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Friday, April 18, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! It's not just Good Friday, it's A GREAT FRIDAY in Jesus Name! You can always feel in the Spirit the Peace of God on such a day like today. I'm telling you I thank Jesus today for what He did for us on Calvary. I'm excited today! What Can Wash Away Our SINS, NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS! What can make us WHOLE AGAIN, Nothing BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS! God Bless Everyone on today and no matter what you're going through, you have so much to be thankful for! THANK GOD FOR THE BLOOD! Everyone have an amazing day today!

There are the Four Gospels in the New Testament that are personal stories of the life of Jesus Christ. Every version is in the Words of a Great Man of God who saw the life of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as He lived on the earth. It's amazing how each Man's view point, even if it was the same story, shows the Passion of Jesus Christ as He healed the Sick, raised the dead, and spoke to the Nations about what was happening in the Kingdom of God. Jesus was a bit of a Rebel. He came to go against the grain, go against what people knew, just to make them better. God didn't have to send His Son Jesus to save for the people of the World. But God cared so much about us, He knew only a pure Blood sacrifice would be the only way our sins could and would be forgiven.

What does Good Friday mean to you? Is it just another day? Does it have infinite significance in your life? I remember when we use to get Good Fridays off of work and out of school. The World has changed so much. You can't even go to work or school and PRAY ANYMORE. We take "Moments of Silence" and kids get teased for praying over their food or taking Bibles to school. People believe in a "Higher One", but it's not necessarily God. How are we living in a World which was created by God, but we're trying to forget about God and push Him out of it? If anyone can see, breath, walk, talk, or move, then you know GOD! What do you mean Professor? A person can tell you all that they want that they don't believe in God, but you have to tell them, "Do you believe in LIFE?" It says in the Word of God that "Jesus is the Way, The Truth, and The Life." (John 14:6) See, there is no LIFE, without THE LIFE, which is GOD! There are so many things we dispute about that the Word of God explains to a tee. We try to explain how we got here, but it says in Genesis 1 how God created us. We try to explain what marriage is, but it's explained in Genesis what marriage is and how life is created. We try to explain who and how we are Saved, but it talks about it in the Book of Acts how we're Saved. Anything that needs to be explained, that Bible has already done that. God sent Jesus to die for our sins. He prayed for another way in the Garden, but at His Will, He did what God wanted Him to do. I just thank Jesus today for being JESUS! If He never does another thing in my life, He's already DONE ENOUGH! He's been that GOOD, and for that, we give Him PRAISE! God bless everyone today and know that it's a Great Friday Indeed and make sure you give God PRAISE! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! It's been a FAST WEEK as we are already to Thursday! I pray nothing but blessings over everyone in Jesus Name! Let God ARISE, and our enemies be scattered. Know that the end is not near, but only a new beginning! God bless everyone today and know that your VICTORY is nigh! 

I find myself like a lot of other people wondering sometimes "Why does it seem like everyone always leave me?" Being Single, Mother passed away at an early age of mine, not really the best relationship with my father, I wonder sometimes why no one really ever stays around. People say they love you, they care for you, they will always be there for you. But after a while, people seem to get what they want out of you and leave. There are A LOT of Opportunist out there. They live off of your favour, glory, do whatever they have to do to build themselves back up from the folks who have torn them down, and once they get back to a good place, they leave. Sometimes we're just Blessed by God to help Bless Others. There's nothing wrong with this, but we often wonder sometimes, "Where is our ONE PERSON who will stick by us no matter what, until the better end." Then, it's God that always steps in with His Word that is always so true. Deuteronomy 31:6 says that "...He will never leave you nor forsake you." Even though all the other people in our lives have left us, we truly have to Thank God today that He never did leave us, even at our weakest times and hours.

So many people go strong for you, but it seems like once they get what they want out of you, or if they don't even get what they planned on getting out of you, they leave. So many people have hidden agendas in relationships today. It's a blessing that God's Grace and Mercy is always sufficient. God is the one that first loves us, continues to love us, and will always love us, no matter what we do or where we end up in our lives. All that He ask in return is that we love Him with everything in our being. Isn't it a blessing that we serve such a God, that even while we're trying to love all the wrong people who don't even love us, He still loves us enough to cover us, take care of us, and even hold us, when everyone else leaves us? I thank God today so much, for without Him, I might have went crazy with all the people who came in and out of my life. GOD IS AWESOME! If people don't want to stay in your life, LET THEM GO! People always have their eye on you from a distance, but all they'll see is God having you shine throughout all of your circumstances and difficulties. God bless everyone on today! Know that GOD is always with you and will always be there for you until the very end! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! HEY, if you missed the amazing The Professed Word Podcast on last night with Jason and Evita from The Nomadness Travel Tribe, you truly missed an amazing SHOW! Go to the Talkshoe Badge to the RIGHT of this Blog or check it out at THEPROFESSEDWORD.COM Find out how World Travel is COOL, no matter what age or color that you are! You can do it and here's a great group to get involved with. Their doing some amazing things and taking travel to a whole another level! 
God bless everyone on today!

The online world lost a great pioneer as Ms Karyn Washington, creator of "For Brown Girls" died of an apparent suicide at the age of 22 a few days ago. A Woman who was a light to so many other woman, had some struggles that we all have that did not get addressed in time. It's a sad time for so many of us who work so hard online to uplift and assist others through our creativity because honestly, we all have been to that point of just giving up. We all give out so much online sometimes, that the money, the attention, even the fame will never catch up to us. Not saying that we're only doing things online to get those things, but with all that we give out, the majority of the time we never get a lot of that love and support back. No matter who we are as people, there are times where we need to just ask for help if we're hurting. There is no better help in life than Jesus Christ. Not only is He there for us to pray for, but He'll also send the right people in our lives at the right times to encourage us to keep going in our lives when they get hard sometimes.

Psalms 46:1 reads "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." (KJV) It's not that we all don't need help, because we do, we have to be willing to ASK FOR HELP! We have to admit that sometimes, we're not as strong as we think that we are. We go through so many things in our lives that we may pacify them or squash them within ourselves. "I'm fine." We'll tell folks, when we know deep down we're not. We're hurting on the inside, we've been hurt, people have hurt us and if we don't get help, sometimes we keep allowing ourselves to be hurt. The tears come down at night, the fear sinks in about moving forward, we look and feel down, we just aren't ourselves. I will advise ANYONE to talk to SOMEONE! There is nothing wrong with getting counseling help, sitting down with a Minister, just being open and honest about what you're going through. Sometimes we spend so much time helping everyone else with their problems and issues, we never get help with ours. I'm not telling you something I've HEARD, I'm telling you what I know from experience. I've had to sit down and talk with someone in Counseling, I've sat down and talked with Ministers. It's not a sign of weakness, it was a cry for help from myself because I know I needed it. If you know you're hurting today, you can even email me at I have counseled many people and all conversations are private. TALK WITH SOMEONE! Let God help you and let Him send you the help that you need to be better on today! God Bless everyone and know that YES, life does get hard, but you can make it through anything with the help of God! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Resurrection Blog Week: Thank God For What You Have And All He's Done!

Good Morning Everyone! Are these the END OF DAYS? The Bible talks about in the last days how we might not even recognize the seasons. We went from on Monday 72 the High Temperature at 12AM to by 10PM, it was 30 degrees and snow was falling. I went from wearing shorts outside to a coat in less that 48 hours! MY GOD! Just let me be READY FOR YOU JESUS! God bless everyone today and know that Jesus is TRULY SOON TO COME! Will you be ready?

TONIGHT! Make sure you check out The Professed Word Podcast as we speak with Ms Evita and Jason from The Nomadness Travel Tribe about their wonder group and worldwide adventures! Tune in LIVE at 8pmest at THEPROFESSEDWORD.COM!

Today I celebrate a great milestone. I have been on my job exactly 3 years at Ivy Tech Community College. If someone would have told me I would have had accomplished all that I had in just a short 3 years, I probably would have never believed them. Professor JT was BORN here at Ivy Tech and I thank God for all the opportunities that I have had here. It's been a great journey so far and I pray it continues for a very long time. Touching the lives of students and helping them become better in their lives as they go towards their educational dreams and goals has become my passion in life. I remember praying to get back into working in Student Affairs and Higher Education when I was out of it for almost 3 years. I even had a great corporate job, but it didn't bring me the joy that working with college students did. I use to drive past Ivy Tech to my other job and say "I'm going to be working there in Jesus Name!" See, sometimes money, a great job, even being in a great company is not enough. We all need to do what makes us happy. YES, we have goals and dreams, we have been let down and have been up high and down low. The thing today we have to thank God for is all that we have RIGHT NOW! I can't thank Him enough because I KNOW where He has brought me from.

We spend our whole lives sometimes going after people and stuff, but when was the last time we just thanked God for all He has done right now! I love the Book of Psalms because David in many different chapters gives Glory the God for all He has brought him out of and done in his life. The praises and worship of David throughout the entire book of Psalms shows us that we need to praise God even more not just for what He's done, but for who He is. GOD IS GOOD! Let me tell you! I've seen the days where money was tight, there was very little food, I was sleeping on floors. God brought me from those things and STILL IS! I've gone from College Graduation Stages, to walking into my own home, to speaking and teaching to hundreds of people, just all at the young age of 32 years old. I KNOW GOD IS REAL! I've seen the bad days, people who said they loved me and walked away from me. People who lied on me and talked about me. BUT GOD! He always has made a way, sometimes out of NO WAY FOR ME! I've wondered sometimes, "How is THIS BILL going to get paid and I know I don't have any money!" and watched God PAY IT! God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly, above all we can ask or think! It's time to thank God for all He's done and all we have in our lives. YES, we want more and more is coming, but if you can PRAISE HIM with what you have, He'll have no problem blessing you with so much more! God bless everyone today and know that GOD...IS...SO...GOOD! 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! I thought this would be the PERFECT WEEK to bring in some great inspirational blogs as we are in Resurrection Week as Holy Week has began and the KING SHALL RISE AGAIN! It's a changing time and I thank God for the SHIFT in these last 40 days. Those who are suppose to be in your life are coming in and those who are not suppose to be in your life are moving out! God is doing some amazing things in the people of God's lives and be patient! LET GOD DO IT AND WORK OUT EVERY SITUATION! 
God Bless Everyone On Today And This Week!

I John Chapter 4 says that "God Is Love." It's one of my favorite passages in the Bible because just those 3 Words speak to our entire lives. We search for love, passion, appreciation, support, verification, and help from so many people. We want to be liked, we want to be thought about, we want people to care about us. We get so caught up in other people's feelings about us, that we start to focus our entire lives on if certain people like us or not. We throw fits, get excited, we're sad, we're hurt, we're depressed. Up and Down we go on the liking of a person. The thing we forget about is how that person loves God, is truly going to show us everything on how that person is going to love us. Not just verbally their love for God, but their lifestyle and actions says everything on how they will truly love us. Look how they live, how they carry themselves, how they speak, and number one, how they love themselves! All of this will show you deep down how a person will love you. How do you know there is no greater love than the love of God, because He came to this earth to DIE FOR US!

We need to stop putting all of our faith, trust, and love in Man. (and Woman) YES, we want to be loved on this side of life, but it's the Love of God that will never leave us nor forsake us. It's hard sometimes when it feels like no one loves you. BUT GOD LOVES YOU! He loves you so much, He sent His Only Begotten Son to die for our sins. Lets be honest, WE ALL ARE STILL SINNING! But if it had not been for Jesus, none of our sins would be forgiven. Now, that just doesn't mean go out and keep on SINNING! That means we are Saved by His grace and washed by his Blood. That means we need to realize who loves us more than anyone else. If that person that you have your eye on doesn't love JESUS, then how do you expect someone who doesn't love and know who LOVE IS, to LOVE YOU? We need to find more of God's Love for ourselves, especially on this week. Sometimes we need to cut off the cell phones, turn off the television and computers, just take time to get into the presence of God. TRUST ME, all those things and people will BE THERE when you get done. It's time to get back in LOVE WITH LOVE AGAIN! God Bless Everyone On Today and know that GOD LOVES YOU more than you ever will know! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Give Me ONE GOOD REASON We Should Pay College Athletes?

Good Morning Everyone! I feel good this morning! Weather is nice, got a great career, home, life. I know God is real! I just want people to thank God for His Goodness, Grace, and Mercy today! DO YOU, BE YOU, ENJOY THE LIFE YOU LIVE! Don't let anyone tell you that as you're doing God's Work it is WRONG! Let God Lead You To Your Destiny! There will ALWAYS be haters, but know that GOD is the Way, The Truth, and The Life! 
God Bless everyone on today!

So, I get into this debate SO OFTEN when it comes to why we should or shouldn't pay college athletes. If you look to the RIGHT on this blog, I also did a great Huff Post Live Interview about this very topic with Dr Boyce Watkins, Etan Thomas, and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and it was a great debate. In the recent weeks, Northwestern University in Chicago has made historic strides in the pay athletes journey by through the State of Illinois getting approved to have it's Basketball and Football Athletes considered as Unionize Employees. This means that they could possible make a request for wages from the University. The other day a video came out from UCONN National Championship and Final Four MVP Guard Shabazz Napier on how he said there are some nights he goes to sleep "STARVING" for lack of money. So all of a sudden, really since the Ed O'Bannon situation when his likeness graced a video game cover and he felt he deserved some of that money in the early 90's, College Athletes, Student Athletes, whatever you want to call them are all of a sudden "STRUGGLING." Forgive me if I don't fall into tears over this situation! If ANYONE has ever been to college and seen the lives of college athletes, on a lot of college campuses they live like spoiled rock stars. The are on Full or Partial Scholarships, books, fees, housing (even if they live off campus, get something towards their housing) food, athletic gear, workout in world class facilities. They get all of this but their complaints are starting to get ridiculous! So, give me ONE GOOD REASON today why college athletes should be paid?

Here's Professor JT's Break Down on this whole matter. YOU GO TO COLLEGE, FOR COLLEGE! If there was no college, these students would not be there to play the sport that they love! OK, so colleges start to give student athletes $2,000 per semester. Here are the problems with this...

1. Whose budget does this $2,000 a year come out of at the College or University?
2. If you pay the Basketball and Football Teams, don't you have to pay ALL the College Athletes on Campus the same amount as well?
3. Will there be a tracking system in place on what the students are using their money for? With all other funds utilized on campuses, they want to know if they are giving money, what is it going towards?
4. Are the colleges and universities putting spending trainings in place for the student athletes? Will criminal activity go on such as DUI's or Marijuana possession charges? What if they find out the money to purchase the drugs or alcohol that the student was charged with had came from the stipend money they got from the school?
5. After all that a student gets in FREE STUFF, what honestly can student athletes say they would use this money for? Dates with people, designer shoes and clothes?

These are questions that I know will have to continue to be researched as we want student athletes happy, but I do not think shoving them an extra stipend of money is the answer. That money has to come from SOMEWHERE! Not every college is making UK or UCONN money through television and endorsements. Do I think College Athletes should be paid...NO! You want to get paid, you get your degree, go overseas, or go to the pros! You put your work in, in college, so that you can GET PAID for what you do at the next level. College is not a resort or country club! Just as an Academic Scholar puts in work in research in projects, so does a college athlete in their sport. You don't hear Academic Scholars screaming about getting paid because they are in the labs and doing research all day?!?!? Do you know how much grant money comes into schools because of research? Folks better WAKE UP and realize what they are talking about because screaming for money can find college athletes in places that maybe they don't want to be in. READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Question: Do We Love Black Culture, But Hate Black People?

Good Morning Everyone! A Gorgeous, Sunny Day here in Indy and I know great things are in store for us all in Jesus Name! I want to send a special s/o to the WWE/WWF family as we send R.I.P. prayers and wishes for "The Ultimate Warrior", who just passed at the age of 54. Over all the years of myself being a wrestling fan, this was my all time favorite wrestler. He was JUST INDUCTED 3 days ago into the WWE Hall Of Fame. He definitely went out on top and prayers out to his wife and children.

And if you missed "The Professed Word" Podcast on last night, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!? No worries! Just hit play on the Talkshoe Badge to the RIGHT of this Blog or check out our amazing show with Mz Word, Lauryn Doll, and I at THEPROFESSEDWORD.COM 
Thanks for all the love and support everyone!

So, I was doing my Twitter trolling on yesterday and read an interesting tweet that said "We Love Black Culture, But Hate Black People." I had to sit back and think about this because in so many ways, this in kinda true. What do you mean Professor? Think about it...We LOVE Black Culture. The Music, The History, The Colors, The Figures, we stand by them and believe in all of it. Folks of all cultures, from all over the globe, love Black Culture. They participate in it and celebrate it, some even more than some Black People. Yet, see a Black Man walking around with his pants sagging and big t-shirt, or a black woman with bright colored hair and long nails and eyelashes. We turn our nose up at our own people, yet when it comes to the things that have made Black Culture popular, we celebrate it all! "Black Power", "Civil Rights", "Hip Hop & Rap", "R & B, Soul, Pop". What about MLK, Malcolm X, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Micheal Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, Jay Z? We have created a culture that is 2nd to none, but we put down the very people who are in it. 

You ever meet someone wearing Jordans, Dereon clothes, all kinds of accessories but turn their noses up at the thought of their own people. "UGH, I can't STAND Black People Sometimes!" How can we not stand who we ARE? No matter if you are BLACK...KOBE BRYANT, we still have to love our people. We're not going to always do right or wrong, but we're still US! We have to appreciate who we are. I hear so many people, talking about how they don't support Black Businesses because of how they operate and handle things. So many people roll their eyes when they see a Black Man with dreads or a Black Woman with a Gold in her mouth. But that could be a Professor at a college or a Doctor in a Hospital. The thing is, we are the #1 people as Blacks, who judge FIRST off of looks and don't even know who we're judging. I have a co-worker who went to Law School, and he loves to wear a hoodie and jeans and go places and see how people perceive him. Not even knowing he has a Law Degree, people won't even greet him or if they see him coming, will walk another direction. People, we need to celebrate not just our culture, but each other more. There would be no Black Culture, with out BLACK PEOPLE! We are still creating a culture and we want to make sure it's still a positive one for the next generations to enjoy. Lets keep the positive movements of us going and celebrate our successes as business leaders, political movers, and life changers to the World. WE ARE BLACK PEOPLE and it's time to celebrate all of us so much more! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why Do Women Hold Back Sex From The Good Guys After Sexing The Bad Ones For Years?

Good Morning Everyone! Professor JT is on the GRIND as I'm trying to get more involved with the Youth & Community of the City of Indianapolis. I had a great meeting yesterday with the Bloom Project, a Four Year Old Not-For-Profit Organization that is looking to keep 12-18 year old males engaged in learning activities and community events. It was a great opportunity to share my ideas and see what directions we could send the Bloom Project in. I was happy to be a part of such a special event and I can't wait until this Friday, when I'll be speaking to Public Allies Indianapolis on Emotional Intelligence. I give God all the Glory for these amazing opportunities to give back to my community and I'm just trying to be a part of the Good that's trying to stop the violence and make the city a better place to live. God bless everyone on today and know that GOD is waiting on YOU, to make a difference in your community today.

TONIGHT, on The Professed Word Podcast, after a week hiatus with some power outage issues down in Atlanta, we have Ms Lauryn Doll who will bless us with some great information on branding with a little bit of SEX APPEAL. You don't want to miss this amazing show tonight at 8pm est on THEPROFESSEDWORD.COM

So, I've been dating a bit and I've noticed something about a lot of Women lately, they are trying to do things DIFFERENTLY then maybe how they did it in their past. There is nothing wrong with that, but it's interesting the things that they seem to want to change as they are looking to settle down in their futures. When a lot of Women are younger, they had their "Freak Moments." Some were worse than others, but some just had more sexual freedom in their younger years and a lot of times, it wasn't with all the best guys. Maybe it was their TYPE and the Sex was amazing. They knew it may not turn into a marriage or they were giving time for the guy to get himself together, but for some reason, they never worked out together. They kicked it with who they wanted, when they wanted, HOW THEY WANTED! Videos, toys, sexual acts in different places and in all kinds of difference positions. After a while, when people started to get married and settle down, they started to wonder if maybe they need to do things differently in order to keep a Man. So, a Good Man comes along and all of a sudden, all the sex & sexual acts STOP! Is this necessarily a BAD THING or a GOOD THING? Were the Bad Guy's Needs more important to be met than the Good Guy's Needs? Is putting a lock on the sexual activity going to make a Man want to commit more to a Woman? These are my questions today and I'm wondering, are these great practices?

Withholding Sex from a Man in means to try to get him is never a good idea Ladies. If you are trying to do different, don't do it because you may be trying to get him. The Freak in you never goes away. The Man that you're keeping it from more than likely is going to get what you're not giving him from someone else. I always feel like there is at least one man that has a Woman's number and vice versa. We all have those 1-2-3 people who we know we have to stay away from because if we get alone with them for too long, some how our clothes end up off. If a Woman or even a Man has taken a vow or celibacy or to not do any sexual activity at all, that's different. Withholding or Giving Sex to another person will not keep them regardless! You have to do what's best for you. And if ANYTHING, if you are turning over a new leave in your sex life, NEVER bring up your past freaky escapades. It's probably best that you get rid of your past pictures, videos, ect because letting your current know about your past freaky tails may not make him feel very good as a Man as you now have become a Nun. LOL! Also, is the Freak going to come back out when you get married? What if you got so used to not doing anything sexual anymore with this person, that you completely stop? Is that fair to the Man that all the bad guys got that side of you and he never will? Just some observations I have seen in dating lately. If a Woman wants to hold back sexually, that's fine. A Woman or a Man shouldn't start out sexually then pump the brakes in a relationship either, that sends people mixed messages. You know what you want out of your relationship. Give your best and what y'all do is between you two! Leave the past behind and enjoy who you are with to the fullest! You don't want to hold back from the right one because you may be setting yourself up to lose them. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend and what a BEAUTIFUL weekend we had here in Indy! It was WARM, Sunny, just perfect weather and it made for a very relaxing and amazing weekend! We are rollin on through April! I pray nothing but SUCCESS for you all in Jesus Name! God Bless and have an amazing week!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The National Championship Games for the NCAA Division I Women's and Men's are HERE and what a run it has been for the UCONN Men's and Women's Teams! They are BOTH in the Championship Games for the 2nd time in their school's and in NCAA History. These teams did it before back in 2004. We'll see the Men's Teams play tonight an All Freshman Starting Line up of the University of Kentucky Wildcats take on the fast and scrappy Shabazz Napier and University of Connecticut Huskies. Then on Tuesday Night, the Battle of the Unbeaten Teams, Notre Dame at 37-0, takes on a 38-0 UConn Team. TWO EPIC BATTLES will be happening in the next two days! The Question is NOW...WHO YA GOT?!?!

I, Professor JT, make my PICKS for the NCAA Championship Games! Since MY MEN'S PICK of Florida was defeated by UCONN, I WANT UCONN TO BE BEAT! So I pick the all Freshman University of Kentucky Wildcats to bring home their 2nd Championship in 3 years.

For my Women's Pick, it always seems like Notre Dame gets there and can never finish. As much as I LOVE Notre Dame, I pick the UCONN WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM to bring home another championship! It's going to be two great championship games! WHO YOU GOT!?!? LETS GET IT ON!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! Awaken by Thunder, Lightening, and Rain as those April Spring Showers have rolled into Indianapolis. I hope that everyone has an amazing day and know that this April might seem to be bumpy already, but it's all just lining you up for an amazing rest of 2014! God Bless!

You remember the last time you talked on the phone with someone you just met and had a REAL CONVERSATION? I mean, you actually TALKED about LIFE, THINGS, and the conversation went on and on and you didn't want it to end? It wasn't texting back and forth or DM/IM after DM/IM. It was a real connection, through our VOICES! You could hear the volume peaks, the laughs, the voice gestures, and not just get the "LOL", "IKR", or every emoticon in the WORLD to describe how a person feels. Even in an argument, it's all CAPS to let the other person know that you mean BUSINESS! Ever have someone send you a text and you took it all the wrong way, only to find out it totally meant something else? We need to give our fingers a REST and start to work out our vocal cords again. So the question today is basically, is technology ruining our communication and relationships?

It's interesting so much now meeting people in person, because sometimes all the internet and phone talk is just all of that...JUST ALL TALK! People talk big game behind screens, but when you meet them, sometimes it's totally different. When was the last time we actually said in the text message "Call Me..." because we wanted to hear someone's voice? You know what happens most of the time, people can't or really don't want to talk to you at all. Sometimes the internet and texting are great cop outs! We can do it quick and people don't have to know where we are, who is around us, nothing. When a person actually takes time out of their day to call and talk to you, especially for more than 5 minutes, that person actually cares about you. SHOOT, even taking time out of their schedule to come, sit, and TALK WITH YOU, that means you're special to them! THAT'S HUGE THESE DAYS! We say we want a relationship, but how do we want one and all we do is keep it as an "Technolaship." YES, you heard it here first folks by PROFESSOR JT! THANK GOD FOR THE NEW WORD! Are you in a Technolaship? Do all you two do is text back and forth, send picture mail, and never see each other? It's time to START TALKING AGAIN! Makes you wonder what did we do before the internet and cell phones? OH YEAH, WE TALKED TO EACH OTHER! Lets get to talking to who we want so that while they are texting us, their not sitting across talking to someone else! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - PROFESSOR JT
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