Wednesday, October 1, 2014

From The Nae Nae to the Shmoney Dance...What In The WORLD are we calling Dancing Today?

Good Morning Everyone! It's OCTOBER! Can you believe it?!?! 3 Months left in the year and I really feel like we got CHEATED! Here in the Midwest, we didn't even get a SUMMER! We didn't even make it to 100 degrees and can almost count on one hand here in Indianapolis how many times we hit 90. ALL SUMMER BRO! It's wild! We had a REALLY bad Winter last year and we surely don't need another one because see, the way my Blackness is set up, I CAN'T STAND THE COLD AND SNOW! HELP US LORD! LOL! I pray that everyone has an amazing day and continue to WAIT ON GOD! I can't say it enough! Your blessing and miracle is on the way! Just continue to keep God first and know that He is able to do ALL THINGS!

I remember when I was a kid, we had some crazy dances. Who remembers the "Cabbage Patch" or "Macarena?" We really did these dances and thought we were for real doing something. Well, now today, what do we have? We have our young kids doing dances called the "Nae Nae" and the "Shmoney Dance." I had to school one of my friends on what the "Shmoney Dance" was and that and the "Nae Nae" dance to me looks MAD SUSPECT! I'll just leave it at that. Then there's a "Yeet", a "No Flex Zone" & "Twerking?" But, when we think about it, is this all really DANCING? We had kids doing the Soulja Boi "Superman" and that's where I feel like around 2006/2007 it just all went down hill from there. I don't see people going into dance studios asking how to do any of these crazy dances. But, younger people are really into them. It makes you wonder, what is coming NEXT in the World of Dance?

Now, I'm a true fan of REAL DANCING! From Chicago Juke Dancing & Footworking, B Boying, to Dubstep, to even Riverdancing! YES I SAID IT! There are still some people who truly know how to GET DOWN! I actually feel like the original dancers truly really are gone or aren't dancing for real anymore. James Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown. People who when you went for a show, YOU GOT A COMPLETE SHOW! But why is dancing getting so...well...LAZY? What happened to the skilled craft and art form that was dancing? Not just stuff a person started doing in their living room with their friends, thought it looked cool, and put a crazy name to it. I just want real dancing to come back! The real working people who put hours and hours of making sure it looked right and was precise in movements for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. OH WELL! Maybe I'm overthinking all of this and asking for too much, but shout out to all the real dancers who still make dancing amazing and enjoyable for everyone! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Flag On A Praying Celebration? Does The NFL Need Prayer and Help THEMSELVES??

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday so far! Can you believe it, it's the LAST DAY OF SEPTEMBER! Where is 2014 going?!?! GOODNESS! I pray it's been a great year for you so far and God bless everyone on today! Live everyday to the fullest because it's a blessing to see another day!

On last night, during the Monday Night Football Game on ESPN, Husain Abdullah of the Kansas City Chiefs had a flag thrown on him for his Touchdown Praying Celebration. With all the BAD things that have happened in the NFL just the in first few weeks of the season, where is the NFL as a Sports Organization that we are flagging people for PRAYING?!?! Steve Smith did a little hip shake and shimmy after his touchdown on Sunday. Other players do little touchdown flags. But a Man gives honor to the one above, a POSITIVE, HUMBLE GESTURE, his religion's way, and gets FLAGGED FOR IT?!? What is going on with the NFL where being THANKFUL is deemed to be penalized today?

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The rule from what I read, was a really ridiculous rule when it comes to what can be done as far as NFL Celebrations. Now, all the explanations from the NFL and the teams are coming. But there will truly be some backlash for THIS! So, these other ways of kneeling down were ok, just not Abdullah's way? What kind of sense does that make? It's hard enough to play in the NFL, and it's even harder to find a person not so into themselves and their skills that they take time to thank God/Allah for their opportunities and abilities that they have been given. The NFL is starting to admit that they were wrong for the penalty, and I believe that they were as well. I hope that more NFL players start doing Prayer Celebrations in protest. Letting the NFL know, if GOD isn't allowed to be praised in the NFL, then maybe players don't need to be playing in the NFL! This is bigger than just a flag, it's the principle of everything that's happened with the NFL over the last few months and how stuff seems to be getting worse for the league. I pray that they get it together QUICK, because this is another RED FLAG for the NFL today. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Should Black People Be Excited About ABC's Black-Ish? Is Black Television In Trouble?

Good Morning! I pray that everyone has a wonderful Thursday! It's almost the WEEKEND! LORD, I think we all are ready for it! It's time for change, it's time for greatness in our lives, and it's time for GREATNESS! God bless everyone today and know that God is ready for you to be amazing! What are YOU waiting for?? Go for your dreams today!

On yesterday, ABC presented it's new Sitcom "Black-ish." The story line goes, it's a Family who lives in the suburbs, who is trying to keep their "BLACKNESS" and "BLACK ROOTS" in their family by teaching the family how being black is and about Black History. Now, I'll be honest, I didn't watch the show. I just couldn't bring myself too it. I saw all the live tweets from a lot of the people on my Timeline and they gave great reactions about the show. But, something on the inside of me wouldn't let me watch the show. I don't find anything appealing about taking some of the things that us as black people have to deal with in frustrating ways at times and calling it "COMEDY." What do you mean Professor JT? I saw where one of the jokes talked about how Africans don't like Black People. Well, that's definitely not 100% true. If you talk to some Africans, they actually think that African Americans can come off rather "Cocky" or "Arrogant" and think that they are better than some Africans. Plus, a lot of African Americans sometimes have forgotten about their roots from being African, and Africans see sometimes the Ratchet and Hood actions of our Black people, and it can be frustrating to them.


I know that was only one segment of the show and it's only been one show, but I just think as Black People, we have to be really careful about putting ourselves out there on television to be laughed at about our culture. I don't think some of us realized that Black People aren't the only ones watching this show. Whites and other Minorities checked out this show as well and we have to make sure we watch how we portray ourselves as Black People. I live in the Suburbs now and I can understand the premise of the show, but Black people don't have to change who they are just to go to certain schools or live in certain neighborhoods. People are going to think about Black People the way that they want to think. The craziest thing is, sometimes the most judgmental people of Black People, ARE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE! 
There were other Black People, like this blog that I found here  who were very offended by title and plot of this show, and I can't say that I don't blame them one bit. Yes, it's a funny, quirky show, but lets honestly ask this question, what is going on with Black Television today? Even to see the great Lawrence Fishburne on this show, who has played some powerful roles on television and in movies, is this the BEST that we can come up with in a Sitcom as Black People? What is the LAST Black Show that actually made a true, positive social impact on the Nation and World? It's something to think about because now with the frustrations of watching Reality Television and watching Black People acting a complete fool in life and relationships, we need to do some big time soul searching on how we represent us as a people. I'm glad to see a Black Sitcom, it's GREAT, but can we do a little bit better with seeing what is and what could be borderline offensive to our own people? Just my thoughts on today! God bless everyone and enjoy the show! Maybe I'll check out but for now, we'll see how 
Black-Ish plays out! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Time To LET IT GO! How Do People Keep Ending Up In Situationships?!?

Good Morning! It's a great day for Professor JT as I took the FIRST STEPS towards pursuing my Doctoral Degree on yesterday and applied for one of the programs that I'm interested in. It was SO SURREAL! You talk about it, you pray about it! Then, when it ACTUALLY HAPPENS, you just can't do anything but thank God that the DREAM is starting to come into place! I was kinda upset because I had to pay $195 to take the GRE Test and the craziest thing is...the programs I'm looking to pursue, DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE SCORES OF THE TEST! It's the schools that just WANT you to take it! Well, after getting a headache after paying that, I applied to one of my schools and didn't realize that it's College Go Week here in Indiana and College Application Fees for most Colleges and Universities here in Indiana are WAIVED! So, I submitted a $60.00 application for FREE! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! "The Steps of a Good Man are Ordered by God" says the Word of God in Psalms and I thank the Lord for Ordering my Steps! God bless everyone on day! If you have a DREAM...GO FOR IT! Don't let anyone stop you or tell you it can not happen! God can make it happen! You all keep me in your prayers as I start my Doctoral Journey and I know it's going to be a FUN RIDE!

So, as Cuffing Season is about to start, I warned people on Twitter to NOT GET PREGNANT! LOL! It's crazy that we have people right now in these things called "SITUATIONSHIPS!" What in the WORLD is a Situationship Professor JT?? Well, I'm glad you asked, because honestly, I DON'T EVEN KNOW! It sounds like some STRAIGHT FOOLISHNESS! Here's what I do know about's basically a person, who is kinda with another person, but they kinda do exclusive stuff when they want too, without being exclusive! GET IT!?!? Yeah, I don't either. Basically, it's not even friends with benefits, because some people are in Situationships with people they aren't even friends with or could call on when something goes wrong. Here's how people get in these things. They meet someone, try to see if a Relationship will work, they realize it WON'T work due to some big reason (Religion, Money, Person needs to handle some past relationship business, etc) but they like each other to a point where they are comfortable with each other. They LIKE each other, they may fool around or even go out together sometimes, but just not enough to be together. Situationships get REALLY BAD, once sex gets involved and don't EVER let a Baby come out of it, because it gets all kinds of crazy out of that.

Here's the thing that is crazy about these Situationships, more than likely, all of us, or most of us, if we're not in an exclusive relationship, just might be in one of these Situationships. If we're not in one, we at least know people who are in one and really look at them like "SO, WHAT ARE Y'ALL?" You ever meet someone who is kinda in a relationship with someone? OR, gets mad when they find out who they thought they were with, even though they really aren't with them, is messing with someone else? I saw this mess on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood the other day with the chick Nikki! She looked MAD silly trying to explain it! A lot of time with Situationships, it's usually one person that likes the other person WAY MORE than the other one. It's never the two people as serious with each other at the same time. IT'S ALL FOOLISHNESS! 

I'm telling people today, it's time to LET THAT FOOLISHNESS GO! As a MAN, I'll tell you THIS...if a MAN wants to truly be with a Woman and just that WOMAN, he'll get rid of all the Side Pieces, you don't have to question his intentions, because he'll let you know exactly what he wants from you, and he will make you his Woman Exclusively! Ladies, if you're dealing with a Man who will not committed, but you're doing COMMITTED people stuff with him, then you need to STOP before you get caught up! The sad thing to all of this is, there are people who get so comfortable in their Situationship, that they won't talk to or allow someone else to talk to them, because they really want to try to see if their Situationship will work out, when CLEARLY all the Red Flags have shown them, that it won't work out! THIS STUFF HAPPENS FOLKS! Stop playing with your OWN EMOTIONS! Yes, you might like the person, but if the person isn't trying to commit and you're not trying to commit with them, no matter how good the sex is or how comfortable you are with them, JUST LET IT GO! Stop all the confusion and wait and prepare yourself for a REAL RELATIONSHIP! You are worth it and someone will know that you're worth it one day! 

Monday, September 22, 2014


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Good Morning! It's a Wonderful Monday and I pray that everyone has an amazing week! It's hard sometimes, things get tough, and life can be a struggle. Just know that whatever you NEED...GOD'S GOT IT! God bless everyone on today and know that YOU CAN and WILL BE BLESSED with the help of the Lord!

On Saturday, September 13th, a weekend that I had waited basically a year in counting to get too! The Notre Dame Fightin Irish played their Shamrock Series Game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis vs Purdue University. I got my tickets way back in June, on the first day they went on sale and I could not WAIT for this epic day. The day started out with a Fan Fest, where I saw the Legendary Irish All World Player from the 1990's "Rocket" Ismail! I couldn't BELIEVE IT! I grew up idolizing the guy! It was AWESOME! Then, IT WAS GAME TIME! I had some nosebleed seats, but there is NEVER a Bad Seat in Lucas Oil Stadium! I had an amazing, amazing time and it was great seeing the team play that I grew up with watching over the years! 
Enjoy the pictures, everyone have an amazing day! 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

When #BlackTwitter Gets A Hold Of Your Tweet! Why Professor JT Thinks Women Don't Want Good, Stable Men

Good Morning Everyone! I wanted to send an extra, extra special thank you to all who checked out the "Seeking God Through Journaling" Telesummit these past few days. Continue to listen, as we still have a few days of great speakers who will be talking about the Goodness of God through writing! 
You can check out the FREE Telesummit at 
Enjoy it and be blessed! I pray that everyone has a wonderful Thursday! God bless everyone on today!

So, on last night, #BlackTwitter got a hold of one of my tweets and it started a FIRESTORM all over twitter. 
Let me explain how this all started...

A Tweet/Meme goes out asking Ladies about a certain type of MAN...
So... I responded to some of the tweets like this one below...

Woooooow...*SIPS TEA* RT "@Pinky_Balboa: But it’s usually been rare meeting a man that’s financially stable."

So I respond with a few tweets of my own...

So most Women date Broke Dudes huh??

I've been saying it for years...
Women don't want stable, good men.

I know 4 guys, including myself, RIGHT NOW, own places, good jobs, own cars, own Money...ALL SINGLE!
Women don't want us Good, Stable Men

The Reason Women don't want us Good, Stable Men...
There's not a Challenge! Nothing in Him to Fix! There's no Project in Him

BRUH! You wanna know Twitter going CRAZY!
From Male Feminist, to Strong Women, to Thugs who need Hugs, all kinds of Folks went CRAZY! Saying I was corny, asking was I a Hoe, hey, even Women who wanted a HOOK UP with one of us good men. I ain't mad at em! LOL! Let me tell you folks, subtweeting and slandering was at an all time high last night!

FIRST, let me say this...these are not the ONLY Characteristics that make a Good Man. I know this. There is only so much you can put into 140 characters. Obviously, people are going to take those 140 Characters any way that they want too. A person has to know God, in my perspective, have a passion about things in life, love people, and work to help make themselves and others better in life. I do know 3 others dudes like myself who are single. Two of us are Former Models, while the other two of us are Former D-1 Division Athletes. We all have great jobs, our own places, own properties, work in our communities, and are striving for better for ourselves and everyone around us. If you're not in our position, then I don't know how you can speak on what we go through in dating and relationships. IT'S HARD... VERY HARD!

When I grew up, My Grandmother and Mother said "You get your education and degrees, stay in God, go to church, get a good job, get married, have a family." WELL, everything worked out BUT THE LATTER! And this isn't just my story, this happens for a lot of Educated, Well Off, Stable Men. We know in so many different ways, a lot of Women aren't checking for US! 
Let me break it down why not...

Some Women aren't checking or looking for Good/Stable Men because...

1. There Are A Lot of POSERS In Their Way: There are a lot of guys claiming they are the Good, Stable Type. They say they have themselves together, but they really are just saying what they have to say to get that Woman. Their game is STRONG! Not knowing these Cats have multiple kids, legal convicts, and sometimes even wives! SHOOT, lets be completely honest, some Men want Men, but want a Woman just so they can look GOOD!

2. It's Hard For Some Women To Believe They DESERVE A Good, Stable Man: "I don't deserve a Man like you..." The Story of my Dating Life that I hear all the time from past Women I have dated. Do you know that it's WEIRD for some Women to have a Good, Stable Man? A Man who just wants to be with them and love them, with no other foolishness or motives. Some Women will look at a Good, Stable Man and take him for granted from the beginning because they don't think that he's for real about loving them and just them. Some Women have never had just a Good, Stable Guy who will love on them, buy them flowers and gifts, give Great Sex, pray for them, support them and talk with them about their lives and dreams. It's all foreign to them! So when they get it, they don't understand it and sometimes it spooks them to the point that they don't realize how good he was until the guy is gone.

3. Some Women Haven't Gotten And Never Get Out Of Their " Loving Bad Boy Stage": There are a lot of Women who just like a Rough Neck. They want a converted Thug to be their Husband, and still have that rough exterior with a nice interior. Not saying these guys don't exist, but it's hard for a Man to change totally from the streets to just being a husband at home if he wasn't raised a certain way or delivered from that lifestyle.

4. She Just Never Got Over Her Exs: Some Women really do honestly want a Good, Stable Man, but they just can not get over the actions of their Exs. It's hard to trust a Man who is not going to curse at you, fight you, lie to you, not cheat on you, when at times, that's all some Women are use too. These Women will drive a Good Man away just assuming he's always up to something because some or all of their Exs were always up to something. 

5. That Good, Stable Man Has It Together, So A Woman Has Nothing To Fix On Him: A lot of Women like their men as projects. Start out with them when they are next to nothing and mold and shape him into the Perfect Man. So, it's hard for some Women to date a Man who can already cook, clean, work his own job, do things on this own because she wonders what is her real place in his life other than just sex?

These are not things to put down Women or certain men, but as one of these guys, I know what we go through and I talk to brothers like me every single day. Imagine growing up to NOT be the status quo of Black Men, that is doing a lot of positive things in their lives and realizing that a lot of Women do not want you! They say that they do, but some are opportunist, just trying to be with a Good, Stable Man for a Come up. Others just want the feeling of being loved because they know they can get it from that type of man. Until another guy comes along that looks or acts more of the way they want and they'll go to him. It was crazy reading some of the Men comments in my mentions because you can always tell when a Man is not where you are in life because of the harsh words they have to say. How are we Black Men, bashing other Black Men? We all should be pushing to help each other prosper and make it. I was thankful for the men who came in my mentions who agreed with me! THEY UNDERSTOOD WHAT WE GO THROUGH! It's not all women like this now, some women do truly love to see a positive, hardworking man, and I pray that they get one, one day. But to have it all, and not have a supportive, good woman, who you know is in your corner and loves you for you and supports your dreams, just like you would do her, it's hard out here for us Good, Stable Men. We'll just put everything in God's hands and I just hope people get this one day. It's not all Good sometimes, but it's all about continuing to become better so that one day, a Good Woman would be ready for us. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


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I've been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the 3rd Annual "Seeking God Through Journaling" FREE Telesummit presented by Results By, Renee Wiggins, and Latanyha Boyd. 






Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Letter To Ray Rice And Janay Rice: Domestic Violence Happened, You Stayed, He's No Longer In The NFL! What's Next?

Ravens running back Ray Rice is planning to address the media at 3 p.m. Friday for the first time since he was charged with knocking

Good Morning Everyone! We're already 10 days into September. Where is the 2014 year GOING?!?! Why does it want to get out of here so fast and badly! LOL! I hope that everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday and just hold on! YOUR MIRACLE IS ON THE WAY! God bless Everyone on today!

So, THE HAMMER has come down on Ray Rice as the NFL, Nike, even Madden 15 have cut times with Ray Rice. The Video that TMZ has released on Monday has sent the NFL and Social Media in a Whirlwind about Domestic Violence, the Business that is the NFL, and even Relationships as a Whole. What was done, needed to be done, and should have been down WEEKS AGO! Why did it take another more graphic video, before the NFL and Ravens finally were done with the Ray Rice situation? 

To Ray Rice and Janay Rice, it all happened, so what is now? 
Let me give you two some advice...

I'm praying for you two, Janay and Ray, but it's time to make this ALL RIGHT! The NFL really wanted Ray to take care of this situation quickly and sweep it under the rug. Obviously, that didn't happen. So what is to happen now? It's time for you BOTH TO GET SOME HELP TOGETHER! The one thing we all want to make sure of, is that Ray Rice NEVER and I mean NEVER puts his hands on Janay Rice EVER AGAIN! What about your Daughter Sir? One day she's going to Google online "Ray Rice" and GUESS what's going to pop up? Her Dad hitting her Mom! What kind of example is this setting for her? I have to ask the Question? Ray Rice...ARE YOU OK? Get the help that you need Brother because if Michael Vick can make things right, SO CAN YOU!

Janay, we as Black America LOVE YOU! But, let me be honest and don't have to prove a point to nobody staying with a Man that has put his hands on you and embarrassed you to an entire nation! Once those videos went VIRAL, even though you wanted to keep this all as YOUR BUSINESS, it's OUR BUSINESS NOW! TMZ didn't do this to embarrass you, if nothing else, all this happened to HELP YOU! Lets really look at this situation...what if there NEVER was any videos? Would Ray Rice have KILLED YOU NEXT? People care about you, your daughter cares about you. We want to make sure you stay ALIVE! Do what is best for your life and your child!

So now what Ray and Janay? Well, first need to get some HELP! Call Iyanla, Oprah...there needs to be a LIVE INTERVIEW with you two explaining to the WORLD, WHAT HAPPENED ON THAT NIGHT! There also needs to be an explanation on what you two are going to do BETTER moving forward. Get out there and hit the World Running! Hold Domestic Violence events about how all of it is wrong. Now that Ray is out of Football, WORK ON YOUR FAMILY! Take the time to make things RIGHT and get right so possibly next Fall, he possibly can be back in the NFL. I have no doubt in my mind that you two can make this RIGHT! Make this right not just for your family, but for all the Men and Women who have been in Domestic Violence situations. The World loves you two! You still have an entire life to live! Don't let this be the end of you two, let this be a great new beginning! 
We love you two, lets make something great happen! - Professor JT

Monday, September 8, 2014

The 2014 NFL First Weekend: What Did We Learn!?!?

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Good Morning Everyone! It's a Beautiful, Beautiful Time of the Year as Fall is upon us. The Wonderful Mornings, Blue Skies, Crisp Air. Can you believe it's almost COAT TIME FOLKS!!? YES I SAID IT! It's almost time to pull those jokers OUT! I pray that you had a wonderful weekend have an amazing week! God Bless!

So, the 1st NFL Weekend of 2014 of the year is in the BOOKS and what an EPIC one it was! We have waiting a very long 8 months to get that NFL Feeling back again and OH does it ever feel so good! We definitely watched some SHOCKERS of games already the first Sunday of the NFL season, but some things stuck out more than others. Here are some of the SHOCKERS from the 1st NFL weekend.



Just last week, the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, sent down some harsher orders in the case of Domestic Violence when it comes to NFL Players. We already see this Monday morning a situation that has gone from bad to worse with NEW Video footage sent out from the Ray Rice Domestic Violence Situation. His 2 game suspension is one game away from seeing him back on the field and should more games be added with this new video? There is another NFL player facing Domestic Violence Charges. What will happen to HIM? Will the NFL ever get this thing RIGHT?

Ray Rice -- ELEVATOR KNOCKOUT ... Fiancee Takes Crushing Punch [Video]


1st Game...1st Half...1st Round Overall Draft Pick Jadaveon Clowney goes down with an MCL injury that could sideline him 4-6 weeks. What a way to start off his NFL career. Folks are still waiting to see some of the top NFL 1st Round QB's, who are waiting their chances on the bench. But could a Johnny Football sighting this season, even Bortles, with not great starts from their team's starters happen soon? We just might see!


The Bears, Cowboys, even The Patriots all went down yesterday and it seems like some other teams such as the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets are trying to step up and get the season started off right! Big Wins early could give a normal bottom dwelling team hope so that maybe they can take that confidence for a good season run towards the Playoffs.

These are a few things we're seeing in the NFL early and we need to REALLY keep an eye on. It's going to be a Fun and Interesting Season. Something honestly feels...DIFFERENT about this season! Someone could step up and really shock us this year! The season is just starting...LETS GET READY! FOOTBALL IS BACK! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Michael Sam to the Cowboys Practice Squad! Is Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones The Biggest HUSTLER OUT HERE?

Good Morning Everyone! THE NFL IS BACK! You know we're ALL excited and Football has found it's place back in our lives. Some may ask "Professor JT, who you got winning it ALL this year?" Well, I'm glad you asked! I know Peyton F Dot Manning will be hitting on all cylinders and don't sleep on that Colin "Kissing Muscles" Kaepernick this year! I got the 49ers, if they can stay HEALTHY, WINNING IT ALL! I hope you all are ready for some FOOTBALL! God bless everyone and have a wonderful day!

This has probably been one of the most up and down NFL offseasons EVER! From Ray Rice's Domestic Violence situation, to the Refs agreeing to call more Illegal Touching Penalties, (which has brought WAY TOO MANY FLAGS by the way), to the drafting of the First Openly Gay Player in the NFL, Michael Sam. Michael Sam's Drafting to the St. Louis Rams has brought International Headlines, as people from all over have commented and made statements about this historic event. Do I think Michael Sam is the FIRST GAY NFL PLAYER, of course not! He was just the FIRST to come out to the World and say that he was Gay in such a Masculine Sport. At the end of the day, from what we saw in College and even through the Preseason, Michael Sam can play himself some FOOTBALL! Sadly, he was cut in the last set of cuts by the St. Louis Rams and they did not pick him up on their Practice Squad on this past weekend. On Wednesday, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones and their team came to calling Mr Michael Sam and offered him a spot on THEIR Practice Squad. Jerry Jones even agreed to allow the sale of Michael Sam's Practice Squad Jersey, which is interesting because all merchandising sales go into the pocket of JERRY JONES! So did Jerry Jones really see a great player coming to his team, the Dallas Cowboys, in Michael Sam, or did he see a chance to get some publicity and money to his team, and jumped on the chance to bring it all in?

Jerry Jones took an NFL Franchise and turned it into a Billion Dollar Team. I guess when your team isn't making the playoffs, even though you send off playoff tickets before the season even starts to your Season Ticket Holders, you'll do any and everything to get people in those seats. Jerry Jones just sees a business opportunity in Michael Sam. You put him on Practice Squad and if you lose ANOTHER Defensive Player, you have the biggest publicity stunt in NFL history hitting your football field possibly this season. The NFL season comes at these players fast. WHO KNOWS, we may see Michael Sam playing by Week 3 or 4 depending on who stays healthy on the team. This was about Dollars and Cents to Jerry Jones. He saw the benefit of signing Michael Sam to his Franchise and took full advantage of it. You have to look at it like this...just like every other NFL team, Dallas had 53 spots and probably 100 players going for a spot on their team, with a 10 Man Practice Squad. So, you're telling me you cut over 50 guys, and only 9 people were good enough for your Practice Squad and their just HAPPENED to be a spot for Michael Sam? C'MON MAN! Lets look at the bigger picture here! Jerry Jones knows what he's doing! I can't knock him for it really. He's even selling Michael Sam's Jersey! HE'S NOT EVEN ON THE 53 MAN ROSTER! HUSTLE ON JERRY JONES! I still wish Michael Sam the very best and who knows, he just might turn many heads in the NFL one day! 
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