Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! HEY, if you missed the amazing The Professed Word Podcast on last night with Jason and Evita from The Nomadness Travel Tribe, you truly missed an amazing SHOW! Go to the Talkshoe Badge to the RIGHT of this Blog or check it out at THEPROFESSEDWORD.COM Find out how World Travel is COOL, no matter what age or color that you are! You can do it and here's a great group to get involved with. Their doing some amazing things and taking travel to a whole another level! 
God bless everyone on today!

The online world lost a great pioneer as Ms Karyn Washington, creator of "For Brown Girls" died of an apparent suicide at the age of 22 a few days ago. A Woman who was a light to so many other woman, had some struggles that we all have that did not get addressed in time. It's a sad time for so many of us who work so hard online to uplift and assist others through our creativity because honestly, we all have been to that point of just giving up. We all give out so much online sometimes, that the money, the attention, even the fame will never catch up to us. Not saying that we're only doing things online to get those things, but with all that we give out, the majority of the time we never get a lot of that love and support back. No matter who we are as people, there are times where we need to just ask for help if we're hurting. There is no better help in life than Jesus Christ. Not only is He there for us to pray for, but He'll also send the right people in our lives at the right times to encourage us to keep going in our lives when they get hard sometimes.

Psalms 46:1 reads "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." (KJV) It's not that we all don't need help, because we do, we have to be willing to ASK FOR HELP! We have to admit that sometimes, we're not as strong as we think that we are. We go through so many things in our lives that we may pacify them or squash them within ourselves. "I'm fine." We'll tell folks, when we know deep down we're not. We're hurting on the inside, we've been hurt, people have hurt us and if we don't get help, sometimes we keep allowing ourselves to be hurt. The tears come down at night, the fear sinks in about moving forward, we look and feel down, we just aren't ourselves. I will advise ANYONE to talk to SOMEONE! There is nothing wrong with getting counseling help, sitting down with a Minister, just being open and honest about what you're going through. Sometimes we spend so much time helping everyone else with their problems and issues, we never get help with ours. I'm not telling you something I've HEARD, I'm telling you what I know from experience. I've had to sit down and talk with someone in Counseling, I've sat down and talked with Ministers. It's not a sign of weakness, it was a cry for help from myself because I know I needed it. If you know you're hurting today, you can even email me at I have counseled many people and all conversations are private. TALK WITH SOMEONE! Let God help you and let Him send you the help that you need to be better on today! God Bless everyone and know that YES, life does get hard, but you can make it through anything with the help of God! 

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Shemica Cunningham said...

Thanks for this post. Depression is real. Many Black Christians don't seek help for fear of being shunned by others. People are quick to question your faith if you mention you're depressed. Saying things like you just need pray, where is your faith?, God is there if you're feeling like that then you aren't trusting God. That kind of judgment often keeps people from seeking the help they need. Great job. Be Blessed!

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