Know that you were created to do great and amazing things, and Jesus is there to help you accomplish them! God bless! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Men Know What They Want In A Woman, But Why Don't Women BELIEVE US?

Good Morning Everyone! I am blessed to see another day and I pray all is well with you too! I wanted to give a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to my great new friend Mz Jennifer AKA Ms Pretty Peculiar (@MzInspirational on Twitter) for allowing me to come on her Pretty Peculiar Version Broadcast on on last night. It was a lot of fun on talking about "What Men Want!" Professor JT taking questions from 3 amazing Women and BOY, did they ever come with them! It was like I was Guko in Dragonball Z fighting off all those questions, but a Brother held his own and I appreciate everyone that tuned in on last night! God bless everyone and have a wonderful, wonderful Thursday.

So, to recap some of the things that we tackled on the broadcast on last night. YES, Men know what they want, but the question got brought up from the Ladies, "DO WE REALLY?" I think that's a question, in a question. "Do we really, but if it's a Man who does know what he wants in a Woman, why don't Women believe us?" When you're a man of a certain success, status, and stature with goals and dreams, you know that the harder you work and better yourself, actually the better the Woman poll gets for you. That man has a choice to be choosy with who he wants to be with. A lot of times, it throws a Woman off if they are pretty on the outside, and they don't have certain things together financially, emotionally, or spiritually, and that man does not want her. Some Women are use to attention for being "PRETTY". It's a "Trophy Wife" complex. They are use to getting attention, so when a Man who might have himself together says "That's not enough for me", it can REALLY upset them and make them question their own selves.

What about the Woman who says she has it all the way together, but still are single and doesn't know why? This was another topic that was hit on last night. She's Fine, Educated, knows how to take care and cater to her man. Well, a lot of time, if she knows she has it together, she might come off as "TOO COCKY" with her stuff. A Humble Woman is what a Man truly desires. YES, you're the bomb with all your accomplishments, we don't doubt that one bit. But at times, there are Women who can put their works, ahead of their needs and their man. Tell me how Single Mother with 2-3 kids & no degrees seems like she can get a Man faster and keep him longer than a Woman who has no kids, a great job/career, & a couple degrees? It's a lot of times based on NEED! A Single Woman with kids could appreciate the help more from a Man than a Woman who is always claiming her "Independence" and how she has it all together. A Man will think "OK, so you're so INDEPENDENT, do you even want, need, or desire to have a Man?" A lot of these Independent Women have a Man named "B.O.B." and have had a longer relationship with him than an actual Man! Only you Grown Folks may understand that last sentence 

Sometimes a Man knowing what he wants can give a clue to Women in many ways. If he's a good man, you know he's a great man, and he knows what he wants, and she wants him, if she doesn't have everything that he wants, shouldn't she want to do things to have what a Good Man desires? So, you don't cook, you don't like to cook, aren't thinking about cooking, but a Good Man desires a Woman who can cook. Wouldn't you want to know how to make a LITTLE SOMETHING? Not saying you have to cook every single night, but just the thought and the gesture is thoughtful. Relationships are more than a Woman looking pretty and having bomb sex game, that's not all the things that's going to keep a Man. A KEPT MAN is kept by a Woman who isn't going to complain about doing anything to keep her man happy. He's going to appreciate her efforts, no matter what they are and know that not every Woman is going to do the things for him that she does willingly and with love. If a Woman has an opinion or smart answer about doing stuff for her Man, then she might not be with that Man very long. There has to be a joy from Women to want to see their Man happy. If she's always fussin and cussin about being submissive, then maybe she really doesn't want to be with that Man herself. When a Woman knows she has a GREAT MAN, there's almost nothing she won't do to make sure that Man is happy. A Great Man knows what he wants and he's not going to settle for anything less. He may give a Woman who doesn't have everything he wants a chance, because every Woman is special. He might want to see if she's going to step up to the plate and better herself for him and for her own self. But Ladies, help us Brothers out, don't go into a dating situation with a Man and have it all figured out. YES, we know what all the past jerks did, but we're not them. We're not going to lie to you, play games with your heart, we have ourselves together, we're not going to waste your time and energy like dudes in your past. Give us a FAIR SHOT! We Good Men appreciate it! Stay on your grind Ladies! Keep your opinions strong but let us lead and be your man and trust that we're not going to lead you or do you wrong. We just want to love you and help you become even better Women!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Is The Issue With The Black Male Athlete?

Good Morning! I pray that everyone is having a wonderful week so far as Fall has officially rolled in! It's been a great October for me and I pray it has been for you. Things are starting to come together and fall into place for so many people. Don't let any opportunity pass you by. Enjoy your life! Enjoy all that you do! Know that whatever you want to do, God is able to make it happen for you! God bless and everyone have a Terrific Tuesday!

Now, I'm not saying that troubles only happen to the Black Male Athletes. But at either College, Pro, SHOOT, sometime even at the High School level, it seems like the focus is on the Black Male Athlete higher than anyone else. Now, I played HS football, didn't in college and not professional either, but I have seen the pressures that are on the Black Male Athlete and it's nothing like people can even imagine. The STARZ Channel has rolled out a new show called "Survivor's Remorse." A story about a Young Black Male who worked hard to get a big money NBA contract, which it seems like any and everyone wants a part of that money and fame. Check it out if you get a chance! 


For the Black Male Athlete, life in a lot of ways is a lot like that. Imagine going from town hero to national phenom. Sometimes it's changes like this for these guys over night. People who say they were your friends, end up being your worse enemies. The stress and the pressures of life causes these young men to make decisions that in a normal situation, maybe they wouldn't make. I think more than ever the pressures are getting to these young men and we have to ask ourselves one question..."Who is really there to help and assist them?" We need more people praying and supporting these men in their troubles. YES, they are grown and all of them made adult decisions. NO, there is no excuse for hitting a Woman, cheating, smoking weed, or doing things for money, but we need to train these Black Males better so that they will know better. 

Definitely some Emotional Intelligence classes and training need to be implemented so that these young black male athletes know what to do right when situations come along. Of course they are going to have friends and family members pulling on them, wanting to ride their coat tails to fame, but it's not their job to take care of them. A lot of these young men need to know, where they are in life, they can't do the same things that they use to before the fame came. It's not saying that they need to change, but it's saying that with new fame, needs to come new attitudes and actions towards life. The families need to be more accountable for them, instead of waiting for them to make big money and have their hands out for their piece. Everyone is going to make mistakes and anyone with hard work can come back from them. At times, a lot of these mistakes just do not need to happen. These young black male athletes should be able to have a good, full career without a bad rep following them. Lets keep them all in our prayers and I just hope and pray people look out for them instead of beating them down when things go wrong and try to take advantage of them when things are good. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


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Good Morning Everyone! Another great Friday is upon us and thank God we are all here to see it. I trust that you will have an amazing Friday in Jesus Name and just know every single day that we get to see, is truly a blessing from God! Never take any day for Granted! God bless everyone on today and know that your future is BRIGHT! Go for your biggest dreams!

So, I'm scrolling through Twitter and I noticed an R.I.P. message for a young Lady on Twitter. I started to go through the tweets and so many people are in shock that this young Lady has passed on. The thing I think we all forget sometimes is the fact that, any day, could be our last day on Earth. We all, and I mean, WE ALL, take life for Granted. We don't ever wake up thinking "Man, this could be my last day on Earth." But honestly, everyday that we wake up, could honestly, be our last day on Earth. I'm not saying we should think about all of this every day, because no one wants to think about dying per say. But we can thank God for life every single day, and that truly more abundantly.

Jeremiah 29:11 states that "For I know the plans that I have for you." God has a plan for our lives and our lives should never be conducted in our own way or without the help of God. The thing we have to make sure we're doing is keeping God first, not just putting Him on the back burner or giving him some of us when we have time for Him. How much time do we give to God in prayer, tithe and offering, in fasting, in praising Him, and in attending church every day and week? Why does it seem like we only need God when something is wrong? Don't we need God all the time? I wake up some mornings in complete Awe of God! I think to myself, "Lord, why wake me up another day?" "You are just so amazing Jesus!" Think about all that we do during our days on Earth. We wake up, get ready and dressed, out the door, take care of business, back home, in the bed, do it all over again. This is some of our lives every single day! When we look back over our lives, some of us, most of us, the majority of our lives, we're doing pretty much the same things, every single day. Do we live for God or live for the checks that we get from our jobs to pay our Bills? It's a Blessing truly to get up every day and every morning, and we can't take that for granted anymore.

I look around and wonder, "Why am I still here and not Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin?" Young Black Males getting killed just for being Black. Is it ironic that both were leaving convenient stores the days they were killed? What about that person who lived a Full life, to not even really LIVE LIFE? They lived it for their families, lived it for their kids, lived it for their jobs and careers, and about time their lives were over, they didn't even get a chance to enough any of the fruits of their Labor. Don't let that be you today. Thank God for every single day of your life and don't be afraid to live every day of your life to the fullest. None of us, and I mean, NONE OF US should be here. It's by God's Grace and Mercy that through Him, we still survive. I need you all to survive. We have to forgive each other and ourselves for our Wrongs and ask God to forgive us for our sins. Life is great. Life is a Blessing! Don't let another day pass you by where you're taking your life and the King for Granted. Give God thanks every single day! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From Raven Symone To Lil Boosie...Is There Something WRONG With Being African American?

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well as it is 7 days into October! WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THIS YEAR GOING?!? I hope that you're keeping up as 2014 is almost out of here. I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers on this weekend as I took my GRE. Let me tell you something, you have to be READY to take a 3 hour test! GOODNESS! I did pretty well and was happy with my results. I should have everything in at the end of the month for the Doctoral Program I'm pursuing and then the waiting game begins! Keep me in your prayers and go for your dreams everyone! No time is better than the present and know that GOD has your dreams, just go to them and GET THEM! God Bless!

Oprah hosted another "Where are they now?" show with her guest being Raven Symone. The once cute "The Cosby Show" grandkid and "That So Raven/Cheetah Girls" Disney star had some interesting perspectives about her life. Raven Symone went into how she does not like to be labeled as "African American" or "Gay." She's a "Human who loves other Humans" or "just American" Raven Symone said refer to her as. Another celeb, Lil Boosie, was interviewed by Peter Bailey, and expressed how being African American is the Worst Race in the World, along with other struggles he faced being locked up and in the rap game. *SIDENOTE* Both of these individuals are from Louisiana, I don't know if that makes a difference, but still. You can check out parts of their interviews here in these videos.

So what is wrong with being African American? I know we have our ups and downs as a people, but what about all the people and races who try to COPY who we are? How many fashion labels, took a style that was PRO African American, and put it on the Fashion Runways around the World? How many WHITE Rap artist are there now, knowing that the roots of Rap music started from African Americans? Name another race of people whose attitudes, swag, and styles are copied the MOST out of other races of people? Regardless if it is hard being African American or if a person doesn't want to be labeled African American, guess what, YOU ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! I tweeted this yesterday, a lot of times, people want to be African American when it's convenient, or it can get them some money or exposure. With the Ray Rice situation, Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin killings, this isn't a time to back out of being African American or say what we don't love about who we are. How God made is, is just how God made us! Regardless of if someone thinks it's a label or not, guess what, when we wake up and walk outside everyday, people are going to say, HEY, THAT'S AN AFRICAN AMERICAN whether you want to be labeled as that or not. I just want Celebs to embrace US more as a people. African Americans are a GREAT PEOPLE! We need to cherish who we are so much more and I'm proud to say I'm an African American! I just wish more celebs would feel the same way. 

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