Monday, July 28, 2014

Are Women Getting Tired Of Men?

Good Morning Everyone! It's MONDAY! The Final week of an amazing July! I hope it's been great for you and God bless everyone on today and a NEW BEGINNING in August is on the way for you! BELIEVE IT! REACH UP AND PULL DOWN YOUR BLESSING!

It's starting to become a broken record. The Woman who jumps on social media talking about how she is TIRED of these lazy, lying, played out, no good men. Can we be honest Fellas, some of it is our fault, no lie. We do our women so wrong some times and we can't help the fact that a lot of them just don't want to fool with us no more. So what happens now? Well, these Women just really stop dating or doing anything with men. Lets be honest, some of them quit messing with men all together and start only messing with women! Have you ever seen a broken hearted woman from men who is SUPER FINE who only messing with Women now? I HAVE! That Stuff HURTS! Is there someone to blame for all of this though? Is it the Men's fault or are women struggling with picking the right type of males? You attract yourself I feel, so are women attracting the wrong people who don't know how to love? So when women try to love them and they don't love us, women set their own selves up for heart break?

I would love to see more Women happier about us men, but it seems like it gets harder and harder as time goes on. Look how it works...A Woman is OPEN with a huge heart in her early 20's. It sometimes can take 1-2-3 bad men, even before the age of 25, and some women are truly scorn and hurt for the rest of their relationships for the rest of their lives. It's amazing how ONE MAN can effect ONE WOMAN for the rest of her life. She's never the same after ONE GUY, even with all the other guys in the World she man meet. One Guy will make her not want to even put her full heart into men again the same. I'm here to tell Ladies today that...IT'S OK TO LOVE AGAIN! YES, that one, two, three guys hurt you, but don't be hurt and bitter your whole lives! Don't put every man that you meet for the rest of your lives through the 3rd degree. Don't think that every man you meet is going to do everything that all the past men did. You can love again Ladies! Get healed, get right, and open up your heart again! TAKE YOUR TIME! And don't just go off of LOOKS! Because, we know where that got you the last time! LOL! God bless every Beautiful Woman today! Know that you are Beautiful and keep believing in love! A Great Man is on the way for you! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"GET ON UP" The James Brown Story - Professor JT's Movie Review

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone is hanging on in there as we're pushing to the end of July and the week! It's been a great week for me and I hope it has been for you too! God Bless everyone on today and know that tomorrow is not promised! MAKE TODAY AMAZING!

On last night, I got the great opportunity to get a Exclusive Look at "Get On Up" - The James Brown Story. Now, let me be honest before I even get started, I'm NOT the BIGGEST FAN on movie bios just the fact because it has to THE PERFECT PERSON to bring through the image of that individual. I was MAD NERVOUS! I saw the previews and I did not think Mr. Chadwick Boseman, who is starting to make a NAME for himself becoming legends after his "42" debut as Jackie Robinson, was going to bring it. So, thanks to Studio Movie Grill in Indianapolis, shout out to them and their wonderful service, with my friend standing in line for an hour an a half, I got into the Free Movie Premiere to see "GET ON UP!" It was probably easily 300-400 people who showed up to try to see that movie, but I was one of the blessed 100 that got in and let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT! If you're a fan of the FUNK, a fan of the GROOVE, a fan of James Brown, you HAVE to see this movie!

I won't give too much of it away, because I want you all to go and see it! Chadwick Boseman KILLED, and I mean KILLED JAMES BROWN! From the look, the walk, and the talk, that man brought back all the sexy and the sizzle that was the Godfather of Soul. The movie was interesting in the fact that it jumped around a lot from James Brown days as a little boy growing up in Augusta, Georgia, to his teenage years of being in jail and getting started with with Gospel Starlets and Flames. To showing his great times and travels from his days on the road, to recreating some of his greatest shows, to even his life with his family and kids. The movie even protrayed his great interactions he made over the years with the likes of Bootsy Collins and Little Richard. This movie really kept you engaged from the opening scene. The great cast of characters that made the movie even more exciting from Jill Scott, to Tika Sumpter (YES LAWD, SHE IS SO FINE), to Dan Aykroyd, truly made the movie a MUST SEE to me! I always grade the movies I see and I would say that I would give this movie an astounding "A"! Go and check out "GET ON UP" - The James Brown Story August 1st and truly you won't be disappointed! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is What We're Watching On TV And Media Really Shaping Our Generation?

Good Morning Everyone! It's WED...NES...DAY!! Hump Day! We are rollin to the end of another week and I'm GLAD ABOUT IT! God bless everyone on day and whatever you do, make sure you give God and your life THE VERY BEST IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

So, I was trollin my friend's Instagram yesterday and saw this picture from "The Cosby Show" and from "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta." It was interesting and disturbing at the very same time. So many thoughts ran through my head when it came to me thinking about how Generations have been shaped just by what came on the Television every single night. Now, I know that Media is not the only determining factor on how a person turns out, but lets be honest, it holds a big place in the development of us all. THINK ABOUT IT? When you think about your YOUTH, what songs, shows, movies come to mind? When I grew up, it was Kriss Kross, MC Hammer, and TLC. It was "The Cosby Show", "A Different World", "In Living Color", and "The Simpsons". was "The Lion King", "The Sandlot", "Rookie of the Year." What do we see NOW? "Naked Dating", "The Purge", music from people with names like Machine Gun Kelly and Waka Flocka Flame. You see, when we watched the shows that we did growing up, they have MEANING, PURPOSE, A POINT! This music, the shows, the movies we see today, almost nothing is original and it's mostly Fake Reality Television. Some of these people are just putting on a show for a check, it's not even how they live everyday life. Most of these Reality Television stars are trying to live normal lives just like us! So, think about it! What on Television are we watching today or did you watch back in your day that is shaping generations?

I hear people say all the time that if it wasn't for "A Different World", some black people never would have wanted to go to college. Well, look at Television today. I know a young woman who has been trying to get on Bad Girls Club! Going to open calls to get on a ratchet television show? This is what this generation is seeing! What we as young people see, sometimes that what we think is accomplishment. Claire and Cliff Huxtable were a Doctor and Lawyer respectively in their careers! That gave people HOPE that with hard work, we could have a career and a great family. What HOPE on television, or music, or movies do young people see today that's actually positive? Some people will say that these rappers came out the hood to wealth and prosperity in the rap game. Or that these Reality Television stars are making it by being and acting crazy on television. Whatever the case may be, the look or imagine of "MAKING IT" has changed with the changes in television. Remember the show "Real World?" It was LANDMARK in showing people living lives as normal people, but putting them together, telling them to live, and putting a camera in front of them. We all wanted to see what NORMAL people did, which was weird, because the majority of us are NORMAL! We can look outside and see normal! People just got lazy! They didn't get creative anymore and didn't want to make scripted shows. Reality Television is cheaper and easier to make and it flourished like never before. My point in all of this is...Television and media is shaping our generations and has been for many years. The issue we have now is do we feel television and media is shifting our young people in a positive or negative manor? Maybe Media will never go back to the good ol days of positive shows, because what we see as positive in this day and age really isn't positive to most of them or us. We have to keep on praying Saints because life as we know it is truly changing.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

But It's Only Been A Few Weeks! Should We Put Love On A Timetable?

Good Morning Everyone! I pray that everyone has an amazing week and I had a VERY relaxing weekend! Watched about 5 movies, ate, slept, rested, I feel amazing! Can you believe that just NEXT FRIDAY, we will be entering August! WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? It's mad crazy and time is FLYING! Make sure you're not letting a MINUTE pass you by! God bless Everyone on this week and know that YOUR TIME IS NOW! SEIZE EVERY MOMENT and don't take one day of your life for Granted!

So, we all want to be in LOVE! It's no hiding it or trying to hide it, it's the TRUTH! When we're young, we want love to look, talk, and walk a certain way. As we get older, we shut down some of the looks expectations and just roll with, "Can I Get A Least A GOOD HUMAN BEING TO LOVE ME!?" It gets frustrating because it seems like over and over and over again we meet new person after new person and we just never can get to a point of Long Term Love. But that's the THING. Does Love Have A Timetable? Think about it? How long would you say you have to "BE" with someone for it to classify as a "LOVING RELATIONSHIP?" 6 Months? A Year? 2 Years? If we'd be honest and say 2 years, the majority of us have NEVER been in a loving relationship then because we can't seem to keep a relationship that long. Then think about it like this? OK, so you were with someone 5-6-7-8 years even. Was it LOVE because you both were together for so long? Why can't someone be in love as soon as 8 weeks, while the same person might have been with someone 8 years and honestly was NEVER in love with who they were with? We have to ask the question today, can we honestly put LOVE on a timetable?

I feel that love is very flexible. It all depends on the person and the people involved. Can you truly say someone is not in LOVE with someone after a week or a month? Can you say that people who have been together for 20 years HAVE to be in love to stay together that long? I honestly feel like the majority of us in this World have NEVER experienced true love before in an Eros sense. We have came close with certain relationships, but it's more than just a feeling. Hearts and Souls have to touch in such a magnificent way, that only the people involved know what it truly is between them. Love isn't going to feel a certain way or go a certain direction, it's just what it is. It's unexplainable. We two people are truly in love with each other, the connection is undeniable and can't be put into words. They know that their can't be a day, almost a moment, where they are not talking to each other or thinking about one another. Regardless if that happens after 10 day, 10 months, or 10 years, I truly feel that true love, has no timetable. When it finds you, it's more than likely going to be unexpected, but it will keep you and make you so very happy. Let love find you today! No matter where it comes from or what it looks like, give love a chance. Know that it may not come in the form you want it, but if and when you get it, you'll truly be blown away! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are We Single Because People Are Intimidated By Our Success?

Good Morning Everyone! It's HUMP DAAAAAY! Hope that everyone is doing well as the polar vortex has brought some unusually cool weather here to Indianapolis. I LOVE IT! No driving to work, I can pull out my Bugatti (That's my Bicycle) and get some good exercise. I pray that everyone is doing well and has an amazing day!

So, I was doing my usually Twitter Chatting with folks and I started to ask some questions of course. A big question I like to ask other 30+ people with degrees, careers, and who are Single & doing well for themselves is "WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SINGLE?" I tell people my story that I'm divorced and I'm just really grooving in my career with my home and car and I'm pretty simple to be honest. HOME...WORK...CHURCH! For the most part, that's all I do. I actually had a Woman who became a cool friend of mine tell me when she first started talking to me she didn't think she would like me because I looked BORING! BORING...BORING...REALLY?!?! How does a person LOOK BORING?!? I don't know. But I have met some many amazing young women who go to church, they're getting their degrees or have amazing careers, maybe single mothers who have their own cars, homes/apts, just got their stuff together but can't seem to get anything going right in the direction of a relationship. I just wonder WHY?!? It took someone to ask ME the same question of why I was single for her to tell me "Maybe Women are intimidated by your success!" 

"A Woman intimidated by a Driven, Successful Man?" WHY I WONDERED! Actually, in many ways, she was RIGHT! I've heard that so many times, even while I was in college. I can remember a young lady who really liked me who told me straight up, "I was afraid to tell you that I liked you because you always walked with your head up and knew what you were going to do with yourself." NOW, this may show some insecurities in women, even some men feel this way I know. I have to give a shout out to those Women who take a chance on men, just to have a Man around, even though they're not on their level, whatever it is. I guess I'm not like that. I am a sapiosexual. I truly get turned on by intelligent conversation. I have to have a smart woman, I just have too. I can't have a cute and dumb chick around me, lol! The thing is, I don't think anyone should be intimidated by anyone's success. SHOOT YOUR SHOT! If you like them, just be you and talk to them. So many people miss out on great people just because they don't think they'll like them because they think they're either too great or not great enough. It's sad because so many great relationships are missed because people judge before they even get to know someone. "Well, she looks like she's got it all together, so I'm not even going to talk to her because I'll get curved." While the SAME WOMAN is looking at the same Man like "OHH, he's Sexy! If he come over here, I'd give him a chance!" THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY FOLKS! 

Shouldn't people want someone who is driven and successful? Why are there so many people that feel like they need to be able to HELP someone get to the next level in their lives? Or honestly, why do people feel like they need to SAVE SOMEONE? It's never COMPLETE in a relationship, it's always COMPLEMENT! You're Great...I'm Great...Lets Be Great Together! It's amazing how people will literally be quick to tell you "You know what, you deserve someone better in your life" when you're successful. It's really a excuse that "I want to talk to someone else, but I just don't want to tell you." Whatever it may be, if you're successful...BE SUCCESSFUL! Don't downplay yourself or dumb yourself down just to be something to nobodies! You're Great...Work Hard & Be Great and know that you're going to meet someone who is just as successful as you that's going to love you and everything about you! God bless everyone today and know that you're great and never let anyone else tell you any different! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RE2PECT TO THE CAPTAIN! Derek Jeter Plays Tonight In His 14th And Final MLB All-Star Game!

Good Morning Everyone! I guess the Polar Vortex has finally come through because it rained yesterday and is actually COOL, and I mean COOL this Morning! I actually had to wear a jacket as temperatures in July dipped into the Mid 50's last night! I'm not complaining either way! It's not snow and it's not extreme heat...I'LL TAKE IT! God bless everyone on today and July has hit it's MIDDLE DAYS! I hope that you're making this month special for you! Have an incredible day!

Derek Jeter, The 3rd New York Yankees Captain in team history will step up to the Plate tonight to leadoff for the American League Team in the MLB All-Star Game. Derek Jeter just turned 40. He's been playing for the New York Yankees for 20 years. Imagine half of your life in a New York Yankees Uniform? It's a pretty amazing story for the 5 Time Major League Baseball World Series Champion. He's been one of the most consistent players ever in the League, and the sure First Ballot Future Hall of Fame Shortstop has been nothing but amazing for the Yankees, fans, and children alike. The last few years have been a struggle for Jeter, especially with his bad ankle/foot injury on last season. But he's fought back to have a great year for the New York Yankees, as he's trying to will the team in the playoffs one more time.

What all MLB Players and fans have to give Derek Jeter is "RE2PECT". The Jordan Brands "RE2PECT" ads shows everyone from the likes of MLB and New York City Greats, and people from all other MLB Teams all over the country, even the NEW YORK METS (yes I said it, THE METS), showing respect for "The Captain" Derek Jeter. It's a great send off to one of the greatest players in MLB history and we may not for a very long time, see such consistency, hardwork, and effort in Major League Baseball like him ever again. A Huge Shout out today to Derek Jeter as he enters the 2nd half of his final season in the Major Leagues. 
Thank you Derek Jeter and much RE2PECT to you!
Enjoy the All-Star Game My Friend!
Everyone watch & tip your hat in RE2PECT to "THE CAPTAIN!"

Monday, July 14, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! I had a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL WEEKEND thank the Lord and I pray you all did as well. Hopped on the Megabus for round trip $18.50 for a day trip to Cincinnati to hang with one of my old friends! It was an amazing day with good food, checked out a few festivals and movies, I had an amazing time! Then on Sunday, checked out a Black Film Festival sponsored by the Indiana Black Expo here in Indy and my GOODNESS I'M TIRED! I thank God for the life I live and for the opportunities He continuously brings my way! God bless everyone on this week and HANG ON IN THERE! What God has for you is on the WAY!

So, unless you lived under a ROCK the last few days, the big announcement dropped as LeBron James announced that after his four year, two NBA Title run with the Miami Heat, he was going BACK HOME to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers. Free Agency was in a FRENZY the last couple weeks as the ENTIRE NBA waited on where ONE MAN was going to make a decision to play Basketball at next year. Trades were made, people opted out of Big Money contracts, sources were talking and speculating, but NO ONE made a serious move until LeBron James made is ultimate Decision 2.0! It was amazing how ESPN, Social Media, EVERYONE RESPONDED to this news from LeBron. Sportcenter on ESPN, was on ALL DAY & NIGHT FRIDAY when James made his announcement. I've never seen anything like that before! Whatever was scheduled to come on, FORGET ABOUT IT! It wasn't as important as LeBron's Decision 2.0. After LeBron's Decision, EVERYONE ELSE started making decisions on where they were playing basketball next season. Carmelo stayed in New York, Chris Bosh stayed in Miami with some added pieces. But honestly, when you look at everything that happened on Friday afternoon, does LeBron James RULE the Entire NBA?

Let me talk about the Cleveland Cavalier Fans & Ownership for a bit. FIRST OFF, Miami Fans & Ownership, THANK YOU for being so classy with this move from LeBron! Cleveland Fans a few years ago, CLASSLESS! Burning of Jerseys, ripping down of signs, even the owner wrote a disrespectful letter to LeBron. SO NOW, that "The King", LeBron James is coming back to Cleveland, now, "WE FORGIVE HIM?" What kinda fans are you really Clevelanders? Now, they are embracing the man that left them four years ago? He's a Hero all of a sudden? SMH! I guess! I'm still a Pacers fan, through the good and bad, who ever is there and with who ever has left! 

I think we all can learn a little something from LeBron's Return to Cleveland. He even stated in his letter how it was about bringing a title back to Northeast Ohio. This wasn't about Basketball really per say, this was about much more than that. LeBron going home actually made me appreciate more the things I do in Higher Education in my hometown of Indianapolis, IN. NO, I didn't want to be here, I'm not even going to lie! But when you have gifts and talents from God and you can give and use them in the place that gave so much to you in your upbringing and development, there's something special about that. That's why LeBron James went HOME! It wasn't about Money, not really EVEN about Titles this time, not even really about HIM, it was about NORTH EAST, OHIO! The region he calls home, which always will be and now, he has an opportunity to make Cleveland the Center of the Basketball Universe once again. Once LeBron announced his decision to go back home, season tickets sold out in 8 hours! The fans are happy in Cleveland again! Businesses will be back jumping again, jobs will be produced, all because ONE MAN said "I'm Coming Home!" Much love to LeBron James and I wish him nothing but the very best! Thank you sir for what you do for the NBA and we're all ready for an exciting 2014-2015 NBA Season! 

Friday, July 11, 2014


Good Morning! Today is Friday! It's pay day for a lot of us and you know what that means, by 12 pm, it will be ALL GONE! LOL! I thank God for a little change anytime I get it though. I have so many friends in position where they don't make enough money or don't like what they do, and that's hard man. It's a true blessing to love to come to work everyday and do what you do. It's just a flat out blessing these days just to have a JOB! PRAISE GOD FOR REAL! I've been there! No job doesn't mean the bills stop that's for sure! God is a providing, way making God and we truly owe Him praise for every opportunity we have and every bill we're able to pay. God bless everyone on today and I pray you all have a wonderful week! Know whatever you're going through or what's going on, God is ABLE to work things out!

As you live life long enough, you'll realize that there are NOT a lot of Happy People in this world. I mean, people keep smiles on their faces, and laugh, and have fun, and tell you that they are fine. It's just behind closed doors, a lot of times it's an entirely different story. We all have situations that come along that make us sad, upset, even get down right depressed. But at the end of the day, can you really say that you are HAPPY? We sang Pharrell Williams song "Happy" all this year so far and it brought us all joy, but are we really happy people? It's not even the fact of asking are we happy people, do we have happy people around US? So many of us day in and day out could be even happier in our lives if it wasn't for the people we hung around and were in conversations with every single day. Have you ever had a time where you were up, having a great day, and all of a sudden one conversation or just seeing one person changed your whole mood and attitude? It's time to get happy again and get around some more naturally happy people so that we can say that our lives are better!

Nehemiah 8:10 says that "...the joy of the Lord is our strength." A lot of people aren't happy, because they have no joy source! Ask yourself today...what truly makes you happy? When you have a rough day, who or what picks up your spirits? We have to have a place to go to get strength, to get peace, to get joy, to get happiness. Where do you get yours from? Are there people that know you and can hear from the sound of your voice when you are sad? Do they know right away to not only encourage and uplift you, but do you know someone who can pray for you? It's time out for being sad and depressed ALL THE TIME! Yes, you're not going to be happy about things that happen in life all the time, but you can't be depressed every single day of your life either. It's time for us to get our joy and happiness back as a people. YES, life gets hard sometimes, but when you know you have GOD on your side, what really can you be upset about? When you know you have life and that more abundantly every single day, that's when throughout all you're going through, you have to LOVE LIFE and LOVE GOD! WE'RE BLESSED! We're blessed more than we'll ever know. Lets think about all the good things in our lives when things go wrong. Tell yourself "Yes, I'm upset about this, BUT THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING ELSE YOU DO FOR ME!" Jesus, I want to tell you that I love you today! NO, everything isn't perfect, but I'm still here! I have food to eat, shoes on my feet, clothes on my back! I may not have EVERYTHING I want, but I thank God that you have supplied me with everything I need. When you get sad, just think about the Goodness of Jesus and all He's done for you and I promise you, you'll get EXTRA JOY AND HAPPINESS! God Bless everyone on today and this weekend. Get your joy and happiness back and stop letting people take it away from you! You have so much to be happy about and always remember that you're blessed, no matter what's going on in your life! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week so far as we have reached Hump Day! I pray things are coming along well for you as summer is dragging along. I think everyone is starting to get that itch for Football now. That's all we WANT! The joys of FALL! OHH I LOVE IT! God bless and lets give God the praise for all that He's done in our lives. Life may be rough, it all could be so much worse, but God still gets all the Glory and Praise! God bless!

So this week, the ESPN The Magazine presents it's Annual Body Issue. It displays the natural bust of athletes from all sports. It's an amazing display of the human physic that gets rave reviews and mad attention from all over the globe. This year, 2014, ESPN The Magazine went on a STRETCH with the magazine with two images that may question some people's thinking of what MODELING IS? What are we use to when it comes to modeling...the young man or woman who is a size 0-2, that looks like a little bit of wind could blow them off the runway when they're walking. There were two images, one of a Husky Baseball Player Prince Fielder and another of an older Golfer Gary Player, that got a lot of talk from people. "He's too big!" "He's too old!" But, are we judging beauty in it's finest? Who says that every person has to be the same or they can't model if they're not a certain height, weight, color, or age?

I think this is an amazing display of photography and it shows that what we call and considered beauty before is truly changing. I want people to realize that we can't call something "Beautiful" or "Right" just because it does or doesn't look or is shaped a certain way. I commend these individuals for placing their bodies on display to really break the image of what we consider "RIGHT" or "BEAUTIFUL." I know that more of the World we live in, is not a size 0-2 model! There are some Women who were in the LOVE with Prince Fielder's Images. Is the Big Boy Love coming BACK?!? We live in the world of "Husky", "Skinny", "Slim", "Bigboned", and you know, there is nothing wrong with how God made you. Be proud of how you're built and who you are. Shape yourself up and keep yourself in shape, be the person you want to be. That's what I believe these Body Issues from ESPN The Magazine are about. It's about putting on display that Sport has no proper size, height, or weight. It's about a person working hard to be the best at their craft, and working hard and keeping in shape is a big part of it. POWER, BEAUTY, PRESTIGE, HONOR! That's what this issue is all about and kudos to ESPN and I hope they keep on breaking down barriers and showing us all the our bodies are truly temples of beauty, no matter what size we may be! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Friends...All Or Nothing...Money And A Come Up? What Do People Want Out Of Relationships?

Good Morning! I pray that everyone has a wonderful day today! *SIGH* So, that flat tire that I woke up too on Sunday morning...after getting a Brand New Tire from Tire Barn, spending 6 hours trying to get it on myself and back up to Tire Barn this morning, come to find out I have a bent rim. If you know anything about Chrome rims, once that sucker is bent, it's basically DONE! SMH! So, now I have to retire the rims early this summer, right before the fun of Summer begins. HEART BROKEN! It's all good! Life goes on and thank God for another full set of tires. Everyone have an amazing day and know that through it all, God is STILL GOOD!

So, of course on Monday I was watching the Ratchetness that is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and it was interesting seeing Stevie J and his FORMER Wife Joseline (since he dumped her for getting pregnant by Rick Ross, but that's none of my business) get into it over Stevie J's unfaithness. Joseline threw out a DAGGER with saying that the Women he claimed he never slept with, only said she slept with him for a come up just like Joseline did with Stevie J. The look on Stevie J's face of STRAIGHT SHOCK! I would have been too. Tell me how you've been dealing with a Woman for 2 years and claim to be married to her to find out the only reason she is with you is because of who you are and she wants to come up from your greatness? CRAZINESS! Another thing that happened that I thought was interesting was a discussion I had with one of my guys about getting married. He stated that he would love to be married one day, even though he doesn't want any kids. But he stated how it would be great to have two household incomes. I feel that's all well and good, but it has to be more to marriage than these two situations isn't it?

Another part of relationships that seems to be interesting are the "Should we be friends or is it all or nothing" concept. I'm not going to lie, I do not have female friends. WHY?!? 2 Reasons. 1. When you're a good looking, blessed, successful man, Women tend to think you have tons of options or friends, which is 50% false and 50% true. But, if you eliminate options from the beginning I feel, if it's just not going anywhere and you two aren't business associates or anything like that, sometimes it is best to cut things off. It keeps the trust in the relationship that you have nothing on the side going on. Which takes me into 2. A lot of times, there is always someone who likes someone more than the other person, whether friends or not. A lot of times there is always one person who has a thought in their head, "If I keep things going as friends, maybe one day they'll finally see me and want to be with me." This isn't always the worst thing to do, but it can set a person up to getting their heart broken. I say if a person wants you, GOOD, if you want them, EVEN BETTER! But why does it hardly ever happen that way? A lot of times the hardest thing to deal with in relationships is timing. For the most part, it never seems like it works out. You think "They're nice, but MAN, they don't have a degree, they have too many kids, they aren't mature enough, they aren't established enough, they're still playing the field and aren't ready to settle down." In many ways, this is how so many relationships end or never start, because the timing of everything is always off. 

It all comes down to at the end of the day, what do people REALLY want when it comes to relationships? It seems like so many people have motives. They go into a relationship not even with the goal of seeing what happens, becoming friends, and trying to make stuff into a lasting relationship. Truly I think a majority of people go into relationships for all the wrong reasons.'s almost like "WHAT'S LOVE?" People go into relationships thinking "OHH, they have a home, car, great job, I'M SET!" NO, THEY are the ones that are set! Or people even say "OHH, they are SEXY! Yeah, they don't make as much money as me/have a job, yeah they have a few kids, but I can work with them!" Are we settling for the things we WANT out of relationships, LOOKS, MONEY, GREAT SEX, and not being realistic if this person will be a great mate, provider, protector, supporter, even a great parent? It's things to really think about when it comes to things of relationships. Can two people come together who are GREAT and make a great relationship of love, support, trust, and honor of each other? 
Things to think about...
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