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Good Morning Everyone! No greater place to be than the B-E-D on a wet and rainy day like today! In respect to International Women's Day, I have to discuss the topic of the Plus Size Woman! There is nothing more beautiful, more attractive, and sexier than a Confident Plus Size Woman! The unfortunate thing is when it comes to Plus Size Women now, they want to GET SKINNY!!!! What is THAT ABOUT?!? There are enough skinny girls in the World! I BOOOOO Jennifer Hudson for losing ALL the weight she did! She use to be an ENCOURAGEMENT to Plus Size Women EVERYWHERE! You can get in Shape, YES, just do not start looking anorexic and sick looking! Now she has this huge head with all this hair on top and this stick figure body. Thick is how God made you ladies, LOVE GOD FOR IT BECAUSE MEN LOVE IT!

Now what makes a Thick Woman not want to be thick anymore? #1, it is the MEDIA! The Bible says "Do not  conform to the ways of this world" But when you look at television commercials, go into the grocery stores and at the check out aisles magazines, check out internet ads, you see that skinny is the way! Now this may be the way in California or Florida, but let me tell you something, in the MIDWEST, MEAT IS THE WAY AROUND HERE! I know they aren't going to like me for that comment, but I got to tell it like it T.I. IS!!! Women in the Midwest will walk around and say "I need to get some booty" or "I'm trying to get THICK LIKE YOU"! Look at these music videos now.!You can tell where the artist is from by the Women in their videos. Miami, Cali artist... those chicks are pretty thin. Nelly from St. Louis, Ludacris from ATL, Bun B from Houston...THEY WANT THE THICK GIRLS IN THEIR VIDEOS! And I'm not saying women need to be thick to be in someone's video, but all I'm saying is there is nothing wrong with it. You can be an educated thick Woman. Corporate America can celebrate your accomplishments and success, no matter the size that you are. Never believe a person that says you have to be a certain size to be successful in the World! You are successful and intelligent at just the size that you are!

Now we have a lot Women looking at these thinner women, actresses, singers getting thinner and looking at themselves and saying "I need to get skinny myself!" Doing crazy workout sessions, going to saunas, doing body wraps, even getting shots to get skinny and lose weight. If that is what a woman wants to do, more power to you. Nothing beats hard work to me. If you're going to do workout sessions, at least be consistent and do it 3-4 times a week! People running to these Fitness Centers paying $30-$50 dollars a month to only go 2-4 times a month, WHAT A WASTE! And do not get my wrong, I feel everyone needs to be HEALTHY! But just because a woman is big or skinny, does not mean they are healthy or not healthy. The point of this is, if you are BIG, ENJOY BEING BIG! STOP CALLING YOURSELF FAT LADIES!! A Man can love you for just the size that you are! When you call yourself fat on your Twitter Accounts and FB Statuses, that makes Men not want to pursue you because it shows you are not confident in your size. That non-confidence can lead to depression, which can MAKE YOU BIGGER! LOVE YOURSELF before you have some man want to love on you. No one needs to love you BETTER THAN YOU!

I have become friends with some wonderful Plus Size Models which are confident about their looks and men and women alike love them for it. PLUS SIZE MODELING IS A HUGE INDUSTRY RIGHT NOW! My FB Friend Grisel is the Cover Model for Plus Size Magazine for the month of March and big ups to her and all her success! I also follow some wonderful Plus Size Women Blogs that you can check out on my Profile page that shows that being Plus Size can be sexy and fun! These Women dress nice and have confidence in themselves, their shape, and their styles! They are an encouragement to all those plus size kids who get picked on and put down in their younger years who now have those same young boys that put them down trying to holla at them! I wish I could get them to share their stories with some of these middle school and high school kids who are killing themselves for being picked on for being a bigger size. They need to hear these plus size models success stories because they are beautifully and wonderfully made in God's eyes! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE! So be encouraged and love how God made you! Take some pictures of your thick self in some nice clothes and heels and speak into your own life and say "I AM BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER WHAT SIZE I AM!" Believe it! Live it! Because that is how GOD MADE YOU TO BE! READ...SHARE...LOVE!! GOD BLESS!!

Plus Size Magazine March Issue


Sybil's Curvy Closet said...

It's very refreshing to see a man giving encouragement to plus size women. Thanks, and I look forward to future posts.

Hustle vs Wisdom said...

You are welcome Ms. Sybil! Thick Women are Trendsetters & keep on setting the mark high for all women yourself:-) - JT

Kimbrule' said...


Hustle vs Wisdom said...

Thank you Kimbrule'! And you keep being the Great Woman that God made you! Take care! - JT

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