Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back To School! The PhD Journey Begins Photo Tour at IUPUI

Good Morning Everyone!
I pray that everyone is having an amazing day so far and enjoying life to the fullest!
Just a small post today of my FIRST DAY Journey of PhD life at IUPUI.
A lot of people are probably like "WHAT IS IUPUI?" 
IUPUI is Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
It is an amazing Research 1 Institution that brings two great Universities together in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis!
It truly is a blessing to be able to work towards my Urban Education PhD right around the corner from where I work everyday and right in my Hometown! I'm truly blessed and honored for this opportunity. My Cohort 4 of classmates had our first class last night, Issues in Urban Education and I know we are in for a REAL TREAT this semester with talking about all the Equality and Inequalities that is our Educational System.
ENJOY THE PICS! Let me know if you spot the GREEN POWER RANGER! YES... this is TRULY COLLEGE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! From Undergrad Freshman to PhD Students, it's great to be BACK IN SCHOOL!

And the view from my Classroom this semester. 
Yeah, I think I may like it here :-)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Moving Forward: The PhD Journey Begins

Good Morning Everyone! I pray that everyone is doing VERY WELL as we're about to wrap up August in less than a WEEK! A Month truly of New Beginnings for so many, I pray that you are in tune with God and enjoying yours. This thing called LIFE, it's not easy sometimes. We have to go through so much stuff and it still seems like we aren't making it sometimes. But just know that God is with you always. No matter what it looks like, you can GET THROUGH IT! Keep on praying, keep on pressing, keep on moving forward. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and everyday with Jesus, is SWEETER than the day before. God bless everyone on today and know that your blessing and your miracle is truly on the way!

I was in my Band class talking with some of my classmates and Band teacher about getting a Doctorate. I was 18 years old, about to graduate from High School in the year of 2000 and headed to college. My band teacher tells me "Well, you can get a Doctorate in ANYTHING!" 18 year old me, a Black Male from the Inner City, and I never even knew that. I thought the only Doctors there were worked in Hospitals. Was I that naive 15 years ago? No, I just had never been exposed to that life of Academia before. A lot of Inner City Youth never really have been. Now, 15 years later, I know exactly what my Band Teacher meant, and I thank Dr Hayes for that now, who just a few years ago, received his Doctorate in Music from NYU. I have a lot of people to thank for this opportunity that has come to me today. Tony Brewer who selected me for the McNair Scholars program. A program that helps Minority Scholars push towards getting their PhDs. I have to thank Dr Briggs, who selected me in 2004 to become a Resident Assistant at Indiana State University and gave me my first taste of what Student Affairs and in working in Higher Education was like. I have to thank Coach Burton back in my Junior year of High School, who told me that I could go to any college I wanted too. Finally, I have to thank my mother, Doris Jean Powell-Hodges, whose birthday would have been August 27th, but she passed away in 1996. She took my younger brother and I to college with her while she was pursing her Bachelors in Elementary Education at Marian College (now Marian University). She showed me that even with 2 kids and 2 jobs, you can't let anything stop you from getting your Education and bettering your life for yourself. She died just one day before she was suppose to start her first job out of College as an Elementary School Teacher. I do this for her and all of those people like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and other Blacks who didn't get a chance to fully live their dreams.

Getting this PhD in Urban Education at IUPUI, with the journey starting with my first class today isn't about me. This journey is twofold; It's about the people who GAVE to me, and the people who I will be GIVING too for the rest of my life. I do this Education thing for the people who have never seen a Black Man with a Doctorate degree before. I do this Education thing to give back to the people of City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana, who all helped me get to this point of my life. I do this for my friends and family, who have been with me all these years and now I get to show them a life none of us have never seen before. I prayed hard on Sunday night. I shut off the television, put on some worship music and sought the face of God. God told me, "It will be hard, but you can do it!" That's all I needed to know, that Jesus was with me on this journey. I thank God for all my readers and people who have rode with Professor JT over these last few years. Just know that your life isn't about you, it's about living your life to help others. This PhD Journey is about getting better in my life, to be able to be better for someone else's life out there. I'm blessed to know that Lord's Willing one day in Jesus Name, I'll be Dr J. C. Turner. It's nice to know that even at my age, I still get that GIDDY feeling of the first day of school. It's like I'm a kid all over again, and I'm so blessed to have this amazing opportunity. Y'all pray for me and know that YOUR JOURNEY is possible! You can do anything you put your mind too. Making it IN is one thing, but making it OUT is truly what the Real Journey is all about! God bless Everyone On Today! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

If Ghost Is Dead, Why Does Everyone Want To KILL HIM? The Amazing Starz Series "POWER"

Good Morning Everyone! I pray all is going well for you on this Terrific Thursday! I just want people to not to forget your Blessings and know that everyday with Jesus, is SWEETER than the day before! BE THANKFUL, SO THANKFUL for everyday that you have on this Earth and for everything you have. I know we can get in complaining modes at time when stuff isn't going our way, but we have to look where God brought us from, and know that troubles do not last always. It's only a TEST that you're going through right now! It might be hard today, but know that things get difficult, to make you better. Pressure makes things stronger, and you're built and made for this. God won't put more on us than we can bear! Just know that what you're going through will be over real soon, and you will come out as pure Gold! God bless everyone on today. Be grateful, humble, lovable, peaceful, and always thankful! Everyone have an amazing day!

So, I had a friend last year that put me on to the start of this new Series on Starz called POWER. NOW, I'm a REALLY picky television person and I do not think people can write scripted shows like they use to back in the day at all. But when I tell you that this show Power is ALL THAT and a BAG OF CHIPS, I Truly Mean It! This Weekend POWER wrapped up it's second season and now we all have to wait a YEAR until we see why everyone is trying to KILL GHOST! If you never have watched the show, you have a full year to catch up on 2 seasons. And let me tell you RIGHT NOW, IT WILL BE WORTH IT! The show goes into a young man and his best friend who grew up in the drug game to become two of the biggest drug pushers in New York. Ghost AKA James St Patrick and his best friend Tommy, have built a huge Drug Empire, but James is tired of being "Ghost" and wants OUT the Drug Game. He opens a club called "Truth" to start his process of getting out of the Business, but no one wants him OUT! Not his wife Tasha, not Tommy, not even the Distributor, Lobos, who he gets his drugs from, who actually wants him to run his entire US Cartel. A clutch angle to the show is James St Patrick old high school flame coming back into his life, which makes things even more complicated when he finds out she is trying to find "GHOST" and take down Lobos Drug Game as a Federal Attorney. 

I commend the writers of this show because they REALLY went deep into making sure viewers watch every detail of this show. You literally have to watch every episode at least twice to catch everything that happens because every little thing leads to something else more significant later on in the show. I'M HOOKED! I get to thinking about the show at work and while I'm chillin at home like "What is going to happen NEXT?" NOW, the only negative I have about the show is the cast. It's not the STRONGEST cast, but everyone is starting to come into their role more and more as the season's progress. 50 Cent really puts light to a Drug Game that we all knew was there, but never knew how DEEP it really went. Kudos to this cast and the Producers, who I know are somewhere salivating on what they are going to do for a third season of Power. Definitely check it out from the beginning and let me know your thoughts! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Struggle Of The New Age Adult Baby "Boss"

Good Morning! Thursday is HERE! I hope that everyone is having a great week so far as we are knocking on the door to the middle of August! I pray it's been a Great One for you so far as you're looking at new things, doing new things, going for greater and better in your life! Believe in YOURSELF! Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do! God is with you! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. God bless everyone on today! Stay Confident, Be Strong, know that God is with you with everything that you do and desire! Have a wonderful day everyone!

I get a kick out of these kids today. Even though I'm only 33, it just seems like where I am is 20-30 years ahead of the thinking of folks who just hit 30 and younger. It's the "BOSS" Generation. The young people who feel like they are RUNNING THINGS...but really don't RUN ANYTHING AT ALL! The "BOSS" Chick, who is so cute and fabulous, but drives a broke down car or a car in a family member's name, has cheap weave and clothes, and gets an attitude or frustrated when things don't go her way because she's spoiled. That "BOSS" Dude, who wears Jordans, but doesn't like to work, can't keep a job, lives with his parents or family members, and always want to tell everyone else what to do or what they are about to do with no money or plans written down. It's a lot of Adult "BOSS" Babies walking around! No real direction in their lives about what they want to really do in it. It's all about looking fly, making money, and being popular to people who really don't care about them. 

It's a crazy sense of entitlement that a lot of these young people have that has me really concerned about the World in the next 20-30 years. So many young people feel like they are running things, have things under control, or can tell others what to do, when they do not have anything going on for themselves. "I don't need a DEGREE!" "I'm on my GRIND and about making this MONEY!" "Man, I'm about to hustle and start this business, you know what I'm sayin?" NO, we don't know what you're SAYIN! A lot of times it's help out there for these young people, but they don't want to take the time to listen or hear what anyone has to say about what they need to do to make things happen in the right way. It's about making it THEIR WAY, AT THEIR TIME, AT THEIR SPEED! Now, if you want to give them a hook up or hand out or connection with someone who will get them to where they want to go, OH, they'll take that! But will you get a THANK YOU from it...don't hold your breath for it. 

NOW, I'm not saying this is ALL younger people, but if you ever have a young person who is SO CONTENT on saying that they are a "BOSS", ask them "What exactly are you a BOSS of?" What do these young people do, who do they lead or manage? What credentials do they have that put them in a place of authority, O High and Mighty BOSSES? It's a lot to being a True Boss! It's a lot more responsibility that a lot of these young people truly are ready to take on or be in control of. Yes, I understand being a "BOSS" is the new and hype mindset or thing, but make sure folks know what a Real BOSS is. A person who handles their responsibilities, who doesn't brag or show off what all they do or can do, who gives backs to their communities, and works hard to become a better person for themselves and for others. That's what a BOSS IS! So be on the Lookout for these Flossin Baby Adult BOSS types out here! They might be right in your cities, towns, neighborhoods. SHOOT, might even be right in your house running up the cell phone bill, eating all the foot, and staying in their rooms all day and night! Cheers too the Baby Boss Types of the World. Maybe they will grow up one day! 
READ...SHARE...LOVE! Professor JT 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

If Women Say "A Good Man Is Hard To Find!" Why Do They STRUGGLE With Him When They FIND ONE?

Good Morning Everyone! Tuesday is HERE and I pray it's a great one for you so far! We are ROLLIN through another month as it's already the 11th of August! SHEESH! I hope you're gettin it IN this month and not letting a minute pass you by! I'm already knee deep in Articles and my Syllabus as my PhD journey has begun. I'm blessed to be able to have this opportunity, but more SHOCKED about what I have started to began to read about Blacks in Education. That's why I'm here, that's why I'm doing this. To be able to change the landscape of Education for the better for Blacks and Minorities alike. If we want better, it starts with US as Adults. WE have to get more, so our children can HAVE MORE! God bless everyone on today! Work hard, stay focused on your dreams! Know that in order to have change, you have to BE THE CHANGE! Lets make positive things HAPPEN!

So, I see it more often than ever these days. The Women who spend almost have their lifetimes with JERKS and then pray and hope for "A GOOD MAN!" We're outchea that for sure! Good Men are out here and we want a Great, Hardworking Woman. Problem is, a lot of them have dealt with and been with Jerks and Bad Boys for so long, it's hard for them to be with a Good Guy! You ever see a Single Mother or a Woman who has just had bad relationship after bad relationship FINALLY get a Good Guy? He WORKS, he takes care of himself, family, friends, and most importantly, HIS WOMAN. Even her kids if she has them, he's just THERE FOR HER. He pushes her, supports her, helps her with her life and her dreams. It's almost SURREAL! Like a Dream come true for the Woman. The Problem comes along with just that THOUGHT, IS THIS MAN REALLY REAL!?!? Sometimes there are Women who feel like there are some guys who REALLY ARE too good to be THAT GOOD? "He has to be Hiding Something!" "He has skeletons in his closet, I know it!" So much overthinking goes into this Good Guy, that a Woman just KNOWS something has to be wrong with him. That's just one area of where Women are really getting themselves in trouble when it comes to keeping their Good Guy.

A few other things come into play when it comes to a Woman getting a Good Man. One area is his faithfulness. It's always in question about this THIS MAN and does he really only wants THIS WOMAN! A lot of these insecurities in Women come from being cheated on by guys before. Some Women are even SHOCKED that some Men don't jump at them or even abuse them physically or verbally like other Men have done in their past have. These Women sometimes even TRY these Men, push their buttons to the max to try to see if they can get them to that level of getting upset or putting their hands on them! Petty I know, but I've seen it happen before. Another area that Women struggle in with is having a Good Man that is consistent and has a stable life style. Some Women are so use to taking care of their Men, that they struggle with trying to find a place in their lives because they don't have to pay his bills or help him find a job. All a Good Man wants is a Woman who will support him in his success and positive ventures, but that's hard for some Women to do when all they know how to do is hold their Man down who may not be working or dealing with court issues and baby momma/friends/family/Exs Drama. See, there is suppose to be a Peace with being with a Good Man and some Women are so use to Drama in their relationships, it almost doesn't FEEL RIGHT not having dream in them! I want all Women to be happy in their relationships with their Men, but a lot of the Overthinking and wondering if he's really a Good Guy and doing good things really has to stop. That's why I see so many Good Guys just being Single, because they don't want to have to deal with the drama of many of these Women's Exs that they can't get over and that they bring into the Relationships with the Good Guy. Ladies, just watch what you ask for! Not only just that, just make sure you're ready for what you get when God sends that Good Man too you! READ...SHARE...LOVE! - Professor JT

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Thought For Black People...

Good Morning Everyone! Nothing too much blog wise today! I just wanted to tell everyone THANK YOU so much for all your continued support with The Professor JT Blog. I've shut down the @THEPROFESSOR_JT Twitter Account for the time being. I'll also be in and out from blogging the next few weeks as we're in HIGH TIME here at my College as we're registering students, getting ready for the Fall Semester. PLUS, I'm gearing up for this PhD Run starting here in a few weeks. I'm nervous and blessed at the same time, so y'all send up a prayer for Ol Professor JT as I'm trying to be the NEXT Black PhD and the FIRST in my Family.

You know, we don't see too many Black PhD's around. It's when you start to SEEK to get a PhD, that you seem to run into TONS OF THEM! LOL! I'm so blessed and happy about the people I'm starting to connect with and it's truly a blessing to be going down this path. I started Undergrad 15 years ago, in 2000, and who knew 15 years later, I'd be prepping to start a PhD. It's a blessing and a miracle I'm telling you. I said that the Bachelors was for my Mother who passed away in 1996 and pushed me and my brother to stay with God and get our college degrees. The Masters was for me, and the PhD is for Jesus, my City of Indianapolis, and for all the people who gave to me all these years. I'm excited to get this Doctorate to give back to all the people who was there for me and who helped me become the Great Man that I am. 

Like I said earlier, I'm excited and I'm nervous at the same time. Never have a seen a person actually PURSUE a PhD. Not where I came from in the streets of Indianapolis. Just to make it to a Bachelors is an amazing accomplishment, but several of my friends as Black Men have done it. But it's that higher level of Education that I want people to start to look more into. Masters and Doctorates. Those Professional Degrees that once achieved, you can really start to write your own ticket in life and make your own path to success. I want everyone to get SOMETHING under their belts. Some types of Certifications or Degrees. These are things that no one can take away from you. We as black people get so caught up on the things people can SEE! Cars, Homes, Clothes, Money. All this tangible stuff that can deteriorate and at the end of the day doesn't really mean anything at all. It's the stocks, bonds, degrees, land, paintings, artwork, things that appreciate in value that we need to get our mindset more focused on. Things we can obtain wealth with and leave for our child and children's children one day. We get our kids so focused on what type of athlete or entertainer that they can be, they don't realize that talent fads and there is someone always out there better than them or competing against them. When you have a strong mind, no one can take that away from you. You can work on your intelligence and use it to go very far in life. Lets think about what we're doing with our lives and teaching our youth today. That's my thought for Black People today. Lets go for more...lets get ready for better and greater in our lives. God bless everyone on today. Lets make our lives great for ourselves and for the ones we love around us.

Friday, July 31, 2015


Good Morning Everyone! It's a GREAT FRIDAY for SURE! It's the end of the Month! Pay Day for a lot of folks! It's Warm FINALLY, consistently warm! It's a good time for God's People! Don't let ANYONE take your joy away! Know that whatever you do in life, BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! People might not understand you or what you're about, BUT GOD DOES! Put everything in His hands and know that He will Give you the Desires of your heart and all will be well! God bless everyone on today!

You know, when I look at my life, it's actually been pretty darn good. So many things did happen, but it could have been so much worse. We get so caught up in the wrong things and the wrong people that we sometimes forget about all the good things that God is doing in our lives. SURE, we might be SINGLE or MONEY MAY BE FUNNY or WORKING A JOB WE CANT STAND, but you know what, it's ok. "Well, what you do MEAN it's ok Professor JT?" I'm Glad You Asked!! We have to realize that the things we may be the MOST unhappy about, someone is wishing they even had a LITTLE of what you have. We may not have everything we want and need, but we have to have faith that better days are on the way! This has been on of the BEST SUMMERS I have had in a very long time. So many summers I dreaded getting up because my money wasn't what I wanted it to be or because I was single. I look back on all of that and realized, I wasted a lot of fun summers moping around over stuff that really wasn't that important. We have to Carpe Diem...SEIZE THE DAY! We have to realize that even though things may be rough now, still thank God for life and that more abundantly. No matter what we're going through, we have to realize that ONE DAY... Everything is going to be ALRIGHT!

Everyday, I wake up and say "Thank You Jesus!" I may roll out of bed kind of slow, but I thank God I got up. See, I get JOY when I think about, what all God has done for me! 1 Corinthians 2:9 says it all! We can't even SEE all that the Lord has for store for us who loves Him. But as long as we keep getting up and doing what we can every single day, after a while, things come together for us. There is so much in store for us if we keep pressing, keep believing, and faint not. YES, we want to give up some days. Some days it just seems like giving up would be such an easier thing to do. But I read something that always stuck with me when I was going through in my life one day, "God shows up at the 11th hour, but most people give up right at 10:45!" You are SO CLOSE to your miracle, to your breakthrough, to your blessing! You just have to HOLD ON a little while longer. I know it hurts! I know it gets hard! But God won't put more on you than you can bear. Stay in your Word! READ IT! Get the encouragement that you need. Get around Godly Believers and Positive People like yourself.

 See, we have to be happier about the life that we have and live! If we're not, it will just pass us by. YEARS we waste thinking about what could and would have happened IF this person wouldn't have been there or if THIS wouldn't have happened. But you know what...IT'S OK TO MOVE ON AND LET IT GO! Don't let another day, as a matter of fact, don't go into August thinking about that situation or problem anymore! LET IT GO! August is the 8th Month of the YEAR! 8 is the Number of NEW BEGINNINGS! What will your New Beginning be TOMORROW, that will set you up for the rest of your 2015 to be a Success? It's going to be OK! I'm not just telling you, I'm a living Witness! Just a few years ago, I was living with people, now, I have my own house. Just a few years ago I was working a part time job, now I'm in my Career and loving it! Just a few years ago it was a dream to get my PhD, now in a few weeks, I'll be starting my PhD Program! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE...ALRIGHT! God bless you today! Believe and have faith that things will and are going to be and get so much better for you really, really soon! Go after what you want, write a plan, make it PLAIN! What you want still and can happen, if you just BELIEVE and push towards it! 


Thursday, July 30, 2015

STAY IN YOUR LANE! Why Celebs And Other Folks Need To Stick To WHAT THEY DO!

Good Morning Everyone! It's a Great Thursday Morning and I pray that you are feeling blessed today. I hope everyone is feelin the new upgrades to The Professor JT's Blog! It's Awesome RIGHT?!?! LOL! I appreciate all the support the last three years and I'm feeling blessed and good about all that God has in store for us all. Stay with God with all that you do. Be Blessed, get Encouragement from the Word of God when you need it, find people that can help you be the best that you can be every single day. God bless everyone on today. Know that tomorrow isn't promised to any of us! 
Live today to your FULLEST!

It seems like these days, with social media and all the television stations that we have, when a famous person has something to say, someone will allow them to say it. Everyone has this VOICE that they feel like they have to let be heard by the World when it comes to serious topics we're all dealing with. NOW, I'm not saying everyone doesn't have some good points to some things. I like listening to some people like David Banner and Dr Marc Lamont Hill speak on Racial Topics. But take for instance Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby YES went to college and everything like that, but he is by career and trade an entertainer and comedian. For YEARS, he made us all laugh. As he got older, instead of staying in his lane of entertainment and comedian, he started doing public speaking engagements, talking about things like politics and other national/international issues. See, the thing is, if you're famous, people are going to come out, LISTEN, and dissect everything you have to say. SO, you have to KNOW what you're talking about, and a lot of times, a lot of these people REALLY DON'T! Whether a Pastor talking deep about Politics, an Athlete talking about Music and Art, even an Educator talking about many Social Issues. We have to realize that just because we have a little status in our lives doesn't mean we need to be the Guru on speaking on every subject and topic.

I think in life we all look for the next MLK or Malcolm X. That next person who is truly going to speak for the Black People. A lot of times people just start speaking on topics to get a check or get even more famous. I don't believe MLK or Malcolm X ever TRULY wanted to be who they became. They saw a need and filled it. The Black Community needs more people like that. People that realize that speaking up on topics needs real passion and attention from who is speaking on it, and people don't need to do it unless they absolutely know what they're talking about. We have to be careful about speaking on any and every topic, because when someone who is REALLY engaged in that area tries to check us about what we know, we could really embarrass ourselves and the people we're trying to represent. So just because you have enough money to run for President, doesn't mean a person needs too. So many people are just trying to say things for all the wrong reasons, not knowing that people will chop up your statements so much, it will make you look like a Monster when it's all said and done. We got to pray for our people. Let people speak their minds YES, but don't take everything to a grain of salt from someone who hasn't been taught or trained in certain areas. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Good Morning Everyone! I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend as I'm still in recovery from a VERY BUSY Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration Weekend! I was SO BLESSED to have the opportunity to talk to some of the Indy Youth at the "Your Life Matters" Summit at the Indy Downtown Hyatt Hotel on Friday about The Professor JT Blog, Technology, & Media. It was great to sit with some of Indy's Elite as we gave back some of the great things we have been taught over the years to the Youth, like WATCHING what you put on the Internet and Social Media. I also was able to check out the Education and Relationship Panel on Saturday at the Indiana Convention Center, which had the likes of Omari Hardwick, Derek Luke, and Stephen Bishop. DROVE THE INDY WOMEN CRAZY! I don't think they listened to ONE WORD these Brothers said! LOL! Finally, shout out to my Home Church, Christ Temple Apostolic in Indy, as they Celebrated their 100th Church Convention in the City of Indianapolis and BOY did they have some CHURCH this past week! I'm blessed to be a part of such a great city with great events and history! GOD IS TRULY GOOD! Continue to give back to your communities and love God the entire way! WATCH HIM MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! GOD BLESS!

So the other day, someone tweeted out how it just seems like a lot of times a big downfall for a a WOMAN! WELL, we have to realize at the end of the day THAT MAN CHOSE to be with that Woman. Whether if things are done spitefully or it's just how the cookie crumbled in that relationship, truly a Woman's presence in a Man's life can make or break everything about him. Women have more POWER than what some of us Men even realize. OH, this goes back WAY into the Bible Days. David and Bathsheba, Samson and Delilah, SHOOT, even ADAM AND EVE! Some of the GREATEST STORIES ever told involved some of the greatest Men being effected by a Woman some how or some way. Now, not every story with a Woman effecting a Man is a tragedy, one of the greatest stories ever told is how God selected a Virgin Woman to birth a King named Jesus. Sometimes these Men bring the curses of life on themselves, by doing their Women dirty. Cheating, Lying, Not Supporting the Woman or the kids. We have seen tremendous downfalls of Great Men because of their lack of love to their Women. 

I don't think I've seen more of an epic Downfall for a Man once he did a Woman wrong than from Tiger Woods. The once heralded possible Greatest Golfer of All Time has taken an epic fall from Grace as the turmoil of his divorce from him Wife has seriously took a toll on his life and Golf Career. Yeah, Tiger was clowning when he should have been at the Hospital with his wife. See, you can't do a Woman wrong and don't think that stuff won't come back and effect you! The age ol saying goes, "It's Cheaper to Keep Her!" still reigns true today. Look at Warren Sapp, Michael Jordan, all kinds of Athletes and Celebs who had these lavish weddings with these gorgeous Woman, only to end up paying outlandish child support cost every month and paying their wives Millions in Alimony. Women were put on this Earth to be a Man's Helpmeet, but they will Help MEET a Man's demise too if a Man doesn't treat her right! Woman are BLESSED, so if you screw over a BLESSED WOMAN, pretty much it's going to ruin a Man's Blessings. BUT, if you BLESS a Woman, the Glory of God can and will come upon a Man's life. Even if a Woman TRIES to do a Man wrong, he can't be brought down if he treated her with love and respect. That's the thing too, a Man's love for a Woman can help him get even more blessed, even if she isn't there to help bless him! We gotta take care of our Women WAY BETTER Fellas! Our making and breaking in life a lot of times comes from how we TREAT the Blessings that God has given us...OUR WOMEN! 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Love You Today...I Hate You Tomorrow! Why Is It So Hard For Millennials To DATE?

Good Morning Everyone! It is the VERY MIDDLE OF JULY! Sorry for my short Hiatus! I was on Vacation last week and got a SURPRISE vacation day yesterday, as our Power at my college was out, so I ended up CHILLIN ALL DAY! I LOVE IT! I hope that everyone is really thinking about the rest of 2015 and that are you on track to accomplishing the things you have set out to do in your life. THINGS HAPPEN, we all know that. Just know that you can turn around ANY SITUATION with the help of God. Don't let things of your past hold you back from a prosperous future! GOD IS WITH YOU! Remember that and everything will be alright as you move forward to accomplish your dreams! God bless everyone on today! Your Future Is NOW! GO FOR IT! Watch God Take Care Of YOU!!

I hear from a lot of people, especially 20 somethings that Dating Today SUCKS! ANNNNND, they are RIGHT! If you are married or in a long term relationship, if they are good too you, DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO WORK THAT RELATIONSHIP OUT! Don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE break you up because you don't want to be out here Dating Bruh! It's not that it's even HARD, because I don't believe that Love is hard. It's that people DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT! They say that they do one day, and then the next day, it's like a total 180 turn around. "Well, I thought I liked you, but then I hung out with you, and I realized that I didn't so, we're done!" WHAT?!?! I feel NO ONE, and I mean, no other group of people does this better than the Millennials today. Millennials are young people born from the early to mid 80's to the late 1990's I say. So, people who are JUST about to reach the age of 30 and down to people who are JUST reaching College now, YEAH, those are Millennials. The kids who pretty much knew the Power Rangers, but REALLY were into Pokemon. THOSE FOLKS! So why is it SO DIFFICULT for Millennials to date today? Especially for someone like me who was on the back end of Generation X and have tried to date me, do it at your OWN RISK! 
Here are some reasons I feel Millennials are having SO MANY DATING ISSUES!

When you look around into Dating, during these Millennial growing up years, the Internet and Social Media hit its BOOM TIME! So, back in the days, when the only way you could date is if you WENT OUTSIDE and went places to meet people, today it's just as simple as sitting on your couch & clicking some buttons. Not even getting on Dating Sites, you can just be on Facebook or Twitter and connect with 1,000's of people all day, every day. And don't look GOOD... SHOOOOOT, you will ALWAYS have Fans, Followers, Friends, WHATEVER you want to call them trying to get your attention! If the ONE you're with or want to be with acts up, all you have to do is log in and there are 5-10 other people there to give you all the love and attention you want! PLUS, this is the Generation of you can date WHOEVER YOU WANT! So now, people are dating Men AND Women, making those options even greater and trust issues even more prevalent! 

Sure, these days all you have to do is get on your phone or computer's internet and love is a possible DM away, but then comes the issue of WHERE love is. A lot of times, if you lived in a City long enough, every City has about 2 Degrees of Separation. What do you mean Professor JT? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED! You meet someone NEW, you two are from the same city and you two decide to go on your FIRST DATE or have your FIRST REAL Phone coversation. So you start asking each other about each other. What HS/Colleges you went to, what side of town you grew up on, what church you grew up at? SO NOW, you start to think once you get these answers "Huh, I know someone FROM THERE!" Come to find out after a few minutes of talking, you have just met a friend from HS's cousin! SO NOW, you don't even want to talk to them because that friend from HS was CRAZY! Pretty soon, you realize everyone in your City knows everyone else, so now you just stop dating locals. So, you look online and start to connect with people, but it seems like ALL THE GOOD ONES LIVE A MILLION MILES AWAY! You're on the East Coast, and your Love lives in Cali. You're in Canada, and the one you're diggin lives in Texas! You give it a SHOT, try to get FLOWN OUT or hit up a bus and after a while, Millennials are too spoiled and don't have the patience to wait every 2-3 months to see Bae. So, someone cheats or calls it off because they don't see them enough and neither person wants to MOVE for the other person. It's a constant love struggle of when will LOVE COME THEIR WAY!

Baby Boomers GOT IT. I even think Generation X folks GOT IT! One thing I see Millennials struggle with more than ANYTHING...IS STABILITY. A lot of Millennials grew up in the Generation of FAST MONEY! The "Bling Bling", make these beats, go play ball, technology start ups. Everything is about GET IT DONE FAST with Millennials. Not a lot of "Stack Now, Play Later." It's a definitely a lot of "I WANT ALL & I WANT IT NOW!" So, when it comes to dating and relationships, a lot of Millennials want someone who has it all together, even if THEY themselves do not have it all together. It's a lot of "Give me a shot, I'm getting myself together, I got this BIG DEAL about to come in." Then, those people say "I want a mate who has THIS, THIS, AND THIS!" It's a lot of STANDARDS that Millennials want met, but they don't necessarily have them met for themselves. A lot of, "I have 2 kids, but I want someone with NO KIDS!" Also the "I need someone BALLIN, home, car, good job, making good money!" While they are still living at home and don't have any real plans going on for themselves. A lot of Double Standards when it comes to Stability and Millennials. A lot of "My money, is my money and YOUR MONEY is MY MONEY" types. AND DON'T LOSE YOUR STABILITY! Hold you down...PLEASE! A lot of times they are ON TO THE NEXT ONE and gone on the first thing SMOKIN if you don't keep your BALLIN UP!

If you talk to a Millennial today, a lot of their WANTS in a Mate are VERY SUPERFICIAL! "Oooo, I want someone with muscles, nice car, nice home, make a lot of money!" "MANNN, I need a chick with a fat booty, big tits, knows how to cook and clean!" A lot of times, there isn't much thought into how MATURE/CRAZY a person may be. At times it's because some Millennials feel AS LONG as they are MY TYPE or what I like, I can deal with it. THEN, when they GET their type, they don't ask the hard questions about what TYPE of person that is. So, they may LOOK the way that they want, but they mistreat them, are bad with money, cheat on them, all kinds of crazy stuff. SO THEN, their TYPE SHIFTS. Now, that TYPE of person they were so head over heels for, they don't want ANYONE like that to come their way! "I'm done with anyone LIGHTSKIN!" Just because ONE PERSON who was lightskin, WHO THEY CHOSE, screwed them over. There are some Millennials who get to 25, even 22 years old and they are already DONE WITH LOVE! It's important that people realize a lot of us NEVER get who we REALLY wanted and if we do, it comes with a huge price! So next time you are around a Millennial, ask them "What do you REALLY WANT?" If you get an "I don't know..." from them, You might want to stay FAR AWAY FROM THEM! THEY'RE NOT READY FOR LOVE!


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