Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Good Morning! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Mine was very relaxing, even though I'm about to FIRE every Meteorologist in the Indianapolis Area for all of their HORRIBLE weather predictions about all the rain this weekend that we DID NOT GET! People cancelling events and travel plans listening to these Jokers who must have gotten their showers at home confused with the rain outside! GEEZ! OH WELL! A relaxing weekend indeed as we have jumped already 4 days into September!

Today I have to tell on myself a bit. I am a bit of a PERFECTIONIST! YES, I'll admit it! I like stuff DONE RIGHT AND ALL THE WAY RIGHT! And let me first start out by saying that I APOLOGIZE to everyone that my Perfectionism have gone on their nerves! I IS SORRY OK? Yes, there are Perfectionist in the World. There are just those people who like EVERYTHING done right and correct in their own eyes. I appreciate all the people in my life and in the lives of Perfectionist that have put up with us at times. If something is wrong, out of place, not going right, we not only will say something about it, if you wait too long and turn your back, we may have already fixed what the mistake was before you turn around again. YES, it may be even a little ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), but Perfectionist are definitely people you want to have on your team as a Fixer, Go-Getter, and someone that you can count on to get jobs done. So there are positives and negatives with being a Perfectionist, but at the end of the day, is it a good thing or bad thing BEING A PERFECTIONIST?

When you are a Perfectionist, you can sometimes be the person most called on or the person that no one wants to call on at all. A Perfectionist seems to always call out mistakes, but they definitely like to be around to fix the little things that others may not see that keep things rolling along. You have to be careful when you have a Perfectionist in your midst because if you do not take criticism well, they could leave you with some hurt feelings at the end of the day. It's not their intention to hurt individuals, but a true Perfectionist not only strives to look good themselves, but they want the ones around them that they care for to be looking their best as well. Perfectionist can be misunderstood a lot and sometimes find themselves to be more introverted in their lives. Perfectionist sometimes have to be careful because trying to make everything seem PERFECT all the time is a misconception that if they are not careful, can drive their own selves crazy! They not only won't be able to be around others, sometimes they can't even stand being comfortable in their own skin. 

So how do you help Perfectionist not drive themselves or others crazy? You have to be honest with a Perfectionist. If they seem to be being too critical of everything, you have to tell them to CHILL OUT! Every little thing does not need a comment or their two cents added to it. Sometimes Perfectionist need some TOUGH LOVE. They need someone to tell them that "You are not perfect yourself, so stop trying to make everyone else perfect!" It's tough for them to hear, but they will think twice before stating things in the future. Perfectionist sometimes can be that enemy that you want to keep close to you. They can be the best workers at times, figuring out things and seeing things that others may not see. Perfectionist are not afraid to call it exactly how they see it, and it could be a benefit to a lot of people at the end of the day if their powers are used for good and not evil! So cheers to all the Perfectionist out there! Don't change being you, just be careful in calling out everything and in trying to change everything and everyone else. It's a hard pill for a Perfectionist to swallow to let some stuff just be the way it is. But a True Perfectionist will know that helping others find the best qualities in their lives and even in their own lives is the greatest skill a Perfectionist can have in the World!  READ... SHARE... LOVE! - JT

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