Monday, June 29, 2015

Are Women Chasing A GHOST? The Woman's Search For Her Husband

Good Morning Everyone! It's Summer...BUT it still feels like SPRING?!? Cool Temperatures, Rainy Days! OH WELL! I'll take it! Hold off on the heat and running my Air Conditioning for as LONG as we can! I hope everyone is geared up and ready for an AMAZING 4th of July weekend that is up and coming! GO FOR IT! I don't know what that means but I feel that in my Spirit for someone. Make July the MONTH YOU GO FOR IT! Your Dreams, Your Passions, Your Heart's Greatest Desires! Put God First! Go For Your Dreams! Watch God Give You The Desires Of Your HEART! God Bless Everyone On Today!

I like to ask the TOUGH QUESTIONS when it comes to dating. One question I like to ask from time to time to Women is "What if you don't get married?" I think that this is something a lot of Women don't EVER think is going to happen to them. What do you mean Professor? WELL, I'm glad that you asked! A lot of Women have a dream of this PERFECT GUY for them! NOW, lets be 100% honest, because I am an honest blog writer. 9 out of 10 Women probably NEVER get their envisioned PERFECT GUY! Even if they DO, there is STILL something wrong with him to a point a Woman probably needs to get rid of him before he drives her CRAZY! So, if a Woman does get married, there is a high chance in some areas, some things she had to settle for. He might not be the HEIGHT she wanted, she got dark skin, she prefers light skin. She wanted a Thug and got a Nerd. Either way, SHE GOT HER MAN! So, what about the Millions of other Women who are Single out there? Will they ever get A MAN PERIOD? Some Women are so determined to find love, that they will make ever effort they can to go get a Man. Forget that Man meeting her half way. OH NO! If he even shows a LITTLE BIT of interest, that Woman will travel the WORLD to get to him! He may be looking at her likes she's CRAZY! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!" he may say. Is the effort from the Woman ever WORTH IT? How many Women you know have got all out of their character to go see about a Man? DID IT WORK? Are we too the point where a lot of these Woman are honestly making all these efforts FOR NOTHING? Are Women chasing A GHOST who they think could be their Husband one day?

I want to see every Woman get the desire of her heart. We do have to be realistic to the point of if a Woman is not flexible in what she wants or the type of Man she could be with, then she might be looking for a needle in a haystack. It hurts really bad to see a Woman go to the ends of the Earth for a Man who can't even put his phone down off Social Media and texting long enough to walk out the front door to see about her. LADIES...MARRIAGE MAY NOT HAPPEN FOR YOU! Some Woman want that MAN, and Family, and BIG WEDDING for all her friends to be in SO BAD, they'll do whatever it takes to get a Man to make it all happen. If a Man is WORTH IT, SURE, GO FOR HIM! Now, I'm not saying get down on one knee and propose! BUT, put the best YOU out there and if it's meant to be between you two, then it will happen. There are a lot of scheming Men out here Ladies, you all have to be VERY CAREFUL! Dudes that will talk a big game behind phone and computer screens, but it's a totally different story when you see and meet them in person. I try to tell EVERY WOMAN...DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THE MAN YOU WANT TO BE WITH! Ask the hard questions EARLY! You have to realize, you don't want to be trying to start a life with a person that has a whole another life with another Woman. 

And Finally, LADIES, if you don't get married, IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! You have to be flexible! You might have to date a Man outside of your race. You may want Micheal Ealy...but is there anything wrong with having a David Beckham? Plus, GET OUT MORE! Get off the internet and hit up your city scene a bit! Even with that, YOU MIGHT HAVE TO SET UP THAT ONLINE DATING ACCOUNT! See what is out there every way that you can Ladies! Just don't chase ANY MAN! Pursue...YES! Chase...NO! Know that you are Queens and KINGS GO AFTER QUEENS! Not the other way around! Don't subject yourselves to humiliation Ladies trying to chase a GHOST who you already have considered to be your husband in your minds. Enjoy your LIVES, make your MONEY, take care of your COMMUNITIES AND CHILDREN. Know a Good Man always finds a Woman's Work and Worth SEXY! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Friday, June 26, 2015


Good Morning! It's Friday and I'm so glad it is! Another great week coming to the end and all is truly well. Things could be a whole lot worse you know, but everything is alright. Whatever you're going through, know that with just a little bit more faith, we can make it through anything! God bless everyone on today. Tomorrow is not promised to none of us! Lets make sure that every single day of our lives is lived sweeter than the day before!

I wake up everyday and say "Thank You Jesus" as I roll out of bed. Some days it's easier than others to get out of bed. It's just the fact that I even woke up that I have to thank Jesus to see another day. See, I know where all God has brought me from. I know as well that there are some things God protected me from that I'll never even realize or understand. God has been just that Good to me. I truly live with a Thankful  Spirit more and more as I get older. You see, we all aren't born with college degrees, good families and friends, the opportunities to have great jobs and careers, and to live in nice homes in nice neighborhoods. YEAH, we may have all of that NOW, but for some of us, WE KNOW FOR A FACT that life at one point and time wasn't always this good. You see, I've been there. I've seen some of the lowest days of my life before. Days where there was little to no food in my Dad's apartment when I stayed with him, while I was working part time at JC Penney. Days when my money was so low, I can remember wanting to get a $1.00 Cheeseburger from McDonalds and didn't even have a dollar on me or barely in my bank account to spare to do it. Days when I was sleeping on people from church's apartment floor in tears because I couldn't believe that not even my Bachelors and Masters could get me a job at that point in my life where I could make enough money to have my own spot. See my friends...I'VE BEEN THERE! That's why I stay humble and thankful to God for all that I have today, because He's brought me from a mighty long way. I'm truly blessed to be where I am today.

I love reading the entire book of Psalms because in the beginning half of the book were so many "THANKFUL" chapters from King David to God. David thanked God for how he helped him conquer so many battles, whether in war or even internally. David truly had so much to be thankful for because God brought him a mighty long way. We have to all appreciate the life that we have so much more. YES, we're going to have some truly rough days at times which we will complain about and wonder what is going on? But one of my favorite gospels songs says, "All of my Good days, out weigh my bad days, I won't complain." It's a good time to be alive today, because so many people are gone for all kinds of amazingly crazy reasons. Shootings, Rare Diseases, Murders, Stabbings, Rapes, Car Accidents. All kinds of things can happen to us EVERY SINGLE DAY...BUT GOD! God truly is a KEEPER! He's kept us from so many things in our lives that could have took us out of here. It's even crazy how the things we put OURSELVES IN, God even got us out of those situations alright! That's how amazing Jesus is! We truly have a lot to be thankful for! We have to appreciate our lives, even if we're not where we want to be in life right now. After a while, with a lot faith, humbleness, and patience, things will work out for our good. God Bless! Stay focused, Stay Blessed, know that with you being appreciative, God will bless you even more and turn every situation around! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Good Morning Everyone! I pray that everyone is having a great week so far as June is wrapping up FAST! WELCOME TO SUMMER! We're not BLAZING HOT yet here in Indy but that Summer Heat is on the way! I hope you're living your dreams, doing all you want in your life, going for the best for you! Know that the best is yet to come! BELIEVE GOD! BELIEVE IN BETTER FOR YOUR LIFE! BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN WITH GOD ON YOUR SIDE! God bless and everyone have a wonderful, wonderful day!

So, I've been wanting to write this blog for a WHILE NOW! I just needed to wait for the perfect time to talk to my Fellas. FELLAS...there is a Woman we've was told YEARS AGO to watch out for from Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z, and Missy Elliot in the SONG..."IS THAT YO CHICK." You know who this chick is. You see her and her friends out and about. They can be anywhere from where your career is, to the church, to the club. This Woman we call...THE "BOUGIE BROKE" CHICK! NOW, LADIES, if you're reading THIS...this blog may not be for you. This is for my FELLAS! FELLAS, I know these Bougie Broke Chicks are on the prowl this summer. Looking for who they are going to either curve or pounce on! WATCH OUT FOR THEM FELLAS! Professor JT today is going to break down how you can recognize a Bougie Broke Chick and STAY FAR AWAY FROM HER!

Displaying 20150624_085248-1.jpg

HER DRESS: The Bougie Broke Chick CAN DRESS NICE...when she wants too! She can BRING IT! COME WITH IT! That's how she gets US Men! OH, she has clothes...TOO MANY OF THEM! SHOES TOO! You know what she'll always tell you Fellas...SHE HAS NOTHING TO WEAR! She doesn't have a lot of EXPENSIVE STUFF, maybe one really nice/expensive handbag or pair of shoes that she breaks out on special occasions. She just has a lot of pieces that look nice but didn't cost her a lot of money. She is the QUEEN OF THE DEAL OR CLEARANCE RACK! And if she doesn't want it or feels bad about spending so much on it, IT'S GOING RIGHT BACK TO THE STORE! She'll dress for who and what she wants to get, when she wants to get it. 

HER JOB: The Bougie Broke Chick Fellas for the most part has a job...well, sometimes. The Question always is how long is she going to STAY at that job? She is usually always looking for another gig. Hardly ever satisfied where she is at and has no problem telling people how much she cant STAND her job. She probably is a career college student. Always talking about going to get more education to change her career, but usually has degrees she's barely using at all. She usually always has a complaint about her workload, co-workers, or boss and will tell you about it! BRUH!!

HER FINANCES: The Bougie Broke Chick Fellas Money...IS ALWAYS FUNNY! She'll let you spend your money on her LONG BEFORE she thinks about coming out of pocket for herself as long as she can. She might be staying with people or her parents, credit isn't never really that good, something like a car or apartment bought by or in her family's name, paying too much on bills every month that keep her broke. Whatever it may be, she always needs MORE MONEY! A lot of times when she gets money, it's not spent on things that she actually NEEDS, more on stuff she WANTS. So then when the money is gone, she realizes she is broke again and it's back to the dreaded "Hustle." Whether it's do hair, sell Mary Kay or Avon, selling insurance, or Baby Sitting, every Bougie Broke Chick has some type of Side Hustle to keep extra money in her pocket! OH, and Fellas, trust and believe, if YOU can't help a Bougie Broke Chick out Financially, she has some other Man somewhere that she can bat her eyes too that will give her what she needs.

HER RELATIONSHIPS WITH MEN: The Bougie Broke Chick usually is NEVER satisfied with it comes to a Man. SOMETHING is always WRONG! Whether if he's TOO NICE, she's with someone but always checking up on him because she thinks he's a cheater, has Dudes but wants one Guy she can't have. IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING! The Bougie Black Chick loves to CURVE! She gets a KICK out of it! Problem is, she'll curve the right guys for her and always end up with a JERK! THEN, when she gives a Good Guy a chance, HE'S BORING or not THUG/ROUGH enough for her. She's a Good Girl by Nature, but can't leave the Bad Boys alone, who don't end up doing nothing but wrecking her life, credit, and a lot of times leaving her to be a Single Mom and one who can't trust Men anymore. The Bougie Broke Chick is a CLASSIC Overthinker. From the first date with a Guy, she's trying to FIGURE A MAN OUT! "What is he about?" "What does he want with me?" "Is he going to hurt, use, or abuse me?" DANG CHICK, we just got on a date & haven't even ordered drinks yet! gotta watch out of the Bougie Broke Chick, she's out to get what SHE WANTS and you don't want to be a VICTIM!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So For Black People And America after the #CharlestonShootings...WHAT NOW?!?!

Good Morning Everyone! I pray that everyone has an incredible Tuesday as GREAT THINGS are in store for God's People! It's not going to come easy and may take a little pain. But in the end, if you HOLD ON, it will be all worth it! God bless everyone on today! Tomorrow isn't promised to none of us, let's make TODAY GREAT!

His Name... Dylann Storm Roof. Right now, after another heinous racial attack on Black People, he is the face of Terrorism. This past weekend, I went to go see Kevin Hart's "What Now" tour. He put some answers to some questions of his fans and critics on to what is now for his career after all he has done. As I watched and laughed at the show, I thought about all the Black People in America and what we have all been through in the last few years. Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, the Baltimore Riots. Now, we have the Charleston Shooting of a Black Church, where 9 people were murdered by a young man who truly wanted to start a Race War. See, the thing is, Dylann Roof wasn't born to hate Black People, he was TAUGHT to hate Black People. Which means one very sick and twisted thing...America is still creating a racist society. After all we have overcome as a people...there is still some bitter hatred for other races in this World. I got back on Twitter last week and immediately after this horrible incident, I'm praying and trying to calm down my people, because they are tired of this. Do you know Barack Obama has had to address the Nation after a brutal situation 14 times now in his Presidency? 14 TIMES! How many times does a President have to address families, communities, the United States of America that we need to STOP THIS!?! So that question that I have for Black People and America...WHAT NOW?!?!

What in the World needs to be done to bring change to this Nation that these horrible crimes quit happening? Lets state some FLAT OUT FACTS...there are some people in this Nation who just do not like other people! Whether it's men not liking Women, Blacks not like Whites, Whites not liking Minorities...all this HATE NEEDS TOO STOP! The US needs better Gun Laws and Regulations. Too many firearms are in the hands of the WRONG PEOPLE and it's too easy to get a gun these days. Another issue that needs to be brought up, EVERY STATE NEEDS RACE RELATED LAWS PROTECTING CITIZENS AGAINST RACE CRIMES! It makes no sense that this young man has come forward and SAID he tried to start a race war but there are no Racial Profiling and Hate Crime Laws in South Carolina. YES, I want them to remove the Confederate Flag from EVERYTHING it's on and on top of, but we need to do more than just remove that symbol of Hate! We need to keep a better eye on who is in our Government Systems and Police Departments. It all didn't have to come to this! What are WE as a people going to do to make sure this doesn't happen ever again? One of the people shot and killed in that Charleston Shooting, was the Grandmother of one of my Twitter Friends I follow. This is hitting WAY too close to home! How many more people have to be buried before we put down the Politics and get something DONE where people can feel safe walking down the street, going into stores, EVEN going to church now? It's all gone too far and if we don't do something NOW as a People of this Great Nation, my friends, we just might only be at the tip of the iceberg because it's some sick people who keep trying to one up each other. These people want to go down in history of doing some of the most sick things to God's people. We have to take ACTION! We have to stand up for our people RIGHT NOW because it sadly looks like things keep on getting WORST! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tell The TRUTH...GIVE HIM A RING! The Warriors are NBA Champs Because of MARK JACKSON!

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I hope that everyone is have a great start to their Wednesday! Everyone just needs to stay focused, stay calm, and go for your dreams! Eyes haven't seen, Ears haven't heard...Great Things Are In Store For YOU! God bless everyone on today and know that tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. 

The New NBA Champions are the Golden State Warriors. Congrats to them! I have to give them props and credit where it's due. They worked their way through the Western Conference with an amazing record and even beat "The Best Player In The World" for the NBA Title. It's all well and good, but lets tell the REAL TRUTH about who REALLY got the Golden State Warriors to Championship Status. It was Coach Mark Jackson! That Ol Pacers Baller who use to drop tear drop shots, cross his arms, and shimmy down court after making shots. That guy who took a Skinny Kid & helped make him MVP of the NBA. That guy who took a kid who hit a bump in the road with a Drug Charge at Washington State (Clay Thompson) & took a Reckless, Arrogant Big 10, Michigan State Baller (Draymond Green) & made them stars in the NBA. See the thing one really thought these guys would be ANYTHING IN THE NBA...BUT MARK JACKSON! And once they became SOMETHING GREAT...guess who didn't end up wanting the Coach...The Warriors Organization! You see, how I feel is this...The Warriors Organization didn't WANT Mark Jackson to bring home that Title. Just like a few years ago, how Notre Dame Football didn't want Ty Willingham to take Notre Dame to the BCS Title, so they brought in Charlie Weiss and then Brian Kelly. Also just like how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't want Tony Dungy to win a Title, so they brought in "Chuckie" AKA John Gruden, who won it a year after Tony was fired. See, this is isn't the first time a Coach has gotten the SHAFT right before a Title Run by his Former team. 

This is from Warriors Co-Owner Joe Lacob on why Mark Jackson was fired last year:
"While crediting Jackson for changing the Warriors' culture, Lacob said he didn't think the team "could be great" without removing a coach he characterized as unwilling to hire better assistants and disliked by many in the organization."

I remember an old Coach named Bobby Knight from back in the day with the Indiana Hoosiers. All that this Man put that University through and they STILL held on to him. WHY...because he was a WINNER! See, some places will put up with you when others won't. Regardless if you are winning or not, the letting go of Mark Jackson was WAY MORE ABOUT other things than we all will really ever know about. I have to give Mark Jackson so much props throughout this whole process because not only did he have to WATCH his former team that he coached win the NBA Championship that he helped gel and mold together, but ABC gave him a Front Row Seat to EVERY GAME! There were a couple times during his commentary of the NBA Playoffs and Finals where he mentioned working with certain Warriors players to shape their game to where it was at an NBA Top Caliber level. I know it was eating at him to watch HIS TEAM work that hard to make it all the way to the Title. That was HIS CHAMPIONSHIP! YES, he deserves a Championship Ring from the Warriors Organization! Hopefully someone gives Mark Jackson another shot at an NBA Coaching position, just like Tony Dungy got one and won him an NFL Title with the Indianapolis Colts. Lets give credit where it's due FOLKS! Mark Jackson put the team together and Steve Kerr got all the Glory for it! Wasn't he suppose to be coaching the New York KNICKS?!??! Man oh Man! Life is crazy ain't it?

Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm BACCCCCCK! The Hiatus Is OVER! Professor JT HAS RETURNED!!

Good Morning Everyone! The Professor IS BACK BABY! Life is good, God is Good! I'm refreshed and feel truly blessed after my month away! BUT, it's time to get back! Time to get back to the GRIND that is THE BRAND...PROFESSOR JT! I love y'all MAN, I promise I do! I appreciate the people who reached out to me while I was gone, making sure I was good. SOOOOO MUCH has happened since I've been gone. Relationship changes, A Triple Crown Winner, Cavs and Warriors, Lightening and Blackhawks, even Bruce to CAITLYN!?!?! I've even seen seen a Woman who is claiming to be BLACK NAMED RACHEL! LAWWWWWD! The World has been going CRAZY! Folks said "WE MISS YOU ON TWITTER!" "TWITTER'S NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU!" I appreciate y'all for the love Man, I truly do! Lets get it back ROLLIN! PROFESSOR JT IS BACK!

This is the second year I have taken my Social Media Hiatus, and this time was very different than last year. I thought about not coming back at all, I really did. Then I had to realize from some friends from Twitter, that I was appreciated and being online was bigger than me. Folks let me know that I was important, appreciated, and as crazy as I get online sometimes, I was making a difference. I love encouraging others and seeing people do better with their lives, even if everyone doesn't feel like I'm doing that or doing the same thing with and for me. The thing is, when I'm off Social Media for a bit, I start to see things about life that maybe I don't see when I'm always blogging or tweeting. It's refreshing but I'm not going to lie, life is a pretty lonely place with absolutely NO SOCIAL MEDIA! 

Think about this...not having any online presence. I missed so much news! I didn't know anything about this Rachel Chick! And what is crazy, people kept asking me about stuff online and then said "Oh, I forgot you're not on social media!" IT WAS CRAZY! I missed it Man...that means I had to come back. I had to check on the people who I have the greatest conversations with. I had to get back into the flow of what life was now for me. I missed it all Man, that's why I'm Back! BETTER BLOGS! BETTER DEBATES! BETTER TWITTER CONVERSATIONS! The PhD Life is still in effect for August and I'm Super Pumped about ALL the changes headed my way! God bless everyone and LETS GET IT STARTED! 
I'm Professor JT, and I'm here to make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE!! 

Friday, May 15, 2015


Good Morning Everyone! It is FRIDAY! The Middle of the Month of May and what a truly Glorious May & 2015 it's been so far! What are you proud of so far for 2015? Thank God for ONE THING and that's just for being alive. IT COULD HAVE BEEN US, WITH NO FOOD, NO CLOTHES, & NO HOME! Some of us if we'd be honest, are one missed paycheck away from being on the street or for real struggling! BUT GOD STILL keeps making a way for us. I'm telling you right now, after all I've been through, I STILL HAVE JOY! God bless everyone on today. Know that whatever you're hoping & praying for, IT'S ON THE WAY! Everyone have a wonderful Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!

Something we all struggle with at times is change. I feel like this year has been a tough year of change for so many people, because of how change has come into our lives in ways we just never expected. People have come and gone, the change has been good and bad. The hardest thing about change is that a lot of times it's something we can't handle and when it comes there isn't too much we can do about it but roll with the change. It's hard sometimes no doubt. Even with great change like new money, new relationships, new opportunities, sometimes it can be scary because we don't know what to do with the new change that we have. Don't hold back from being happy because you're scared that happiness has COME TO YOU! I see people graduating from College and the thought is now for them "Well, NOW WHAT?" "What do I do with this new degree & will I even get a job in this field?"  I'm praying for people today because I want people to truly be encouraged. Change happens to all of us in all kinds of different shapes, ways, and forms, but I want you to know that even when the change comes, no matter what it is, it's all going to work out for you good in the end.

Ecclesiastes 9:11(KJV) says

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

No matter who we are, what degrees we have, where we have came from, what money we have or don't have, things happen to all of us. There are many people who try to live their lives and act like things just don't effect them in anyway, but some things gets to all of us. A lot of times when changes happen, we don't talk about things and let out how we really feel about the change that has come into our lives. Whether it's a loss of a loved one, job change suddenly, relationship or health goes bad, it can really hurt us in many ways. I want to encourage people today and let everyone know that no matter what happens or what change comes into your life, everything is going to be alright. Don't act like things are ok when they really aren't for you on the inside. If you need to talk to someone, find a counselor or someone you trust to get your feelings out. In 2014, bad relationship, after bad relationship, I took advantage of a few free counseling sessions from my job and went and talked with someone. It was refreshing to get my feelings out and just a life check for myself to make sure I was ok. We all go through things, and changes effects us all in different ways. Instead of flipping out over the change, thank God for it! It's hard to at times when the change is bad in our eyes, but it just means that Greater is truly on the way for you! LIFE IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Things are going to go down that we like and don't like, but just know that as long as you can wake up another morning, you have power to continue on! God bless everyone on today. Stay & Be Encouraged! No matter what you're going through, you can make it through it! Thank God for change and know that EVERYTHING is going to be ALRIGHT! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

For #WOMENAPPRECIATIONWEEK #WAW... 5 Things Us Men LOVE About Women!

Good Morning Everyone! This is the day that the LORD has made, let us REJOICE and be Glad in it! I pray that everyone has had an amazing week so far as we all are gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend on next week. I CAN'T WAIT! Got me some out of town plans with Bae as a VACATION IS ON THE WAY! THANK YOU LORD! I'M READY LIKE DIPSET! I hope that all is going well with you as we are in the Middle of May. No matter what you're going through, know that GOD IS ABLE TO MAKE A WAY! Things are going to work out for you. Stay true to God, stay faithful, and know that in your life...ALL IS WELL IN JESUS NAME! God bless, stay encouraged, and know that it's time for YOUR BLESSING!

This week, I have joined up with my friends 
Lauren and Endi from the Blog "Ratchet Sophistication" 
(make sure y'all go check them out) and we had #WOMENAPPRECIATIONWEEK #WAW this week! We've provided tweets, shoutouts, and questions about truly God's greatest creation, THE WOMAN! Us Men, we LOVE us some WOMEN! WE LOVE Y'ALL! Without Women, there wouldn't be any of us! We are THANKFUL for our HelpMeets, because without Women, none of our NEEDS would be MET as Men! 
So today, Professor JT wants to give a 
Tribute and Shoutout to WOMEN! 
The 5 Things we Love About Women!

1. Women Will Care, When Don't Nobody Else Care - Whether it's for our Communities, our young kids, when we're hurting, even when times get rough, a Women will always have a heart for God's People like no one else. Even when they have been hurt, nothing can take away the love & care that a Women has for people. The care that a Woman has is like none other, because she will care of even the ones that put her down. It's a Beautiful thing to see Woman care for our World and others.

2. Nobody Does SEXY, Like A Woman Does SEXY - Whether she's rocking Heels or Jordans, a Sexy Dress or Jeans, even a T-Shirt, Crop Top, or Tank Top. NOBODY can do Sexy like a Woman! A Woman will go from Professional to a Night Out with just a switch of her Jewelry & Shoes. A Woman can go from Church to the Club, from a Park to a Party, from the Hood Streets to the Hotel Suites. A Woman will ALWAYS Pull Off Sexy in an Epic Way!

3. No One Keeps It REAL Like A Woman - When it comes to emotions and feelings, a Woman is going to give her all & tell you exactly how she feels. She's not going to hold back, because a Woman shows her heart and love to everyone with her genuine style and realness. You don't ever have to worry about a Woman holding back when she really cares about something, because she's going to give everything she has into make sure everyone knows that she's passionate about life and what she cares for.

4. Nothing Beats The Support Of A Woman - You can be down and out, out of a job, down to your last dollar, it doesn't even matter. When you have a Woman that loves and cares about you, she will encourage you and stand by your side until the very end. She will not only support, but she will push you to potential that you didn't even know that you had on the inside of you. She will look for better for you and work to have doors open up for you. A Woman's Support is like nothing ever seen before.

5. Bottom Line...MEN NEED WOMEN - As Much as we fuss, whine, and fight with y'all, at the end of the day, MEN NEED WOMEN! The love Women give us, the support, the care for us when we don't even really care about ourselves. How even when we're at our lowest, if that Woman loves you, she will stop at nothing to make sure the Men, Family, Kids, Jobs, & Community in her life are doing great. Mothers to not just their own children, but to ALL CHILDREN! Caretakers of everyone from neighborhoods to nations. If there were no Women, THERE WOULD BE NO WORLD! 
Thank you Women, for all that you do for all of us!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Because #BlackLivesMatter! A Graduation Success Story From Professor JT

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Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone had an amazing Mother's Day Weekend and had a great Graduation May weekend as well! Continue to strive for your goals and go for the dreams that you have! What you do in life is TRULY AMAZING! Do not let anyone ever tell you any different! Be Great! Be Amazing! Strive for greatness EVERY SINGLE DAY! 
God Bless and have an amazing Monday!

3 Years ago, at Ivy Tech Community College, myself, along with my Co-Instructor Curt Wells and Program Chair Ann Heiny, set out for an unprecedented venture. We sought out to create the First New Student Seminar class for Black Males. We saw the statistics of Black Males at our College. They had the lowest persistence from semester to semester and graduation rates out of any of the other demographics of students at the college. We knew the challenge would be great and the backlash even greater. But we saw a need and we knew we had to fill it, and that's what we did. So, in Fall 2012, we started with our First set of FOCUS courses for Black Males. One at our Inner City campus, and one at our Suburban campus, which I was blessed to teach. 

I was blessed to have a great group of guys that Fall Semester. One of my Students was named Mike Jones. (Stripped Brown and White Shirt with Brown Cap) NO, not the rapper out of Houston, a different Mike Jones. Mike Jones is a family guy. He has a wife, he has children, he even did a few overseas tours in the United States Army. Mike wanted better for his wife and kids, and used his VA Benefits to enroll at Ivy Tech Community College. This past Saturday, May 9th, Mike graduated with his HVAC Associate of Applied Science from Ivy Tech Community College. I worked that graduation as a Stage Crew Member, and got to greet every student that walked off the stage this past Saturday in that afternoon graduation. One of the last Academic Departments to cross the Graduation stage, was the Industrial Technology Department, where Mike was sitting. When he came across the stage and down the steps, I greeted him with tears in my eyes, and a huge hug, and told him how proud of him that I was. 

This is what I do as Professor JT. It's not just a name, it's a calling. I love what I do and thank God that I have the opportunity to give back to my community of Indianapolis, IN and Bless Black Males every single day. After seeing Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Freedie Gray, and Micheal Brown get buried, we need to celebrate the Black Males who are being success and that are still here. Any of these Black Males that I teach could have been one of them that were buried. To be honest, I, Professor JT, COULD BE ONE OF THEM! But I thank God today, that even though not every one of these guys may have or will Graduate from Ivy Tech, at least they had the thought process of...I can do something BETTER with my life, like go to college. I had guys who were in and out of jail. I had guys who have families, children, have been out of work, and basically given up on by Society and the World. We gave these guys an opportunity to better their lives though this class in a way like never before. No matter where these Black Men end up, it's great to see that Black Men still believe in better themselves, so that they can be a positive influence in our World today. We are hoping to continue our FOCUS courses in Spring 2016, to continue to push and support Black Men in their Higher Education Dreams. We are proud of all of our Black Male Graduates of 2015 and we know GREATER is truly on the way for them all! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So What Did We All Learn From The #MayPac Fight?

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a Wonderful Cinco De Mayo! Went to Taco Bell & got my FREE Breakfast Taco! I feel like I'm a part of the Hispanic Culture now:-) I hope that everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and know that Greater, SO MUCH GREATER, is truly on the way for you! God Bless!

It was suppose to be "The Fight Of The Century". Considering this Century is only in it's 15th year, it's a little premature to say such. All we know is, for the past 5 years, this is the fight the WORLD wanted to see. Manny Pacquiao verse Floyd Mayweather. No fancy titles, no extreme names. THIS WAS IT! we all THOUGHT! I'll be honest...I didn't watch the Fight. I honestly did not want too. I took my Queen on a Date & we had an amazing evening while the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh & restaurants were empty. I did not play into the hype because I knew the whole fight was going to be JUST THAT...A BUNCH OF HYPE! For the last month leading up to the fight, all you saw was commercials & everything on Social Media...ABOUT THE FIGHT! It was WAY TOO MUCH! $99.99 in HD...FOR THE FIGHT! Manny Pacquiao truly took it ALL IN! From Samsung, to Butterfinger, to selfies, to Bible Bashing Floyd. Manny Pacquiao put on a better show leading up to the fight than from what I heard happened actually IN the Fight! I hear he said at the end that he thought he had WON the Fight. I don't know what Fight he must have thought he was in, but all I know is, Floyd Fights Scared! I knew from seeing "The One" that Mayweather was going to do the EXACT same thing he did in that fight against Pacquiao. I knew once he said in a pre-fight interview that he didn't watch barely any tape on Pacquiao how the whole fight was going to go! Mayweather is that school yard kid who takes little jabs at you and takes off running. That's how he fights & wins! He fights like that in every fight. It's hilarious too me.

The sideshow of the whole fight really was better than the ENTIRE fight itself. Pacquiao coming out with a Run DMC Dressed Jimmy Kimmel, which probably the highlight of his LIFE! Then we had Mayweather coming out with...The King from Burger King?? BRO WHAT?!?! We thought him coming out with The Money Team & Beiber & 50 Cent was NUTS, now it's just straight up COMEDY! Then, the wonderful National Anthem with Jamie Foxx & him taking us to church with his "Hallelujah!" Really Jamie? REALLY? This is a Fight, not Sunday Morning Service. Maybe some people needed a little bit of church because from the people I know that went to Vegas for the weekend, they said it was STRAIGHT BANANAS! I truly could only imagine, but it's probably nothing like I could ever think of. The Celebs were truly out in Full Force as it was said that Tom Brady, NE Patriots QB went from The Kentucky Derby to the Fight in Vegas IN THE SAME NIGHT! Must be NICCCEEEE! (In my Lyfe Jennings Voice) Of course, social media got a hold of the Denzel Washington picture and well...All I know is, the jokes were HILARIOUS & I bet Denzel never shows up to such a huge event dressed like someone's Uncle ever again. So what did we learn from the Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight? WELL, honestly...NOTHING! Mayweather is still pound for pound, the best Boxer today. People still get HYPE over a Big Fight & will pay big money to see it. And last but not least, no matter what, the camera is ALWAYS Looking for a GOOD SHOW & LAUGH! 

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