Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Holy Week Messages: A 1/4 Of 2015 Gone! How Special Are You Making Your Life?

Good Morning Everyone! We are continuing on with our Holy Week Messages and I pray everyone was encouraged by the great youth dating message on yesterday. Continue to strive everyday for greater and better with all that you do in your life. NO, things aren't going to be perfect, but with some patience and some faith, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT! Believe in what you do and believe in yourself! Know that God has everything worked out for you! God bless Everyone on today!

As we're already at the last day of March, it's a true wonder of where in the WORLD has 2015 gone already. We've pretty much...PRETTY MUCH gotten through the Winter. In the Midwest, there's still no telling really. It can snow tomorrow, who knows! It wasn't a bad Winter overall weather wise...unless you lived on the East Coast and well, we're still praying for you all out there! The thing was, it seemed like as excited as we all were for 2015 to come in after a wild 2014, the craziness didn't really seem like it stopped until around Mid February/March for a lot of people. JANUARY WAS ROUGH! I saw people in January in situations where it was nothing but God that they even survived and made it to February. FATHER IN HEAVEN! It's one of those things where at the end of 2014, a lot of people were like "WELL, it can't get much worse that THIS!" Then, came January and BOOM, IT GOT WORSE! But I want to encourage someone today and say, "Look at where you are NOW!?" You're looking good, still here, still in your right mind! As hard as things get sometime for you...BABY, YOU ARE MAKING IT! God still is blessing you and yours! You may not have much, but you got SOMETHING going on and going for you. See, we have to really take time to thank God, especially this week because it's Holy Week! Find it not strange that Holy Week is the same week a Month is ending and another Month is beginning! No matter what may have happened in your past, how special are you making your life today?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says "In Every thing Give Thanks; for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." See, we have to realize, no matter the good or bad that comes in our lives, God's got us either way it goes. God told me a few days ago, "ENJOY TODAY!" We get so caught up sometimes looking so far ahead, that we don't even get to enjoy the days that we're living right now. I had to check myself, because I was always looking so far forward, to the days where I was doing what I wanted to do and money got better, that I was just trying to get passed every single day so fast. I would do as little as I could to try to make the days go by faster, to get to the days that I wanted too, not realizing, I'm missing out on valuable time to make my days today very special. It's time out for missing out on TODAY! What are we doing with our lives today and how are we making our lives special today? YES, we see greater days ahead, but even the Word of God says in Matthew 25:23 "His lord said unto him, Well done, Good and faithful servant; thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." We get sometimes so caught up in the kind of money we want to make one day, the car and home we want one day, that we don't even enjoy the ONE DAY that we have RIGHT NOW! NO, the money isn't where we want it to be. NO, we're not driving what we want or living how we want. But are you THANKFUL for what God is doing in your life for you RIGHT NOW? See, God can't bless us with BETTER, if we don't appreciate the BEST of what we have right now! It's time to Carpe Diem...SEIZE THE DAY! As we all continue with the rest of 2015, as we're about to enter into another Month Lord's Willing, learn how to enjoy every day that you have! NO, life isn't where you want it to be right now, but thank God that you have a life to live! All of us know somebody that entered 2015, but they are not even here still on this Earth after 3 months. Thank God that you're still here and enjoy every single day that you have on God's Earth! You are Great and God has Greater in store for you! BELIEVE IT! RECEIVE IT! 
Enjoy Every Single Day Of Your Life! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Holy Week Messages:Reviewing Karrueche Tran on Iyanla's FIX MY LIFE - Prayers for Young Daters

Good Morning! It is HOLY WEEK and I pray that everyone is excited about the great things that are in store as we count down the days to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I'm looking to have a week's worth of Holy Week Messages, to encourage people in these tough days and times as we lead up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection Celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. WE KNOW, WE KNOW...you don't really do too much CHURCH throughout the year, and you know what, IT'S OK! Just make sure on THIS SUNDAY, you remember and pay tribute for what God did for us all on that Cross, and how He rose again just to save a wretch, like you and me! God bless everyone on this week! Find time to Give God Praise This WEEK! Know that God is always here for you and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

On Saturday night, OWN Network had an exclusive episode of "Iyanla Fix My Life" with the interview of Ex Girlfriend of Entertainer Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran. A Young, Pretty, Up and Coming Model, Karrueche Tran wanted to talk to Iyanla about how she could start the healing process to get over the tumultuous relationship that she had with Chris Brown. I'll be honest with you folks, at first, I had a lot of jokes. Here we have a young girl, who got caught up with an Entertainer and just knew she was going to be the one for him. Iyanla started to get into the situation with Karrueche and she was hesitant about revealing all of her feelings and emotions about the relationship. After a while, once Karrueche started to open up, you could start to see how this wasn't just about a situation happening to this young woman. My friends, THIS HAPPENS with SO MANY young couples today! A Guy, making promises, saying he loves a young woman, and of course, she believes him. A Woman, falling for "THE GAME" or "THE LINES". I listened, and I mean really listened to her speak in that interview. "I thought they were just FRIENDS." "I found out about it on the internet." "He said he would be right back." "He was so nice and genuine too me." "I knew his history, but he was so different to me." All these things that young men say to young women to make them so call "Fall In Love" when actually, they are opening up themselves to so much pain, hurt, and devastation.

The situation we have here in not uncommon, not one bit. So many Women have or have had a "Chris Brown" type around them who even though they may know how she really feels about him, he's really not all the way invested. The thing about the show that really bothered me was the fact that not too much was brought up about the character or the person of who is Chris Brown. So many people will support you when you're with certain people, and even they know how much of a hurt person that they really are. Christina Milian was on the show talking about her friend Karrueche and how she stayed pretty much out of the relationship situation. BUT WHY, THAT WAS YOUR FRIEND RIGHT? If you saw her getting hurt, why didn't you step in and help your friend. I don't believe for ONE MINUTE that she didn't see ANYTHING! Hurt people...Hurt other people. I do not think at all that Chris Brown meant to hurt this young woman in any bit. I do think however that Chris Brown is hurting himself. That's the thing...it's a vicious cycle of hurt people hurting others. Before we know it, no one trust anyone, no one wants to date anyone anymore, and all we have are a lot of Single, Bitter, Angry people. 

I truly want to pray for our Young Daters today and ask them today to do what it says in Matthew 6:33 "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." I pray that God reveals early to our young people who they are dealing with. SURE, they may look good, have money, fame, look like they will give you the World. BUT WHAT IS GOD SAYING ABOUT THEM? Get on your knees and ask God to reveal who you're with. Ask God, "If this isn't who you would have for me to be with, show me and allow me to get away from them before they hurt me." Even pray for that person, that they even become better for their futures. A person's history tells a lot about them. I'm not saying people can not change, but do not avoid the Red Flags early. YES, we want to give people a chance because they make mistakes, but you can truly see how much someone cares about you, through their actions. 

This Young Woman was told by this guy "I'll be right back..." and saw pictures of him on the internet with another Women at a Basketball while she was chillin at his Condo!! STILL STAYED WITH HIM! It's time for young women and men to know that you deserve the very best from someone you're going to be with. Not someone who is going to cheat, lie, and do things to hurt you. NO, we're not all perfect, but if someone does something to you to hurt you, are their apologies sincere? How many times are they going to do it before they get it right? I commend this young woman Karrueche Tran for reaching out for help. I pray to GOD she doesn't go back to this Man! YES, she may have wanted a Baby and she better truly be THANKING GOD she didn't have Chris Brown's Baby! If he wasn't trying to marry you Lady, you are in the best position you can be in! GOD BLESSED YOU KARRUECHE TRAN to walk away free and continue on with your life. Take it as a 15 Minutes of Fame Moment! KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD! That's my message today. Young People, KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD! Stop trying to make things work with people who aren't meant to be with you. LOVE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HARD! HARD WORK...YES! But difficult, having you crying and stressed out, DEFINITELY NOT! THAT'S NOT LOVE! Lets do better with our hearts and souls today and know that not everyone deserves a chance at being in your life. You deserve nothing but the best that God has for you and the person God has for you will give you the very best and want the very best for you! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Great Friday Message: It's All Going To Work Out FOR YOUR GOOD!

Good Morning Everyone! It's FRIDAY! The end of the month is near! IT Doesn't FEEL much like Spring YET! We here in Indy are about to drop down to 18 degrees tonight! 18! Didn't the season's change last week? GEEZ SPRING TIME, COME ON!! I'm ready for some consistent warm weather, that's for sure! BUT, HEY, I'm still here to see it, and I'm glad about it! I pray that everyone has one amazing weekend! Keep on pushing towards those goals and dreams! You Greatest Days Are AHEAD OF YOU! Never forget about it! God bless!

I've seen a lot happen for me in the Month of March and all I can say is that God's been truly good. It all seems so surreal...ME...headed towards working for a PhD in the Fall. I'm not going to lie, I don't feel like I deserve this opportunity at all, you know? I even asked God, "Why Me?" I see people working hard for things every single day and don't get there. But, this was a dream I had, and I got there. NOW, lets be honest, there were MANY, and I MEAN MANY days when it didn't seem like at all I would EVER get to this point. The days of no food, staying with people, crazy romantic relationships, people who came in and out of my life. IT...GOT...CRAZY! I just want to encourage everyone today that whatever you have gone through or are going through currently...it's all going to WORK OUT! It truly may not look like it or hasn't even looked like it for a while, but just keep doing what you have to do to succeed. 

In the Word of God, 1 Corinthians 2:9, It says that "Just as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for them that love him." I love the Lord! Absolutely, Positively DO with my entire being! You can't make me DOUBT HIM, I know too much ABOUT HIM! If you would have told me, as a young man about to graduate from High School 15 years ago (Yes, I just showed my age) that I would be looking at starting in a Doctoral Program, creating and teaching college classes, and writing blogs & articles that travel the Globe in 2015, I truly would have looked at you like you were insane! ME, are you serious? The thing is, God had a plan for ME, that was BIGGER than even I could have seen for myself. That's what I want people to realize today. What God has for you, IS FOR YOU! You're Greater than you realize! God can use anyone to make a difference in the World. And to be honest today my friends, God wants to use YOU! God wants to take you, with all your faults, all of your mistakes and imperfections, and use you to do great and amazing things for His people and for His World. You have more greatness in you than you will ever imagine! Just LISTEN to God. God will lead and guide you to amazing places in your life that you never even imagined being at for yourself. Just be patient. It's all going to work out! Some things just have to have time to fall into place so when God moves you, it's a smooth transition into to Glory that He has set for you! God bless everyone today! Tomorrow is not promised, so it's imperative that you make the right decisions TODAY! Allow God to order your steps and know that your latter will be greater than you past! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Thursday, March 26, 2015

WILL I EVER FIND SOMEONE? The Relationship Struggles of the Good Man And The Good Woman

Good Morning Everyone! It's Thursday and Thursday's are always those..."Why is there a Thursday?" type of days. It's day between the middle of the week and the end of the week. Can't we just SKIP Thursdays and get to Fridays? Have you ever thought that? LOL! Well, I guess if it's your pay day, you NEVER want Thursdays skipped! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thursday and hang on in there as we're nearing the end of the week and the end of another great month. God bless everyone today and know that your GREATER is truly on the way!

There are a lot of people in relationships that really make you wonder..."How did THEY get a Bae?" Sometimes it's just good not to ask to questions and just keep it moving. Then, there are some folks that you just can't figure out for the LIFE of you, why no one is with them? They are GOOD PEOPLE! And I know being a GOOD PERSON is subjective (S/O to Lauren on Twitter who always reminds us all of this) but it's still always the thing that you wonder. Folks who look nice, take care of themselves and their family, friends, and business. Have their stuff together and are actually dating and marriage material type of people. NOW, there is ALWAYS something wrong about SOMEONE! No one is perfect. BUT, we do have some great people who just can't find other great people for so many different reasons. They aren't in a dating type of city, their schedules don't allow them to meet other good people, they really aren't comfortable with the online dating scene, etc etc. What about a person's strong religious beliefs, what if their standards are very high, what if they come with certain baggage that may be hard for others to deal with? There are several scenarios that keep Good Men and Women SINGLE, but what about the things they have to see everyday and deal with from possible mates? 

There are several things I feel every proclaimed Good Man and Good Woman face when it comes for seeking, needing, and wanting a suitable mate. So many questions these individuals have that never go or get answered and sometimes leaves a lot of people wondering "IS IT ME??" In some cases, it just may BE! But here are some of the things a Good Man or Good Woman may go through that leave them having many questions:

1. The SETTLE Factor: Should they take what is in front of them or continue to wait for BETTER? YES, they have OPTIONS, but maybe the options don't have everything they truly desire or look for in a mate. Exs: They're a GOOD FRIEND, but not a good provider. They work hard, but they're not very romantic. They have their stuff together, but they don't dress well or speak well enough to your liking. It's several things that we go through in our minds that keep us from being with certain people and it's all about preferences.

2. The Grass Greener Elsewhere Factor: They COULD be with THIS PERSON, they REALLY COULD! But, the question will always be if they end up with this person, are they missing out on who they REALLY could be with. Is there better out there (like eluded too in the first point) If there IS, will it be better than what they have now? What if they move away from the SETTLE FACTOR for the Greener Grass and the Greener Grass is TRASH?!?! Will they miss out on someone special waiting for someone who wasn't special at all?

3. The Career/Job Factor: A Big Factor of why a lot of good people are GOOD PEOPLE is because they have their careers/jobs together. SURE, they can move to a better dating place, but a lot of questions pop up. Will the money be as good as they have it? Will the move really be a GOOD career move? Will the dating scene ACTUALLY BE BETTER? Even if these individuals find someone, is the move going to be positive or negative towards their future careers?

4. The Standards Factor: A lot of Good People have some VERY High Standards. SURE, they have given people chances, letting some things slide. At the end of the day, it really seems like that it is never worth it because those things that you end up letting slide in the beginning, always end up upsetting you because you let them slide for these people in the end. The are the Non-Negotiable standards that they will NEVER let slide. Ex: - If it's a person who is very religious, they may not want to be with an atheist. If a person has a child, they can't be with someone who doesn't love or want kids right? Then there are the negotiable standards...we all move on from time to time. What we have to be careful of is not dating on POTENTIAL! They SAY this is what they want sometimes just to appease us to be with us because they know that's what we want in a mate. Have to always watch out for the Opportunist who want to fake meet our standards just so we can help them meet some of their goals.

5. The Family And Friends Factor:  The DREAD is REAL around the Holidays for the Good Woman and Man. The questions come rolling in all the time "So, who are you talking too?" "When are you going to settle down?" "When are you going to have kids?" "Well, is something wrong with you?" "Let me hook you up with my FRIEND!" The questions become so tiring. You always dread going places because you always know Auntie or Uncle is going to ask, knowing it's not going to make you feel any better. Then they want to hit you with the ADVICE, like they hadn't just got out of their 3rd marriage. Sometimes it's just best with family and friends to keep the conversations short and quickly change them to something else. The less they know about your relationship life, the BETTER!

6. The Out And About/Internet Factor: A lot of Good People have so much going on in their lives, it's hard for them to get out and about to meet other good people. Think about in a typical week what all you do: Go to work, go home, maybe a side job or community event here and there, church, maybe dinner with friends and family on the weekend. All of these people's moves during the week have purpose and a lot of these move's purpose IS NOT to meet new people. The Dating Sites are there, but they cost money or take time to set up. After you do ALL OF THAT, you realize that you might just know all the people on there anyway through someone else or 3 degrees of separation. WHAT'S THAT JT? I'm glad you asked! YOU, know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else probably in your city if you've grown up there or lived there long enough. At the end of the day, everyone is connected to someone. So, the person you may meet, MIGHT just be a cousin of a friend of yours from High School. TRUST ME, I've seen it happen! So, it's about these people finding new places to explore just to meet new people. Even when you GET THERE, it's the mingling that is SO HARD. You get to a new place and your senses are looking for WHO you can even talk too. "OK, they look good, but they look stuck up!" "They are SEXY, but not tall enough or I don't like their voice/teeth/height" Folks will go through a SAT test in their heads about a room of people and before you know it, they have X'd out everyone who they wanted to talk to and are now sitting in a corner by themselves sipping a DRINK! 

7. The "IS IT ME?" Factor: There are so many Relationship Coaches out here now where everyone has tips to solving the Dating Whoas of Good People. "WELL, if you do THIS or try THIS, they you'll find someone!" People spend TONS of money and time trying to make themselves better when actually, there really may be nothing wrong with them at all! There's nothing wrong with bettering one's self, but there's always the question is it the person themselves on the inside that it's the reason they are single? They talk to people, read articles and books, attend socials and events. Does any of it really work and help? YES, some of us all have insecurities that if we don't try to date, we really don't ever find out about ourselves because who knows what's really wrong with you better than someone who you start to date? Even the people you date start to shy away from you because you start to bring up an ex or your conversations start getting boring, forceful, or even kind of depressing. Folks like to tell you about yourself when the relationship is nearing the end in spite, but sometimes, the stuff is true. Forcing one's self to find reasons of why they might be single isn't always the answer, but it does answer a lot of questions. It's a dilemma a lot of Singles go through.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's a Fetty Wap, A Rae Sremmurd, A Migos, or a Tyga? What Happened To REAL Rap/Hip Hop?

Good Morning! It's HUMP DAY! I hope that everyone's week is going well so far as something like SPRING is happening outside. I don't even know what it is anymore honestly. Monday, it was cold and snowing. Today, Storms and almost 70 degrees! FIX IT JESUS! I know that we all truly are ready for consistent warm weather and LORD please let it be on the way! God bless everyone and continue to work hard and make it through the rest of March! GREATER IS ON THE WAY FOR YOU ALL IN JESUS NAME! Stay focused, stay true to yourself, live out all of your dreams!

So, I really do not listen to a whole lot of what is called "Hip Hop" Music these days. My spirit and my mind just can't stomach or digest it. IT'S HORRIBLE TO ME! 75% of Hip Hop to me all sounds the same. I just listen to the so-called HOT TRACKS to get a listen to what my students are listening too these days so I still seem like I'm cool and in the loop. The voices, the lyrics, the beats. Everything's either about sex, money, or drugs; lives which a lot of these people prayed and worked to get out of, now they are glamorizing it in their songs. Sure, that may be the life that these people came from, but I don't remember a time where it seemed like in Rap Music EVERYTHING was about the so-called LIFE of money, sex, and drugs. A lot of these younger people singing are just kids. They may have SEEN the life a little bit, but do they really know what it truly was about? Larry Hoover, Pablo Escobar, Iceberg Slim, Frank Lucas, Griselda Blanco. These folks lived THE LIFE! I would encourage EVERYONE to check out Iceberg Slim's Documentary "Portrait of a Pimp". These folks didn't just talk about how it was, they saw it on the streets for YEARS! Some times they wanted to get out of the game and couldn't. Why did Rappers like Jay-Z and Nas, Lyricist like Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Common stay in the game for so long...because rapping wasn't a gimmick to them! It wasn't a way OUT, it was a Freedom of Speech that needed to be heard! That's what Rap started out as. It was a breath of fresh air that was sent out to the Nations, that blacks and people of all colors could connect with. NOW, it's everyone wanting to be HARD, GANGSTA, SMOKED, DRUNK, & DRUGGED OUT! Getting Turnt Up is nothing NEW, it's just changed to a place where no one is excelling in anything positive. It's just clowning for a night, or on a Tuesday, and it's back to borrowed cars and homes to have the image of looking like you have made it.

Where is the PASSION that use to be Hip Hop Music? Now, there are some artist who I feel still BRING IT. Kanye West, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and from time to time, I think Drake can come with something hot. I think everyone should listen to Kendrick Lamar's song "Mortal Men" and his amazing interview at the end with Tupac Shakur. I don't know HOW THEY DID IT...I don't care! It was AWESOME! The creativity in the music and songs is not being produced anymore! Everyone is rapping to the same beats, with the same lyrics, and has the same autotune sound. Folks...that's not MUSIC! What happen to the sound of Horns or an Orchestra sound behind some lyrics that had some content to them? What happen to the videos that you can tell took some WEEKS to produce because the content of the video was moving and deep? What happen to lyrics that meant something? Is becoming a "Trap Queen" an accomplishment for Young Women these days & should she be celebrated? Why is "Eating The Booty like Groceries" even a thing? You know when hip hop and rap has gotten BAD, when folks names Iggy, Macklemore, and Riff Raff can start to do it and folks actually LIKE IT! These folks are getting award nominations and actually Music Awards with songs about Poppin Tags in Thrift Stores and from live performance lyrics that we don't even understand what they're saying! The Hip Hop/Rap game has definitely changed for the WORSE I feel like! The gimmicks and fake hard life is winning out here and it's pretty pathetic! There use to be a time where people wanted to make REAL MUSIC and not just make a CHECK! It's even worse to hear what is in rotation now on these radio stations. Even the folks that USE to make great music, T.I., Juicy J, Usher, will jump on a track with some of these new cats and really roll with it?! BOY IF YOU DON'T GET YO...! You know that song is TRASH and you should be ashamed to put your lyrics on that track with them! They call ANYTHING Hip Hop/Rap Music now! Dudes ain't even rapping anymore! They're on the tracks moaning and so-called singing! IT'S GARBAGE! Send me back in the 90's and Early 2000's BEFORE Soulja Boy came on the scene! Once we started pulling kids from the internet with whack dance moves and saying "HEY, I CAN MAKE HIM A STAR!" that's when it all went down hill! We need to find that lyricist again who is just pushing cd's out his car and hitting up his local city spots talking REAL STUFF! We need to get that chick who can play the guitar and rap to her own music. Hip Hop/Rap is THIRSTY for a REAL SOUND! Even R & B needs another GREAT GROUP to come back on the scene with something fresh, new, and real! 

Music these days has truly changed, but hopefully, it will change back to a time and place where it meant something special to our ears. Who knows, maybe I'm just blogging to myself today. But I remember a time when Music use to invigorate people! It made them believe that times and life could be and would be better. Will Smith's "Summertime", Young Jeezy's "Ol Skool Chevy" and "I Luv It", Kriss Kross' "Shame", Freeway's "What We Do", Jadakiss, Styles P, and Eve "We Gonna Make It Remix". The depth of lyrics from an E-40, Cam'ron, Project Pat, or Too Short, that made you listen deeply to the songs so that you could catch every dope rhyme and story they rapped about. There was a time you could put ONE SONG on repeat and it just spoke to your spirit. It made you want to do and be BETTER in life! That song made you feel like you could go out, do anything, and conquer the World. It makes you think about the movie "Brown Sugar". That's the life that I feel like I'm living, like Taye Diggs/Dre in that movie. I hear it...the beat is nice, but the lyrics are WHACK! There use to be a SOUND! A sound in hip hop/rap that resonated to people. Now, it's just for any clown out there who wants to make a quick buck and has a nice hook can get a record deal. It was great to see the show "Empire" on Fox and I felt like Taraji P Henson/Cookie Lyon in that show. She KNEW what real music was and pushed it out of the artist she was over! I hope it comes back. I hope that sound comes back. People don't realize how much music has an effect and shapes our generations. Is Trap Life and Twerking the life we see for our Future Generations? We can be so much more and I hope that we will be one day!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is That Relationship Good For You Or Not? The Power Of Healthy Relationships

Good Morning Everyone! I AM BACK from my Vacation/PhD Celebration Trip and I was ALL OVER THE PLACE! I-70 between Indianapolis to Pittsburgh became my friend the last 2 weeks and I thank God for the amazing time that I had. I pray that all is well with everyone and shout out to the folks who have truly been rockin with Professor JT for about 3 years now! It's been an amazing journey! A Blogger that went from just writing just to clear my head to a great following of amazing people where we're exchanging ideas and changing the game of life into a more positive and wonderful experience! God bless and lets continue to think well and be AMAZING in everything that we do! We truly do only have one life to live, lets make it a GREAT ONE every single day!

Regardless if it's with your parents, loved ones, friends, or significant other; if you're human, you've been in some up and down battles with relationships. It seems like today EVERYONE has some kind of answers to help people have happier and healthier relationships. Even on your job, with your bank, with your neighbors, and even the stores you go too, everything is built off of relationships. What keeps us close, coming back, leaving, or staying in ANYTHING today, is the relationship that we have with it or them. Take for example MONEY, we ALL have a love/hate relationship with Money! When we have SOME, we're good, we're happy. When we have NONE, we're upset and trying to figure out how we can get more. At the end of the day, we have to have a relationship with money, whether we like it or not. Some relationships are harder to work with, because we don't want to get rid of them because of who they are with, but in order to be our happiest, sometimes we have too. We got into a discussion on Twitter yesterday about being close to our parents and family and is that always a great thing. I don't think it is all the time, especially when you get in a romantic relationship with someone. If that relationship starts to go bad, the family always wants to step in with advice and their own two cents, which isn't always good. Have you ever had an Auntie or Uncle who is on their third marriage trying to give you relationship advice? Not always the best thing! We need to learn early in life how to draw the line in some relationships and it's time to take a look at our life and see if the relationships that we're in are even good for us at all!

I literally am learning for myself that it takes a good relationship for you to realize how many BAD relationships you have been in, in your life. It's really important that we start to do inventory early in our lives when it comes to our relationships. It's crazy how many people are in relationships just to appease people who honestly don't really care about them. Folks will hold on to friends and even family members longer and closer than they need to and actually be hurting themselves in the long run because these people leach and hang on to them for their own benefits. Some people just want to stay close to you because they see the road you're going down and want to be there to say "YEAH, THAT'S MY FRIEND/FAM!" once YOU make it! When at the end of the day, they aren't doing anything and are just holding on to you so that one day they can say that they know you and hopefully get a little fame or check out of you. What about some of us in romantic relationships? You know that there are some people who just stay with people enough so that they don't take their love to someone else? There are some people so selfish, that they will HALF love someone, so that they don't take their WHOLE love to someone who deserves it and will love them totally back! YES, THIS REALLY HAPPENS FOLKS! It's the age ol story that goes, "Bet you'll learn to love me when and after someone else does!" Just take some time to see what is good for you. You know what you need and want. The question that comes in play with relationships: are your getting what you DESERVE! We settle so much with people because of who they are! YES, it may be Mom and Dad, a friend we've known for years, even someone we've loved for a very long time. BUT, are they giving you the BEST of them and treating you like you deserve to be treated? 2014 was a HUGE YEAR of Relationship Changes, but now, it's time to put those changes into action! Whether it's deleting phone numbers, text, and inbox threads, do what you have to do to be happy and healthy in 2015! YEAH, they are still going to call and hit you with the "I Miss You?" "WYD" "Where you been?", you can be cordial, but not every text, message, or call, deserves a response. YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE HAPPY & HEALTHY! Be the best person that you can be this year and for your future! 

Monday, March 16, 2015


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Good Monday To Everyone! My Vacation has began as I'm writing you from the Beautiful City of Pittsburgh, PA! The College Basketball Brackets are OUT, Spring is in the Air, and MARCH MY FRIENDS IS HERE! I wanted to post some pics from my EPIC Weekend where I enjoyed 3 Cities, Columbus, OH Friday Night, Indianapolis, IN Saturday Night, and Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday night, in 3 NIGHTS! I AM BEAT! Sure glad it's my Vacation Week! I had a BLAST with my Queen Melissa (Which she was lookin AMAZING ALL WEEKEND LONG! YES LAWWWWD!) and here's a little bit of our fun. I also had a GREAT Minority Male College Readiness Summit on this year and S/O to my get job, Ivy Tech Community College, for allowing me to come together with the great Ivy Tech Staff, Faculty, and Students, and Indianapolis Community Members and make the event a great success. ENJOY THE PICS AS I ENJOY MY VACATION! God Bless! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Good Morning Everyone! I pray that everyone is well on this GREAT GREAT Tuesday! It's starting to warm up and God is starting to warm up the things in your life! Stay focused on your dreams and in what you believe. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us! Live today as if there will be no tomorrow! God bless everyone on today and know that GREATER is on the WAY! When you put God first and believe, there is nothing that you can not achieve! God Bless!

"Your Days Should Be SO GREAT, that they feel like DREAMS!"
"You Have No Time To Sleep, Because You're Too Busy 

This past weekend, I interviewed for my first Doctoral Program, the Urban Education PhD program at IUPUI in Indianapolis. It's a great program where K-12 and Higher Education Educators come together and discuss ways on how they would improve Urban Education. EVERYONE was telling me..."You'll get in, you got this." But I was still nervous, very nervous. I knew I had put in the work over the years in my career field of Higher Education. BUT ME, ME...in a Doctoral Program? Let me let you all in on a little secret...I didn't even know you could get a Doctorate in different areas until I was a Senior in High School and my Band Teacher told me (Who has his Doctorate now in Music). I did HORRIBLE in High School. It started out rough with my Mother passing away and having to go to Summer School after my Freshman year to retake classes. Graduated with a 2.2 GPA. I got into Indiana State University on a Probationary Status, having to meet with a Mentor every Monday. I HATED IT! All I wanted to do was do my school work and be left alone. So I worked hard, VERY HARD. It was an opportunity to rebuild myself. By the end of my first semester of college, I had a 3.3 GPA. I didn't know back then in 2000, that I was setting myself up for something so special.

It was just college to me, but after a while, it became more than that. It became an opportunity not just to become great for myself, but others started to look up to me. Before I knew it, I was mentoring others, being a leader for others. All this college stuff started to have meaning behind it. I fell into Student Affairs because my 5th year of college, I just needed somewhere to stay on campus to finish my Bachelors. I got hired by a Man named Steve Briggs, still talk to him this day (Who has HIS Doctorate Now). That was back in 2004. I became a Resident Assistant in a Freshman hall with 33 rowdy Freshman. But before I knew it...I started to love it! I said "MAN, people get PAID to work with students?" That's when I was introduced to the World of Higher Education, and before I knew it, I was working on a Masters in Student Affairs and Higher Ed. I still love it and I still do it. 
It's been an amazing career to work in.

I graduated with my Masters in 2007. I thought...AND I MEAN THOUGHT...I was set for LIFE! Masters at 25, Kappa Man, no kids, Single Black Man. The sky was the limit for me. THEN, the pride had to be broken, and the humbleness for the NEXT LEVEL had to commence, and it took all of 7 years to do so. It went from being put out of my Dad's house...BY MY DAD two years after he saw me get my Masters! Then it was staying with people, sleeping on floors, barely eating, working part time jobs, getting divorced. The last 7 years have been the biggest ups and downs of my entire life. 2014 was especially tough, seeing people that I thought loved & cared for me, walk in and out of my life and talk about me like a dog. It hurt, it hurt really bad. Found myself in the Summer of 2014 talking with a Counselor, trying not to go into a Depression. It almost got that bad for me. It was very hard, but God saw me through it. JUST NOW...JUST NOW in 2015, does it seem like FINALLY, everything is starting to come together. I wrote a message that said "April 27th, 2014...Dr J.C. Turner in Jesus Name" with a cross drawn under it and put it on my Refrigerator in my house. It was time to start the journey for a dream that became a dream over time. It was time for me to take my shot at going to get my Doctoral Degree. I started making calls, sending emails, got not one, but two free applications, took that HORRIBLE $200.00 GRE, and sent in TONS of documents. By December 1st, I had done it. I had applied to 2 Doctoral Programs, now it was all just about the wait.

Everything that could have went wrong started to go wrong with this IUPUI Urban Education Doctorate Interview. The day it was suppose to be, Saturday, February 21st, it snowed 6 inches on that day and Interviews were cancelled. NOW, they were rescheduled for Saturday, March 7th, 2015. I got up early, made my way to IUPUI's campus early. I sat around, got my mind right, prayed, and got focused. I was driving to the garage to park and tapped my pocket... I had no wallet. I couldn't believe it! I had to park without a pass in a marked lot and PRAYED I didn't get a ticket! Then, I get into the building and run around on the 2nd floor for 20 minutes, couldn't find the department! Ran into a kid who said "Hey, the sign says it's on the 3rd floor!" FLY UP to the third floor to get there right at my scheduled interview time. Somehow, it was nothing but GOD, I was able to have an amazing interview and talk about all the work I was doing with Black and Minority Males and how I wanted to continue that work and research in this Doctoral Program. I asked the ladies who interviewed me for the timeline of when I should know an answer...they said 
"You should know something next week." 

One MONDAY, just doing work as usual in the office, about to get ready for lunch, and at 12:53...an email pops up in my GMAIL account. 
I sat at my seat and read that email 2-3 times in SHOCK! I text my Girlfriend Melissa...CALL ME NOW! She called immediately. I said "I got it..." She replies with the biggest smile that I know she had on her face at that moment..."I KNEW IT!" I couldn't say anything really. I just started walking to my car and Melissa did all the talking mostly. (Thank you by the way Baby ;-D ) "Oh My God" was all I could get out. "God really did it..." I got to my car as my Baby was pushing me "Let it out Baby...let it out." And as I sat in the car, I put my head down on the Steering Wheel...and just cried. After all I had been through the last 7 years...God blessed me to become accepted into a Doctoral Program. I'M STILL WAITING on my answer from Indiana State University and their program as well, but this moment right here 
just felt so surreal.

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I just thank God today for so many people who mentored me and encouraged me over the years. Even when stuff was at it's lowest, I thank God I stayed true and focused on Him. I can remember that Summer in 2004, when I was going to get an apartment, and God was telling me, JUST WAIT, and that Resident Assistant position popped up! What if I didn't WAIT or never applied to that position? MY ENTIRE LIFE may have been different. It PAYS to listen and wait on God. I'm telling you what I KNOW PEOPLE! I've seen the GLORY! I've seen the day where all hard work truly pays off. I just want everyone to realize that if you have dreams, don't even give up on them! Don't ever feel like because of where you are right now, that your dreams will never happen. I've seen so many bad days and moments, I honestly thought, "WELL, I guess this is going to be my life!" But you have to see a better day ahead of you and believe that one day, they are going to come for you. Even with everyone walking away from you, your alone days, your broke and hungry days, you have to speak LIFE into your story. You have to know and believe that ONE DAY...things will be different and everything will be alright. A Better Day is ahead for so many people, you just have to believe that with focus, dedication, and hard work, with God, all things are possible. THANK YOU even to all my readers of my blog over the years. You have all truly blessed me, Professor JT! You've seen my REAL TALK and my Blessings to others. I put my ALL into my blogs everyday, sharing my story of overcoming and success. Go for your dreams today! I'm not telling you what I've HEARD, I'm telling you what I know! If GOD can do it for ME, He truly can do it for ANYBODY! A Son of a Drug Addict and a Mother that passed away when he was 14. 
I'm telling you first hand...GOD CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - (The Future Doctor) Professor JT

Monday, March 9, 2015

#SELMA50 - The Impact of Bloody Sunday 50 Years Later And Have We Changed

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Good Morning! I pray that everyone had a wonderful weekend as we saw a GREAT WEEKEND on Social Media! Friday was the start of #BlackOutDay, as Black people during the First Friday of every month will celebrate what is GOOD about being Black People. Sunday was #InternationalWomensDay, as Women all over the World were celebrated for their amazing works. Then, History was made on Saturday and Sunday, as the 50th Anniversary of the horrible Bloody Sunday March across the Bridge, was remembered by so many. John Lewis, who was there on that day 50 years ago, marched with thousands, which included the nations first Black President, Barack Obama and his Family.

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I do not think people really know what impact this event had on our nation until this past weekend. Selma was REAL! It was one of the most controversial moments in the History of Mankind, I will truly say that. People fighting for the right to vote, yes, but this day 50 years ago meant so much more than that. People all over the World watched the horrific scene as actual people were beaten and trampled on that bridge. Now, 50 years later, we had a nation come together to remember that Selma is still impacting our Nation today more than even. John Lewis and President Barack Obama gave riveting speeches. Many said that it was President Obama's most prolific and best speech since he has been in Office, and I would agree. You could see the Passion on his face and in his expressions and he talked about what Selma has meant to American History and how so much work is yet to be done.

"We believe in the Power of an Awesome God!" -

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Jazmine @M1ni_compact on Twitter

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The pictures of the seas of people that just wanted to say "YES, I crossed that Ol Bridge that tragedy happened on 50 years ago" were simple amazing to see. Generations of people crossed that bridge together as I even had one of the people I follow on Twitter cross that bridge on Sunday herself, Ms Jazmine. The power that was Selma has changed SOME Voting Rights Acts in different States across the nation, but there are some States since 2011 that have tighten up their laws and regulations on voting. WHY?!?! No one really has an answer. But to keep an American from voting, their own right as an American, is simply pitiful! People that crossed that bridge 50 years ago, didn't do it so that 50 years later people still have issues with being able to VOTE! America needs to do better! #Selma50 needs to show the World that we are still in the fight for Human Rights of all Americans and people of this World. Many prayers out to doing BETTER in the United States of America. From New York, to Ferguson, to Florida, and now, even on this weekend, to Madison, Wisconsin. WE NEED THINGS IN AMERICA TO GET BETTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS! What will it take though? Who really knows. We just all need to continue to keep on fighting! God Bless The United States of America!  READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Thursday, March 5, 2015

WHERE IS BAE? Is The Internet The Only Place To Find LOVE NOW?

Good Morning Everyone! We are rollin into March and if you don't look up in time, this month might just fly RIGHT PAST YOU! Keep your head up for sure in this season! Continue to work hard and keep God first! I heard God say this morning "BUT AFTER THIS..." After THIS situation you're going through, after THIS Issue that's in your way, God is about to bring the Glory into your life! Spring is upon us soon, GET READY FOR GREATER! God bless everyone on today and know that your SEASON is upon you! Watch God as He's truly about to BLOW YOUR MIND! God Bless Everyone On Today!

Dating is totally different than it was 15 years ago. I can remember just going off to college and they had this thing that started poppin off called BlackPlanet! OHH, you was a SCRUB if you didn't have a BlackPlanet Page Bruh! Everyone was already in the Yahoo and AOL Chatrooms. Then came Facebook and Myspace and Twitter and ALL THE DATING SITES popped up. Before we even knew it, you can't go a DAY without getting online and doing SOMETHING! Everyone and Everything is online, now right at your fingertips with Smartphones. So, if THESE are Smartphones, were the cell phones we had before DUMB PHONES? You remember those Nekia phones with the annoying ringtones EVERYONE HAD when you first got the phone? LOL! ANYWAYS...The thing is, we spend so much time online now, that we start to make friends and a lot of times, forget about the friends we had in real life and the places we use to go with those friends. I think about myself in a typical week. Sundays, I go to church and I'm usually home the rest of the day. Monday through Friday for the most part, I'm at work and right home after work. Saturdays, if nothing to do, I'm at home most of the day. Think about that...the ONLY TIME, I MIGHT see a Woman that I can actually consider talking to, is at CHURCH, if I don't go anywhere the rest of the week. And when I'm at church, I'm at church to worship and praise God, not talk to Women. Now, don't get me WRONG, I go places from time to time, but when you live in a place the majority of your life, you know what's going to happen. You're going to run into the same people and a lot of times, you don't even want see THEM! We get in a pattern and the only time we talk to new people, is mostly online.

Statistics are starting to show how 1 out of 3 relationships are starting online now, and it's no coincidence that it's happening. You're online all day, you have social media and dating sites, and you meet people. From time to time, those meeting people online, turning into meeting them in person. The SCARY part about all of this is that a person can be ANYONE behind a screen, and so many people have been and are being scammed everyday. Falling in love with a photo or a voice is WAY TOO COMMON! I've been catfished before, thankfully I wasn't sending the chick money or anything, but there are a lot of creeps out there, so BE CAREFUL! Then, there is the success and the good side of meeting people on the internet. From going to college in a small town to growing up in a City that is NOT the most Dating Friendly, the majority of the relationships that I have had in the last 15 years, have been with Women I have met online or from going to an event that I saw online that allowed me to be in the same place with a Woman I've met. It's crazy to think about how now, meeting people online is starting to become the NORM! It can't be looked at as weird or strange, because you see, the way some people's pregnancies, relationships, and marriages are set up right now...it all started from meeting someone online.

My Girlfriend I met online and it was weird because we had known each other on Twitter for around a year. Just tweeting each other from time to time back and forth and we took the chance to learn more about each other. I was just telling her the other day "WELL WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?!" LOL! I am CRAZY about my Melissa and these types of things happen more and more now. People are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Jumping on Dating websites like Tender, Match, Christian Singles, E-Harmony, because they just don't have time to really go out and DATE! So what do people do, let the Internet do the matching for them through preferences and follows! We naturally follow people we like what they are about, like how they look, and like what they discuss online. It's the year of SHOOTING YOUR SHOT! See what happens! IT'S NOT WEIRD to meet someone online, even though some people will THINK that it is. I stopped talked to a Women because she told me if we got serious, we would have to make up a story to her parents about how we met, because her parents wouldn't be able to accept that she met her Man online. WHAT?!?! This is 2015, not the STONE AGES! If you're online often, you're going to meet people online! Nothing has to come out of it, but exchanging a number here and there isn't a bad thing. I would VIDEO CHAT, PLEASE! Don't just go see folks without SEEING FOLKS, you feel me? Take things slow and if a chance to meet happens, make it happen! AND BE CAREFUL! You may be attracted to a person, but don't just make it about SEX! THAT NEVER IS A GOOD THING! Take your time, take a SHOT, and try something NEW! Lets be happy with online dating in 2015 and see what just might happen! 
You never know...love could just be a CLICK AWAY!
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